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Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore November 19th 2002

(b) 19/11/02 (day 64)(/b) Into bangalore at 06:30 at our "chosen hotel"- airlines at 07:00 (lonely planet have got alot to answer to!) Shown four shitty rooms- chose the least shitty one! Rs 680 for a shabby room, no shower (water fron a tap!) and a tv that only had 10 indian speaking channels!! To top it all they didn't serve breakfast until 09:00 (ho hum!) Went to bed for a while, thn wandered the streets looking for a cafe - eventually found one at midday . Had chicken burger and chips. Went in our first supermarket- which was a novelty! Bangalore is wall to wall shops and coffee bars! Went to email and found out that Bert and Jolien are heading to bangalore tonite- how fab Went to labagh gardens- really clean and peaceful. Have ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi November 13th 2002

13/11/02 Up at 4!! Rushed to get packed. Pete and cherry said good bye at 5 am!! Journey to vasco took 1 hour- not too bad; very little on the roads. Found carriage, with the assistance of a blokie (baksheesh wallah!!) First hour , our carriage was empty, then alot of back packers got on at magadon. We were joined by and aussie couple (Dave and Emma) - sat and chatted and looked at the scenery- amazing water falls and mountains. Got to hospet- rickshaw to hampi- cool to see india again. Had to get a coracle boat, once at hampi to cross the river to where we wanted to stay. Oh, such fun!! Getting in a coracle ,with a rucksac on and 10 other people in it- the floor was wet through and we had ... read more
typical hampi scene
typical hampi scene

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi October 30th 2001

2001………..6wks-2nd CYCLING TRIP-2,200kms IN SOUTHERN INDIA 24.10.01 Hampi Today was consumed by a laid-back, drowsy train ride; up, over, around, and literally through the Western Ghats. We left the lushness of Goa for the more rural state of Karnataka. The train got into Hospet around 5.30pm, which gave me just under an hour before sunset for the ride to Hampi, where I intend to stay for a couple of days. The dry, sparsely vegetated land is dotted with atmospheric granite rock outcrops. As the sunset lit the rocks and the widely dispersed remains of the 14thC-16thC Vijayanagar Empire, Nandi and I bounced along the dirt road and down a rise to the small town of Hampi Bazaar 25.10.01 Hampi Hampi! Hampi! Hampi! - Spectacular, awesome, stunning, magical, atmospheric, layback, immense, austere, beautiful, great food. Hampi is ... read more
Colourful Saris out to Dry, Hampi
Floor Model of Hampi
Hampi Countryside

Asia » India » Karnataka » Mysore October 8th 2001

2001………..6wks-2nd CYCLING TRIP-2,200kms IN SOUTHERN INDIA 30.9.01 Mysore Mysore is famous for its silk, sandalwood, incense and essential oils. I'm currently having a beer and then a meal at the ParkLane Hotel no less. It's next to where I'm staying here in Mysore. It's a real treat. It's quite quirky. But maybe this has something to do with having ordered another beer. I've only had alcohol at Kovalam and here and meat on 3 occasions, maybe. It's a great little restaurant that is set outside under a huge pergola of dense vine. There are boys in green tops hovering in the distance to serve you should you indicate you want something by pulling a light switch above your table. It lights up your own personalized red light bulb. It's such a wonderful combination of India and ... read more
Statue of Buhubali at Shravanbolgola
Mysore Palace
Lalitha Palace, Mysore

Asia » India » Karnataka » Mysore January 11th 2001

The train was a pleasant overnighter into Bangalore where Dan the Canadian stayed to take advantage of the Kentucky Fried Chicken. We hopped on to the bus to Hassan, then another to Belur. Our first bus included a "touching" incident that didn't altogether surprise me but did force me to swing around and confront the asshole who put his hands on me. And it made Mike stand up and yell, "Touch her again and there'll be BIG TROUBLE! Go sit over there." What doesn't make sense is to try for a grope at the beginning of a 4-hour bus ride, instead of on the way out the door. Jerk. Hassan was too big, dirty and noisy so onto Belur it was... We found a little restaurant where all the tables were hidden in secretive little compartments ... read more
Picture of Sadhus
Sun Temple, Konark
Detail from Sun Temple, Konark

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi January 3rd 2001

Mike said once, "I love India! But the Indians drive me crazy." I see evidence now that it's a culture in which the sense of ethetics, etiquette and procedure is remarkably opposite to mine. The in-your-face sales pitches, the ubiquitous pick-up lines from men on the street, the crowding of the only other people in the whole room (bus, table), the blowing of noses on to the ground in public (men and women both) the seemingly reckless disregard for the lives of other people and animals, the probing personal questions from strangers - aargh! A guy named Doug in Arusha told me, "There's nothing you can say about India that the exact opposite won't also be true." I believe it. Finally getting our fill of Colva, we started on the next leg of our adventure. We ... read more
Hampi from above
Vittala Temple, Hampi

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