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Asia » India » Gujarat » Vadodara March 26th 2019

Day1 I had planned a trip to Jaisalmer in the month of march for 3 days. I booked the flight from Ahmedabad to Jaisalmer on Friday morning through True jet – a new Airline. Flights are very cheap. I booked the flight @1500 for one way. I started the journey from Vadodara, I booked the cab from Vadodara to Ahmedabad Airport. We reach at Ahmedabad airport and boarded the flight @10:30am and reach the Jaisalmer Airport at 12:30pm. You will see thousands of wind mills from plane and it looks amazing. After reaching the Jaisalmer airport, it’s better to call a taxi from Jaisalmer city using internet which is cheaper than prepaid taxi. It will take around Rs. 500 to reach to Jaisalmer City and to your respective hotel. I have booked a decent hotel in ... read more
Bada Bagh
Fort View From kaus Kafe

Asia » India » Gujarat » Vadodara November 12th 2018

Champaner is just over an hour from Vadodara (or Baroda as many still call it), and one of the main reasons to come to Vadodara – not that many foreign tourists do, as we have only seen two white people here in two days. Champaner expanded and flourished at the end of the 13th century when it came under the Delhi Sultanate. The distinct Gujarat architectural style – a blend of the local Hindu style and the Islamic – came to prominence at the beginning of the 15th century with the establishment of the Gujarat Sultanate. Champaner is said to be the only complete pre-Mughal city in India. It flourished until around 1534 when the Mughal ruler Humayun conquered the city briefly. It was then in and out of Mughal control until the early 1600s when ... read more
Shahar-Ki-Masjid, Champaner
Jama Masjid windows, Champaner
Mughal style tomb of Qutubuddin, Vadodara

Asia » India » Gujarat » Vadodara November 11th 2018

We’re up early to take in one last sight in Ahmedabad before driving to Vadodora. It’s the Shree Swaminarayan Mandir Kalupur, the temple of a Hindu sect that worship Swamirayanan who founded their sect. It was built in the 19th century of brightly painted teak wood. We enter through a massive gate into a courtyard with a haveli on three sides of the square and the temple on the fourth. At 8.30am it is teeming with people who have come to make their devotions. We are surprised to see what looks like a large yellow bell shaped tent approaching. There seem to be two women inside, and David is ordered to move away with all the other men, as only women are allowed in the immediate vicinity of the moving tent. Mystified, Sara looks on as ... read more
Shrouded worshipper, Swaminarayan Mandir
Laxmi Vilas Palace Vadodara
Entrance gate to Laxmi Vilas Palace Vadodara

Asia » India » Gujarat » Vadodara March 1st 2018

The “Beast from the East” almost prevented our wanderings as heavy snow showers resulted in our Heathrow flight being the last plane to leave Newcastle that day. We felt very lucky to be able to meet our friends at Heathrow and make the connection with our overnight Jet airways flight to Mumbai and then transferring to a small domestic flight to the city of Vadodara in the Indian state of Gujarat. We noticed an immediate difference, -4c suddenly changed to a sweltering 36c!! What a first day in India – next morning the colourful Hindi celebration of Holi was in full swing - as Hindus of all ages celebrated the festival by throwing multi-coloured paint powder over themselves and their friends ending up in a myriad of rainbow colours accompanied by much shouting, laughing & merriment ... read more
Multi-coloured Holi Paint powders
Locals enjoying the Holi Festival
Locals enjoying the Holi Gestival

Asia » India » Gujarat » Vadodara February 18th 2018

Stepping off the plane, I take a breath and think, “yes… we’re in India now.”Behind me, there are echoes of agreement from Sidd and his parents. Ah, India. It has a distinctive aroma – a mixture of diesel fumes from the sea of green and yellow rickshaws, mounds of discarded garbage (often being burnt) and a poor sanitation system. Overlaying this is the heady smell of incense, curling its thick, fragrant tendrils of sandalwood around you. I won’t lie. It was with much trepidation that I approached my 2nd visit to India. I had memories of a losing battle with “Delhi Belly”, crushing crowds in sweltering heat and general chaos in the bazaars. It didn’t help that the trip included backpacking in very cheap hostels (250INR or $5/night) and traveling long distances in a 2nd class ... read more
Taj Mahal
Northern Indian Thali
Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

Asia » India » Gujarat » Vadodara August 20th 2015

It was around mid of September. Monsoon was at its peak. Unfortunately, Vadodara is not blessed with some splendid natural beauty, which could make the monsoon mesmerizing. But, as its said "If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere". It was one of the weekends, when we planned to explore out some destination to hang out. Google is always there to help! One of my friends struck with the place, Hathnimata waterfall. 10 guys geared up for the trip. It would be a one day trip. 75 Km all it takes. On Saturday morning, around 7, we met at Airport Circle in Vadodara. There were few late comers, who got us delayed for about an hour. We took the Vadodara-Halol highway. There was light rain which made driving a bit difficult and enjoyable too. ... read more
Lake view
Dark clouds

Asia » India » Gujarat » Vadodara January 9th 2014

Resumo: “Someday, someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else” Maktub. Está escrito. Gostava do meu namorado antes mesmo de conhecê-lo. Diversos sinais me levavam para Myanmar – Burma. Assim, fui para lá. Aproveitei para fazer o meu segundo curso de meditação Vipassana. Ao chegar no primeiro dia eu sabia que alguém especial estava lá. Juro que eu não estava procurando ‘homens’, ainda mais no curso de meditação que precisa ficar em ‘Noble Silence” por 10 dias e homens e mulheres ficam separados durante este período!!! Mas eu senti. No primeiro curso a noite, sentei ao lado de um moço que eu não poderia ver a cara. Meu coração batia forte! “Será que está batendo pelo moço ao lado?” (só tinham 2 gringos: um loiro e ... read more
I love ..
I love ..
I love ..

Asia » India » Gujarat » Vadodara October 19th 2012

Pozítří ráno odlétáme, takže zkoušíme, jestli ještě funguje náš blog :)... read more

Asia » India » Gujarat » Vadodara June 2nd 2010

this is about my escapade during feb 2010 to vadodra.. it was a 2 days weekend visit.. genesis of this trip is in my earlier visit to junagad last year.. in junagad i came to know that there are 2 forts in gujarat namely, junagad and pavagad.. also during visit to museum in junagad i got references of historic places of dabhoi and champaner.. in all it looked quite attractive package.. vadodra city tour, champaner, pavagad, dabhoi.. i dont know why most of the vadodra tourist sites dont have mention of sardar sarovar dam. i realised it quite late and dint manage to visit there.. we left mumbai at night by train and reached vadodra before sunrise.. as a pleasent surprise we found rickshaw driver speaking to us in marathi... Marathi is a local language of ... read more
Laxmi Vilas Palace
Laxmi Vilas Palace
Well besids Laxmi Vilas Palace

Asia » India » Gujarat » Vadodara December 27th 2009

Update: I am sad to report that our friend Hitesh Barot was killed by a crocodile in this river just a few years after we visited him. Here is a link about that if you would like to learn more. Kim and I spent the last three days in Bhalod, Gujarat, India. Bhalod is about 2 hours by car from Vadodara. We went to visit our friends Hitesh and Nimisha Barot there. They live three blocks from us in New Delhi and invited us to their village in Gujarat where much of Hitesh's extended family still lives. Hitesh was born in the USA and grew up in Huntington Beach, so he is as American as Apple Pie, but he moved to New Delhi so his sons could get a feel for living in India. Hitesh’s ... read more
Photo 23
Photo 22
Photo 2

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