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March 7th 2013
Published: March 12th 2013
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Feb. 9th, 2013

Saturday I woke up and did my usual meditation practice along with some breathing exercises and then went off to yoga. The class started like usual some meditation and relaxing poses and exercises. I could feel the air on my face and skin and the heat of the morning sun as I was breathing and practicing yoga. The practice went like the other ones for most of the time and when it was almost time to finished about 15 minutes before the teacher asked us to lay down in shavasana (relaxing pose) and close our eyes feel our breath and simply put our mind in blank.

After yoga I had scheduled an early treatment at the naturopathy center because I had been having issues with my stomach so they wanted to do some abdomen wrapped up and massages before I ate. First thing they did was they gave me an oil abdomen massage , which felt great and really helped me with my stomach issues. Then they wrapped me in some bandages around waist and abdomen and let me lay down for a while and then something really weird happened. The lady that was doing the treatment came with a bag that looked like an IV hospital bag filled with water and a few lemons and asked me to follow her. We went through some smaller rooms and out through a terrace all the way to the outside of the center to a small room with a bed and a hook next to it. I was starting to feel something awkward was going to happen . And well my feeling was right. The lady asked me to undressed and take off my pants and underwear and lay down on my front. I immediately was like Why??? !!! and she said “anal treatment” and that was when I realized what the lady from be office had said they were going to do to me and because of her heavy indian accent I barely understood! I told the lady that I did not want this and that I thought it was supposed to be drinking water with lemon and that I did not feel comfortable. doing this. She tried to persuade me saying it did not hurt and it will be only one minute and it was great for me, but I did not give in no way!!!!

in the end they did another abdomen massage and of course every time one of the massage ladies walked by me they whispered and giggled as if I was a weird girl who did not want to have an anal treatment done and that made me strange.

After this whole experience I was late for breakfast so I headed to my room ate some chikki and watch some videos and fell asleep until after lunch. I felt really tired and did not feel like going out do I stayed in my little comfy and cozy room until it was time for my treatment.

I went for a walk and then to my last treatment which was a water and abdomen massage and facial steam.

The yoga class was also as usual and this time I felt even more relaxed, flexible and focus to perform most of all the poses including some that I had never done. The evening ended with. dinner along with an after dinner chat with the british, brazilian, australian and indian girls and the french guy. I went to bed feeling so better with my self at peace and calmed!


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