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Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia » Kutaisi September 14th 2016

Lovely people and country, we had a great time. We saw two different Georgias: 1 The Big City: Tblisi 2 The Causasus Mountains 1 Tblisi is a modern exciting city with: a) an Old Town district to explore b) a commercial and cultural centre around Rustaveli Avenue c) a brand new riverside park development with 'The Peace Bridge' as its centre point d) panoramas galore are served by the funicular to the Mtatsminda Park and the cable car to the Fortress and Botanical Garden e) a number of churches worth seeing with the new cathedral as a highlight 1 a) the Old Town has its own particular architectural style. Buildings are faced with timber balconies which are often very ornate. Many have been restored, some are falling down, and some new developments e.g. by the Sulphur ... read more
Funicular Tbilisi
Cascade, Tbilisi Botanical Gardens
Vanilla Skyplane landing at Mestia

Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia » Kutaisi September 14th 2015

Geo: 42.264, 42.70750600 hrs Monday: A flurry of activity as we get ready for an early start. Today we are heading to Kutasi in Western Georgia some 200 miles away. You will of course be aware that this City is built around the the Rioni River and I have no doubt your are keen to see how the refurbishment of the Bagrati Cathederal is getting on!Tbilisi has been a great 2 day stopover. The Group are now fragmenting into two or three camps. Barriers are coming down and to be frank, there are already frank conversations about who likes who etc......dangerous stuff! I don't think WW3 will break out but we are not so chummy as last week! "Old Boy" manages to stray onto a railway line yesterday afternoon just as a freight train makes an ... read more
View from our Kutaisi balcony!
Our Street!
The local supermarket

Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia » Kutaisi May 21st 2014

Die ver... Party direkt unter meinem Zimmer war irgendwann zu Ende, ich konnte einschlafen, begleitet vom Geräusch von Regentropfen auf dem Blechdach vor meinem Zimmer. Gleiches Geräusch beim Aufwachen. Heute hatte ich Zeit, denn ich wollte zuerst zu Stalin, aber der ist erst am 10.00 zu sprechen. Und beim Packen vom MR wurde mir mit fester Stimme mitgeteilt, dass es Frühstück ab 9.00 gibt. Na gut, dann eben alles etwas langsamer. Das Frühstück war sozialistisch, alles war exakt zugeteilt: 2 Wienerle, 2 harte Eier, ein Stück Margarine, eine Scheibe Käse in Folie, altbackenes Brot und Marmelade. Aber wenn man da zuschlug, dann wurde man schon satt, es kann ja nicht jedesmal toll sein. Der Vorteil bei der ganzen Sache war, dass es nur noch tropfte, als ich zu Stalin fuhr, und hinterher ganz regenfrei war. Nach ... read more
Stalins Geburtshaus

Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia » Kutaisi May 3rd 2014

3rd May Leaving the Black Sea coast we're heading inland and stopped at the amazing Prometheus Caves, only discovered in 1984. Requiring a guide, we were ushered down the stairs and into the mouth of the cave. Over 1400m long and with 17 chambers, the cave was impressive from the start with huge stalagmites and stalactites, some still growing. I saw our guide for a few minutes in the first chamber but he set such a speed that I didn't bother trying to keep up, preferring to take photos and actually look at the surroundings. A few others trailed along at various speeds also and I thoroughly the peace and quiet that came with being on my own. Our arrival into Kutaisi today didn't go unnoticed, especially on the side streets we had to take to ... read more
Stalactites and stalagmites still growing after all this time
Prometheus Cave

Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia » Kutaisi August 2nd 2012

Melinda and Mirella - Two Italian beautiful, Inteligent, Pleasent ladies Came in Georgia as Tourists, left as a Friends. . .... read more
Melinda an Mirella in Safara
In Sataflia National Resort

Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia » Kutaisi May 26th 2012

Geo: 42.264, 42.7075I have left this as being in Kutaisi to make sense of the map, though I'm really in Tbilisi again. Back in Tbilisi for an evening and a day, chance to go to the traditional architecture museum and will fill an evening with the marionette theatre (subtitles in English) before heading off back up the military Highway and into Russia on Monday, assuming all goes to plan. My guide here has written out for me in Russian everything I need when I get to Vladikavkaz station, cancel one ticket I'm not using (Sochi to Rostov) and buy Vladikavkaz to Rostov and Rostov to Kiev. So here I am about halfway through the trip, in time if not yet degrees of the circle. Done a lot of travelling as a car passenger in the last ... read more
More snowy mountains
Protesting Protesting
Old house in the museum

Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia » Kutaisi April 20th 2012

The Katskhi Pillar abruptly rises 45 meters in Chiatura region. On the Katskhi Pillar in the 7th century was built a small church. Beautiful surrounding, views, itself Katskhi Pillar resemblance to the famous Greek monasteries of Meteora.... read more
Photo 84
Photo 72
Photo 3

Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia » Kutaisi October 27th 2010

Rano znów całe góry w słońcu. Z okna pokoju obserwujemy, jak Kazbeg zmienia kolor. Walczymy przy śniadaniu o najlepsze miejsce - z widokiem. Nerwowo biegamy po aparaty, żeby uchwycić moment, gdy i Kazbeg, i monastyr będą w słońcu. Podgryzamy wędzone sardynki. A może to szprotki? W miasteczku panuje ta sama senność, co wieczorem. Krowy od świtu wałęsają się po ulicach, kobiety zamiatają liście, wiatr liście rozwiewa, ale chyba nic ciekawszego do roboty nie mają, niż ich powtórne zamiecenie. Jest około 0 stopni. Domy pozostają do 10.00 jest w cieniu i jedyną sensowną aktywnością jest siedzenie i gapienie się, jak góra Kazbeg zmienia kolor. Opuszczając Kaukaz, przekręcamy ciągle szyje do tyłu, żeby jak najdłużej widzieć szczyty. Wydaje się, że tuman na jakiś czas nas opuscił, bo gdy wjeżdzamy do Gori jest piękne słońce, a w ogrodzie ... read more
Radziecki funikular.

Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia » Kutaisi August 13th 2009

The journey to Kutaisi was uneventful. It's probably a beautiful road running through the mountains but the rain was too heavy and the cloud too low for us to really appreciate it! The big problem then was that we had no idea where we were when the driver dropped us off! That meant getting a taxi, and he didn't know exactly where we wanted to go!! It all sorted itself out though and he took us to the Hotel Beka which is featured in the Lonely Planet. Getting there involved many twists and turns up steep cobbled streets and we were quite disoriented when we got there. And then they were full!!! Luckily the house next door is also a hotel, albeit unlisted, but the Hotel Eleganti turned out to be wonderful. The landlady was such ... read more
Cobbled Streets
Fresco on the ruined Cathedral
St George

Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia » Kutaisi May 22nd 2007

Dagen etter hviledagen i Kutaisi var det fremdeles meningsløst kraftig motvind, men vi kunne ikke bli der lenger, og tok fatt på veien videre østover. Det gikk meningsløst treigt treigt, og vi var i tvil om vi i det hele tatt ville klare den planlagte etappen på ca 10 mil før det ble mørkt. Det ville nok vært mulig å finne et krypinn i Zestaponi ca halvveis, men byen virket lite fristende, så vi hamstret vann og croissanter og fortsatte. Etter Zestaponi begynte stigningen mot en fjellovergang på knappe 1000 m. Fjellandet Georgia er ikke bare omgitt av noen av Europas høyeste fjell langs grensene i nord og sør,de har noen akseptable rygger som skiller kysten fra innlandet også. Faktisk gikk syklingen bedre da vi begynte på stigningen, siden vinden var roligere enn ute på ... read more

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