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April 24th 2015
Published: April 24th 2015
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Travelling is a meditation, A new place, new culture, new food and in laps of nature. Hey friends take a break from het-tic, busy and monotonous life -- Jump into laps of nature, will give you immense peace of mind and relaxation of body. You know, you can call travelling as an invention too, invention of a new place, new people, their different lifestyle, their food--- So exciting! Isn't it! Today I want to take you to laps of Himalayas --- So pure, so fresh.

Kashmir! People called it Heaven on Earth, I used to wonder, why it is called so! I couldn't find answer but when I visited the place it itself gave me answer, each part of it was telling me why it is called heaven on earth. There are all over big snow Caps Mountains surrounded by, who are standing from infinite time, spreading its hands to welcome you. Srinagar is the place from where you have to move to other places of Kashmir. When we reached Srinagar, it itself started telling us about the beauty of Kashmir. The never ending Dal Lake with its crystal clear water is like two beautiful eyes of Srinagar, feel like drown yourself into it. We took shikara ride in dal lake in the late evening when sun is about to set, reflections of it’s in the water was so mesmerizing. Surrounded big mountains are like looking at you and smiling. It seems they are so close to touch but when you try to touch they go away.

From Srinagar we went to Pahalgam for two days. As soon as we entered, we started seeing nature with white and green combination, tall and majestic green trees with snow on its leaf. There is Beautiful forest on the bank of the Pahalgam River. Clean and clear water of the river is flowing with its sound to tell you, hey look at me, I am so beautiful, have you seen ever! There are stones on the water covered with snow also enough to mesmerize you. The panoramic view of Pahalgam makes you speechless; something cannot be expressed through words. One needs to experience by himself. Layers of beauty is in ---- Big white mountains are surrounded , in its laps tall and majestic green trees are standing keeping snow on its leaf, in its laps a long river is flowing continuously.

From Pahalgam we went to Gulmarg. Gulmarg welcomed us with its chilling temperature. The beautiful and colorful nature turned to black and white due to heavy and continuous snow fall. But don't think it is not beautiful. It is beautiful on its own way. All the mountains and tress become white. Roads are white, Building is white, where ever your eyes take you, it shows only white and white. Mild snow fall adds the flavor of chillness in this white nature. We walked for long to experience the snow fall on the white and snowy road, kids started sledging in the snowy road. Wow it was cold but you like to walk for long and you don't feel tired. Kawa, the best drink for this chilling weather, the sip of hot and tasty kawa goes to your stomach and gives you warm feeling in this chilling weather. kangri - the moving fire place, you can keep your hand on it to warm yourself whenever you want. You don't have to rush for a fireplace to warm yourself.

So friends, Like to plan for a trip to Kashmir! The mountains are waiting foryou to hug you, the trees are waiting to mesmerize you, the river is waiting to teach you nature's language, the chilling whether is waiting for you to welcome. Come and leave yourself in the laps of pure nature.

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