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February 19th 2012
Published: February 19th 2012
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Two Old Ladies with Millet DrinkTwo Old Ladies with Millet DrinkTwo Old Ladies with Millet Drink

Maya's mother and friend nursing their fermented, millet, mountain drink. The cups were periodically refilled with hot water, drunk through a bamboo straw.
Read Bill's blog for a description of his trip on a motorcycle with Shiva to several villages. I stayed back for two reasons: I had a terrible cough and if I had gone, we would have had to take 3-4 buses and it would have taken forever!

Most of the day I read the last Jo Nesbo mystery on my iPad and sat in the sun keeping company with two old women on the third floor terrace. One was Shiva's mother-in-law and the other was the mother of the downstairs tenant. That evening, both nursed two large jugs of a mountain-recipe millet "beer," and got more and more happy.

Shiva's wife, Maya, understands more English than she speaks, but we were just fine without a translator. The women decided that I should drink HOT lemon sugar water, not tea, for my cough, which probably wasn't a bad idea, but I sure drank a lot of hot water.

Bill and Shiva returned in time for us to attend a FUNCTION, invited by Shiva's older brother (by 15 years) who originally poo-poohed Shiva's social work. Older brother went into the Army (Gurkha) and married a gyn/ob. They have more money.
Shiva and his wife MayaShiva and his wife MayaShiva and his wife Maya

Taken in the living room of their home
Older brother invited Shiva (with his foreign guests) to AN EVENT, the 10th anniversary party of a major bank. Shiva made Bill wear his sport jacket and I had a skirt and top to look somewhat nicer, but I was woefully outclassed by the few women in saris...about 25 women and more than 300 men.

I can honestly say that I have NEVER seen so much whiskey flowing!!! The whole point was to drink as much whiskey as possible. I actually enjoyed the red wine, but the buffet was just another buffet.

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Cocktail PartyCocktail Party
Cocktail Party

Shiva's brother (middle) and unidentified guest who was perfectly happy to stand with us, getting his glass of whiskey periodically refilled.
Bill and ShivaBill and Shiva
Bill and Shiva

Our host, Shiva, and Bill in the living room. Notice that we are all dressed as warmly as possible in all of these pictures. Without central heat, 60 degrees is COLD.

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