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9th October 2019

So interesting
I love y our posts. They are informative, evocative and don't go on too long. xox P
9th September 2019

Hey Marie, the trip will be awesome. All the best to you and Bill. Xx
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3rd September 2013

I can just picture is hilarious at this end but I suspect it wasn't on your end. Pretty scarry I guess but thank g-d you got on and were on your way. SS
2nd September 2013

Congratulations for launching yourselves and thanks for sharing your experiences and impressions! Remember: you are never lost; you are simply exploring.
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20th February 2012
Camel pulling band

Enjoying all of the entries. Loved the camel picture and the pictures of the quilts. It is amazing what you have all been able to produce. And they're so beautiful. You've got a great story here. Anne
From Blog: Walkathon
19th February 2012

Evaluating homework
Wow. Everything you've shown is beautiful. Congratulations for a job very well done.I did get a bit of a shudder though re: colorfast.As I'm sure you know, it's not only washing that does it in...I put a whole beautiful exhibit of wallhangs on silk in a gallery in Westchester. Analine dyes.They were hung near a beautiful skylight. The colors faded and disappeared very quickly. Show ended early- which did change the direction of my life. Kalika
12th February 2012

You go, girl!
Wow, Marie, you are my hero. All that walking! I love the camel pulling the band. We need that in Washington Square xox Peggy
From Blog: Walkathon
9th February 2012

Love it!
Marie you are a marvel. Keep on writing, it is fascinating! Peggy
8th February 2012

Quilting in Ahmedabad
Great to hear what you're up to...designing, & eating. Somehow the blog is not coming automatically thru my email- I have to check manually. Of course, it's worth it.
31st January 2012

Safe Travels and Happy Blogging!
Hi Marie - I hope you and Bill have safe travels while you are away - I'm sure it will be a wonderful experience. Of course I will subscribe to your travel blog! You could write a blog about traveling to the nearest gas station to fill up your car and it would be interesting! :-)
From Blog: Getting Ready
22nd February 2006

catching up
Have been in Texas and didn't bring up your blogs there. Now home and catching up. Enjoying them very much--yours and Bill's. Nice record and great observations. Passing them on to a friend in D.C. who's working on a Clinton African project.
20th February 2006

Marie, I have been enjoying your blog. You haad put the addy on the HQ16 group. Thank you for that. As I will probably never get out of the USA, I am living through your travels. Be safe and have fun. Candy in Iowa
10th February 2006

I need to run to the post office.
You are making me want to travel. Some day. Right now I must go to the post office. Don't know when I will check in again, but I think it will be soon.
10th February 2006

Been busy! Finally finding out what's up.
Thats Great that you are setting up shop near a church. I do not use the internet ever so if it seems like I am a little confused that is why. Hope all is going well for you and I am about to read on. I will check out your husbands blog also. I didn't know your daughter was in Africa. that is how much I pay atention in class. Take care. Bye.

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