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July 4th 2012
Published: July 4th 2012
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mountains just outside
To my Mom and Dad

I know this has been really hard on you so I've decided to dedicate a song to each of you. Whenever you miss me, just listen and sing and I'll be right there with you 😊

Mom, obviously Jann Arden "Good Mother"! We have had a million sing alongs to this song and it always chokes me up. "I've got a good mother and her voice is what keeps me here". One of the only reasons I have been able to go on this trip is because of your guidance and support. If I ever get scared, I will close my eyes, think of your smile and hold your hand so I can go on. Everywhere I go, you will be there too.

Dad, Neil Young "Old Man". "Old man take a look at my life, I'm a lot like you were". We have had many battles in our day, but my strength and perseverance are certainly traights I can thank you for. Though our goodbye was short and sweet, that doesn't mean my love is. Every time I see a breathtaking sunset, a bird that's really neat-o or a Dad holding his daughters hand... I will think of you.

I'll miss you both so much more than you know, thank you for making me who I am! Don't cry, just smile and I'll see you soon okay? And tell Oma I'll stay safe, I don't want to see anymore tears from that beautiful woman when I get home.

xoxo Princess Sparkle

P.S. now we have a new dot on our world map!! eeee!!


5th July 2012

Tears and Smiles
Krys and Richard are obviously very special people to have raised a daughter like you! I know I've just scratched the surface with our times together to get to know you. I knew the first time I met you that Tyler had a "special" girl. Throughout this adventure, be sure we are all here cheering you on to complete this dream that I am so honoured to share virtually with you. Where many dream to do great things, few actually make it happen! I am so very proud of you and Tyler for stepping outside that comfort zone and into the chance of a lifetime. You are creating memories to last a lifetime. Lift your head high, hike forward and live the dream you've dreamed together. Much love and talk soon.....xoxo Patti
6th July 2012

Cold Play "Paradise" reminds me of your journey together. Leave a good impression of the family name LOL Love Mom XO

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