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Asia » India » Jharkhand » Jamshedpur June 19th 2016

Life is a journey. And we all make that journey in one form or other. Today I want to share a journey with you, - no, it’s not my journey. It’s the journey of my father. His last journey. It’s the journey that touched a chord of my heart and made me write this story. I submitted this story earlier in a contest, but in a slightly different format. As some of you may have read my profile, my father has been a big influence in shaping my life,- how I see this world, how I feel about the people I meet, how much I love to absorb the Nature around me. To me, he has always been bigger than life. He inspired me to settle in life the way I wanted, to do things I ... read more
He brought smiles to others
My parents in New England with me
At camp site in Lake Placid

Asia » India » Jharkhand » Jamshedpur February 21st 2016

India is a diverse country. Many from all over the world travel to destinations like Taj Mahal, Delhi, Jaipur, Udaypur, backwater of Kerala, Mysore and many, many more. Each place has its own signature, own story to tell. They have their historic footprints, natural beauties, lovely sea beaches, or tropical forests. I have travelled to many of these tourist meccas when I grew up in India and later, when I visited during my trips. But the places closer to my heart are not one of them. It is my love for the obscure hills of Santal Paraganas, now called Jharkhand, that always drove me crazy. Chahal, Chungru, Latehar, Daltonganj, Ranchi, Hazaribag, Baghmundi, where the red dusts from the dry earth fly around in the summer winds, the big Sal trees make canopy over the lonely roads ... read more
Breakfast with Himadri and Barnali in Jamshedpur
Surya Temple
Surya Temple _ Himadri, Barnali and Ruku

Asia » India » Jharkhand » Jamshedpur April 24th 2015

Travelling is a meditation, A new place, new culture, new food and in laps of nature. Hey friends take a break from het-tic, busy and monotonous life -- Jump into laps of nature, will give you immense peace of mind and relaxation of body. You know, you can call travelling as an invention too, invention of a new place, new people, their different lifestyle, their food--- So exciting! Isn't it! Today I want to take you to laps of Himalayas --- So pure, so fresh. Kashmir! People called it Heaven on Earth, I used to wonder, why it is called so! I couldn't find answer but when I visited the place it itself gave me answer, each part of it was telling me why it is called heaven on earth. There are all over big snow ... read more

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