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Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Aksa Beach August 9th 2018

When you live in a big city like Mumbai where people hardly ever sleep on working days, you definitely need a weekend getaway to get off all that stress. As beautiful as the city life is, everyone needs a weekend where they can just relax and spend some time in peace. As for Mumbai city, the city is full of exotic places all around it where you can go off to any weekend you want and spend some family time or alone time if you want. These getaway locations have it all from natural beauty to amazing resorts or anything else you need to relax. It’s time you get your bucket list ready and add some of these places to it because you will definitely want to visit them once you hear about them. 1. KARJAT ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Aksa Beach December 16th 2012

Somehow, I always end up flagging down the slowest rickshaw in Bombay. I’m usually never in a rush to get anywhere; more than happy to arrive whenever I arrive, I leisurely sit back in my sedate transport and bathe in the fumes of all the other autos whizzing past me. But, sometimes, on my way to go dancing, when every minute spent putt-putting down the road could be a minute spent on the dance floor, I’ll wish that my chariot had a little more horsepower. We’ve all heard the warning before – be careful what you wish for, you just might get it! It was a Sunday afternoon when my wish finally made it through all the red tape, landed on the desk of the wish granter, and got signed into action. I was going home ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Aksa Beach December 11th 2012

From my seat on the windowsill, I look out the open window. A man, either fearless or so desperate to earn the day’s bread that fear isn’t a factor, scurries up a palm tree with bare feet, a rope and a sickle. Precariously balanced at the top – eye level from my position in a fourth story flat – he cuts down bunches of coconuts, ties them up and lowers them to the ground 30 meters below. He pulls the rope back up, loops it around the trunk and shimmies back down to (relative) safety. Just beyond the palm trees, an inlet of the Arabian Sea lies still as glass, reflecting a blue so calm it could quiet even the most restless of minds. Its shores are wrapped in verdant green, the vegetation untouched by the ... read more
Global Vipassana Pagoda
Walking Rimjhim
Burning Leaves

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Aksa Beach February 5th 2012

After a long, hot and arduous 11 hour drive we arrived in Mumbai. We stopped enroute at the only fully fledged western style motorway service station we would stop at in all India. Normally none of us or anyone in their right mind would be excited about stopping at a motorway service station, however ub this instance the Indian services gave the group their first opportunity (and last for a long time after Mumbai) to eat McDonalds. Predictably (myself included) we all ate at the golden arches, some going back for seconds. I ate a fiery chicken burger, fries and coke. I was disappointed, although not surprised, to see that beef wasn’t served here, strictly chicken and paneer only. My meal was like all McDonalds meals, shit. However, I did enjoy the build up throughout the ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Aksa Beach January 19th 2012

A city of contrasts. Skyscrapers stand next to stately Victorian buildings. Slums scattered throughout the city providing homes for many.The law of the jungle prevails when it comes to traffic control with the horn being the most vital piece of equipment required. Everywhere is busy and hectic and yet despite what appears to be organised chaos the city is at the heart of the drive forward by India. Tomorrow we retreat from this hive of activity and head for Kerala... read more
Lynne and Susan
John and Lynne
Victoria Railway Station, Mumbai

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Aksa Beach January 3rd 2012

So the days are numbered now..... We've just arrived in Mumbai and it was probably one of the worst experiences of the trip. We planned to take an overnight train but couldn't get a ticket for the date/times we wanted. So we opted for an overnight sleeper bus which took a little longer and suited our plans. The website advertised the bus as brand new. This could probably have been the first warning sign..... and you could also say this is where we had the first difference of opinion. In fairness the bus wasn't new but it was reasonably modern - just not all that clean and maybe a little warworn. I think everything needs to be easy to clean. All of the cushions were this vinly, the curtains were brown (presumably not to show the ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Aksa Beach November 1st 2009

India as a whole nation has always had the air of being the domain of the spiritual traveller, but over the last few years Mumbai has slowly begun to be more frequently thrust into the public eye as a “cool world city”. Of course one of the main factors of westerners becoming more aware of this over populated city was due, not to someone wanting to make it cool, but by a group of people hell bent on destruction. However out of the ashes of the Mumbai terrorist attack has risen a fervent western interest in the city with a population the same as that of the whole of the British Isles! We are now all aware of the size and poverty of their slum city thanks to Danny Boyle’s Oscar winning film Slum Dog Millionaire, ... read more
Gateway to India
Streets of Mumbai

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