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June 29th 2012
Published: June 29th 2012
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To really understand how difficult this last day has been, I need to rewind a couple months and explain how amazing the individuals I had the privledge to work with are. When I first broke the news I was quitting to travel, I expected frustration, sad faces and difficult times at work. I was pleasantly surprised by the encouragement I received! Everyone was really excited for me! Saying things like "you gotta do it now!", "I wish I did that when I was 25", "Can I come with you?" haha.

After the initial shock, everyone was genuinely interested in what the heck I was doing; some people would just listen to my plans, others had excellent advice to share! It's been amazing and I can definitely say I left that place on a high note. I will never forget a single person I worked with. When I was still new and I guess in "training", I was able to work with so many different people and everyone taught me something different. How amazing is that?

I have obviously been super stressed the past couple of weeks, worrying about who was going to take over my position at work, how packing up my apartment would go, how my cats would adapt to their new home. It has been frantic and emotional to say the least. But every day I would go into work, see smiling faces, listen to words of encouragement and support. That has made everything so much easier. Today someone asked "are you coming back?". Unfortunately, I don't really have an answer for that. I don't know where I will end up in this world or even this life. All I know is that over the past 4 and a half years my coworkers hearts have all touched mine and I will be lucky to find that kind of "family" environment at any other work place. Thank you everyone for being simply wonderful.

Thank you for showing me how to transfer a call on my first day.

Thank you for believing I was valuable enough to keep when my original contract was up.

Thank you for letting me use the void stamp when I messed up my first cheque. And laughing about it.

Thank you for your patience when I didnt even know what a dereg was.

Thank you for encouraging me to get licensed and join a team.

Thank you for not getting frustrated when I had a million questions.

Thank you for sharing your shoulder when I was going through a rough time.

Thank you for your smiles, your words of wisdom and all of your support. I can't even attempt to tell you how hard it is to leave.

I love you all dearly. I promise to stay safe! And I'm trying to upload the video but I'm not nerdy enough... I'll see if my nerdy friend knows how!

xoxo Becs


3rd July 2012

Live your Dreams
Go forth and have fun, be safe and LIVE the Dream!! I will track you like a package as long as I can and then continue through your blog which I will read religiously. I look forward to your return and your stories and your pictures. Love You, Vaya Con Dios....
3rd July 2012

Now you are going to make me cry!!!! I loved getting to know you and having you over here with me in Siberia!! HAHA I know I have said this a 1000 times, but a 1001 won't hurt...have a great time, be safe and write often! I can't wait to read/see everything you are getting to experience!! :)
4th July 2012

He wants you to buy a new pair of binoculars while you are away. He could use a new pair!! Hope you are having a decent travel experience! Miss you already!!!! Tuesday was hard. :)
4th July 2012

well if I can find a good deal, I'll get some for him lol you'll never guess who was at the wedding I went to on the weekend... "The Hair". It was priceless. Miss you too!!

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