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Asia » India » Maharashtra » Lonavala September 25th 2020

Camping is a wish of every nature lover. For this Pawna lake Camping is one of the best camping in pawna. Stay in Tent next to the lake. Enjoy the view of water which are spread in front of eyesight. Share your memories with your friends and family in open sky in the presence of lightning star & moon. Forget all tension and dance near lake Pawna river. Enjoy the water mirroring in open sky and big hill. If you are looking for this then PAWANAI CAMPING is best place for lake side Camping. Pawna lake Camping gives you opportunity to live a experience of real camping. Then leave all your work back and take leave from your busy life schedule and live in a experience of lake side Camping. Hale a deep breath of clean ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Lonavala June 30th 2017

img= Finally , Monsoons has come. And I am a big pluviophile. I feel it to be the big detox for me, sitting on a couch near the window, having a cup of coffee ( will love if bhajiyas are also available) , listening the old melodies of 80’s and 90’s and making thousand thoughts in mind. I was lost in my thoughts when Madhav, suddenly entered the room and we started to chit chat . Over the conversation, we decided to head out from the city to enjoy the lovely weather and cup of chai over some hilltop tupri. Though there are many places nearby Pune, we selected Lion’s Point, Lonavala as it can be covered in few hours. I loved the idea and were all set to go. I loaded my pen-drive wi... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Lonavala July 7th 2016

The planning for the long awaited trip with school friends finally gathered momentum when Ajay (Aj) decided to visit India after completing his Masters in Germany. The final list of people stood at Ajay, Bharath, Maina, Safal, Shruti, Smaran, Umesh and Vrinda (including me of course). All the plans were completed and the bus tickets (KSRTC Airavat - Sleep like a baby) got booked when Maina and Vrinda had to withdraw from the trip. The rest of us still ready to take some time off, booked the hotels using the GoIbibo app and were all set for the trip. Tip: Bharath made us book each day of the hotel (even if same hotel) separately with 3 of us booking on different accounts for better discounts :P Can't complain as it does help :) The first destination ... read more
Karla Caves
Ajay and Safal seeking blessings from Sage Shruti
Lion's Point

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Lonavala June 18th 2016

As it had been a while since my last outing with office folks, I and my ever-ready trek buddy, Vivek planned a weekend getaway to Rajmachi in Maharashtra through the Hyderabad Trekking Club (HTC). This time, our old trip pal, Aditya Vaish (recently married) was very zealous to come with us as he had finally obtained the permission to go for a short weekend trek. Along with him, Sulbha and Anuvrat joined us in their usual style taking more than a month to decide how many among their friends would come along, the final count being 0. This again as always led to us calling our trek organizer umpteen number of times before finalizing the exact number. Ankur, Nishchay and Firoza were the newcomers in our trekking group while Nikhil too decided to join probably as ... read more
Kondana Caves
Glistening wings
Giant Wood Spider

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Lonavala July 1st 2013

The year 2000 December I landed in Mumbai weighing all of 36 kilos, exhausted and stressed with Kolkata. I managed to find a paying guest accommodation in Bandra and then a job developing business for a medical import and export organization. The next year in February we drove down to Pune for some meetings with doctors. I remember being very impressed with the expressway and it was a lovely drive round the Ghat section of the Western Ghats. A couple of meetings, a quick lunch and a visit to Jehangir hospital and we drove back. A very exhausted me almost went off to sleep during the drive before being deposited near my paying guest accommodation. I believe the expressway is far more advanced now and Pune has developed into a hub. I do wish to go ... read more
Aamby Valley Cottages
mall at koregaon park

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Lonavala March 7th 2013

Feb. 5th, 2013 Mumbai airport My flight arrived at the international airport of Mumbai at 11:55PM and my first impression of India was watching all the local people get respectfully and politely on the bus from the airplane to the terminal. In spite of being the largest population in the world I could observed that they were polite and a little more organized and less rude than their fellow Chinese neighbors. I entered immigration and noticed a bunch of lines: visitors, locals, business travelers, visitors with Indian working permits, etc. I could tell that it was a well organized airport. I went through immigration and baggage quickly and without much hazard and headed to find an exchange money place. After I found one I noticed the rate was so crappy compared to the one Kyle had ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Lonavala March 7th 2013

Feb. 7th- 8th, 2013 Friday I woke up at the usual time for my morning meditation, 6:00 AM, as it was a chilly brisk morning I decided to stay in bed wrapped in a warm blanket and meditate there. I began my meditation, about being able to be free and let the mind stop controlling my thoughts, actions, feelings and others, by taking a few deep breaths inhaling and exhaling on a count of 4 inhaling deeply holding the air and exhaling on the count to 4. It is an exercise I learned at the pranayama class and I have been using it as a tool to release my nerves, anxieties and worries. It really works! After this breathing. exercise, I listened to the guided meditation by Deeprak Chopra center about letting go of control. It ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Lonavala March 7th 2013

Feb. 9th, 2013 Saturday I woke up and did my usual meditation practice along with some breathing exercises and then went off to yoga. The class started like usual some meditation and relaxing poses and exercises. I could feel the air on my face and skin and the heat of the morning sun as I was breathing and practicing yoga. The practice went like the other ones for most of the time and when it was almost time to finished about 15 minutes before the teacher asked us to lay down in shavasana (relaxing pose) and close our eyes feel our breath and simply put our mind in blank. After yoga I had scheduled an early treatment at the naturopathy center because I had been having issues with my stomach so they wanted to do some ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Lonavala March 7th 2013

Feb. 5th, 2013 2nd day at the ashram Today was my first full day in the ashram. I woke up at 6:15 AM shivering by the cold breeze. The ashram is in an area north of Mumbai in the outskirts near the mountains and so the weather can be cool specially before and after sunrise and sunset. I sat down in the bed and started a thankful meditarion. It helped me see and remind me what are the positive things in my life and what is really important. I felt so great and at peace that the morning yoga practice went through so easily and naturally. After the morning session of yoga, which I have to say was really relaxing and helped stretch and learn basic poses I felt light and so thankful for this experience. ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Lonavala February 17th 2013

Late Saturday evening, we (My wife & I) decided to go for a trek on Sunday. Rajgad and Visapur were the options. I had already been to Rajgad 3 times. So Visapur it was! I looked up on net for some info. But most of them were long and descriptive blogs. I was looking for specific details. Hence this blog. We trekked and had a lot of fun. We missed a couple of times. But this blog is only about specific details :) Maybe I will write a detailed one when I get some time (I have been writing blog on my year long travel for two years now). There are different routes to go to the top. I will only describe the one I took So here goes: A couple of things before you go ... read more
View from the top
View from the top
Window Viewing

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