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There are many historical cities in India, but there are immemorial bliss in which the past is wrapped in a unique style. I am talking about Hampi which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, located in the city of Hosapete in east-central Karnataka, India. To visit Hampi, Hosapete is the ideal place to live and to eat also. Hampi is one but stories are many. The city in itself is the jargon of folklores which has been going on for centuries. According to Ramayana, it was the Empire of King Bali named as Kishkindha where Lord Rama had come to find his wife, Sita when Demon Ravana kidnapped her. More than that, Hampi is famous as the empire of King Krishna Deva Raya who ruled here in 16th century AD. Even today, the ruins of Hampi, ... read more
Corridors- In Ruin Now
Entrance Gate of Vitthala Temple

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