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Asia » Georgia » Tbilisi District » Tbilisi September 11th 2015

Geo: 41.72, 44.791816hrs Tbilisi: Sitting on our little balcony overlooking the Old Town. Over the years we have developed a City/Town rating as follows:-London - NewYork - Paris.........5 Horse TownsEpsom - 3 Donkeys (5 Donkeys = 1 Horse)Calcutta - 2 Horse - 4 Plagues and 4 Fleas (5 Fleas = 1 Plague)Jinka - Ethiopia - 5 PlaguesTbilisi is a 2 Horse 2 Flea Town. A mix of Turkish and Russian mixed with a healthy dose of "falling down" due to earthquakes wars and lack of investment. However, it has huge character........we have three nights to explore this labyrinth of cobbled streets,orthodox churches and fantastic markets.Mild consternation as I discover our supply of Ukranian Wheat Vodka has been gently haemorrhaging into a dark blue pair of  M & S underpants in my suitcase......I am not sure what ... read more
A new passport please!
Chirpy Georgian Flower seller
Tasty snack....

Asia » Georgia » Tbilisi District » Tbilisi May 27th 2014

We rolled up the green valley out of Akhaltsikhe and gently back into the steppe. As we climbed, we began to get the sense that we were already in Armenia. Most of the towns in the Javakheti region are inhabited by Armenians and this becomes more so the case as one nears the border post at Bavra. In contrast to the Georgians we met in our first days across the border, the Armenians we were meeting showed a mastery of the Russian language and it was a delight to chat with a dialect that we could largely understand. As we interacted with person after friendly person we began to "warm up" in the language and the wide vocabulary of our counterparts allowed them to get points across to us when we could not initially understand. We ... read more
Fat hail in Armenia
First night in Armenia
Lake Sevan, Armenia

Asia » Georgia » Tbilisi District » Tbilisi May 19th 2014

Diesen Tag verbrachte ich wieder mit Faulsein . Allerdings hatte ich um 8.00 mit Pete, dem Vanman, ein Date, er wollte mein Motorrad nochmal gründlich anschauen, damit ich dann (hoffentlich) ohne Probleme heimkomme. Die Uhr wurde an der Grenze eine Stunde vorgestellt, zu Deutschland bin ich also zwei Stunden vorne. Leider macht mein Handy = Wecker das nicht selbst, und ich hatte nur die Armbanduhr verstellt. Also weckte mich nichts und ich kam erst kurz nach 8.00 zur Verabredung. Öl musste nachgefüllt werden, Schrauben waren locker, aber nichts Gravierendes. Dann Frühstück. Dann Stadtrundgang. Im Buch war einer, der mit zwei Stunden angegeben war. Ich brauchte fünf Stunden und war gut beschäftigt. Aber hochzufrieden und glücklich, wieder was Schönes zu sehen. Es gibt viele Galerien in Tblisi, das macht mir immer große Freude. Ich plane nochmal mindestens ... read more
lustige Figuren antlang der Straße

Asia » Georgia » Tbilisi District » Tbilisi May 18th 2014

Die Abfahrt von Kars war ohne Regen, das war schon mal gut. Die Landschaft veränderte sich nicht, auch wenn wir stetig an Höhe gewannen: weite, völlig baumlose Täler. Um die Häuser herum der lebenswichtige Schatz: getrocknete Kuhfladen, die zum Heizen benutzt werden. Die Dörfer trostlos, grau. Die höchste Stelle war 2550 m, da waren dann die Schneeflecken sowohl über, neben und unter uns. Die Straße war gewohnt schlecht, man musste dauernd irgendwelchen Schlaglöchern ausweichen, oder es gab zur Abwechslung Schotterstrecken, die man am besten stehend fährt. Auf der Ostseite des Passes waren dann tatsächlich einige Bäume - irgendwer war hier sehr schlampig und hat nicht alles abgeholzt. Denn sobald man dann in Georgien war, auf gleicher Höhe, gab es Bäume im Überfluss - also keine naturgeographische elende Lage in der Türkei, sondern einfach Abholzung. Selber schuld..... ... read more
iranischer LKW an der Grenze

Asia » Georgia » Tbilisi District » Tbilisi September 18th 2013

I woke this morning covered in mosquito bites, it rained during the night as well, the first rain I have seen since leaving home. I decided to walk down to foreshore passing some tired soviet era architecture and a few outlandish looking modern hotels. The beach on the Black Sea was covered in pebbles as many European beaches seem to be, I spotted the Mcdonalds so I went to check it out, it has to be the most unique anywhere. I then went to visit a Roman ruin before hopping a bus to Tbilisi, it was horrific, even worse than yesterday, the drivers here are probably the most reckless I have ever seen and they drive way to fast. The mini bus ride was terribly uncomfortable and excruciatingly long which meant again I arrived in the ... read more
Mektekhi church perched above the Mtkvari river
Peace bridge
One of the cities many statues in front of historic architecture

Asia » Georgia » Tbilisi District » Tbilisi August 29th 2013

My last two days in north-easternTurkey were certainly the icing on the cake cycling through challenging yet breathtakingly beautiful scenery varying between mountains and lakes. I was joined on one occasion by a scruff of a dog whom I named Latch. After briefly patting him on the head, he ended up joining me for the next 25 KM. It was only a long downhill stretch where I eventually managed to evade him and was personally a little sad when we went our separate ways as he had kept me such good company on the long undulating road. After a particularly long day's ride climbing over the highest pass of the trip so far I found myself in the town of Artvin, where I met a cyclist called Murat who kindly invited me to stay at his ... read more
A dog called 'Latch'
Latch the dog

Asia » Georgia » Tbilisi District » Tbilisi August 12th 2013

Monday morning was a good time to move on to my next destination. So it is good bye to the Georgian capital of Tbilisi and my satellite navigation was set for the Georgian border town of Kazbegi to the north. The estimated distance was 100 miles, so that would take the best part of a day to travel. I was happy to leave the hustle and bustle of the Georgian capital for the mountainous town of Kazbegi. The thought of peace and quiet and the lovely smell of an over-heated engine were just irresistible. Left the hotel at around 9 am and followed the directions to the road north. The plan was to drive Kazbegi by late afternoon, find a place to stay overnight and then head for the Georgian/Russian border the following morning. Sure enough, ... read more
Sunset in Kazbegi

Asia » Georgia » Tbilisi District » Tbilisi August 11th 2013

The second day in Tbilisi was a Sunday and the Georgian capital was quieter with slightly less traffic on the road. I wanted to explore the city on foot and spend a lot of time just walking around. I wanted to see more of the capital from above so I headed for the cable car that takes tourists from the city to a fortress high up on the hill. The view from the cable car is just spectacular. I can understand why the Georgians built their capital here, it had a long river (Mtkvari river) and mountains. Enjoy the pictures of Tbilisi. One of my favourite dish in Georgia is a chicken soup (, it was delicious, but very salty. I had to drink a gallon of water afterwards.... read more

Asia » Georgia » Tbilisi District » Tbilisi August 10th 2013

Sat 10th August 2013 - Tbilisi, Georgian capital Spend most of the morning looking through the local antiques market, didn't buy anything except I spotted an electrical plug that converted a 3 pin into the local 2 pin socket. Now I can re-charge my laptop and mobile from the hotel. I had thought about cycling in Tbilisi, but then I had a good look to see if there were any cyclist on the road and there was none. I had concluded that there no cyclist because it was either too dangerous, or those Georgians that did attempted to cycle were now in Heaven. I decided to play it safe and not cycle. Had a good walk around the old part of Tbilisi before returning for the hotel. In the evening, I returned and found some more ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Tbilisi District » Tbilisi August 8th 2013

Thur 8-9th of August 2013 Hopa, Turkey to Batumi, then Tbilisi Georgia Woke up early to have breakfast, so that I can head for the border town of Sarp before it gets hot in the morning. There was already a long queue for Georgia. Many more were crossing the border as foot passengers. It was easy for them as there was no need for visa for the Turks and there is no vehicle to check. For me the process took a bit longer and they checked my car over very thoroughly. After nearly one and a half hour, I was in Gerogia. I stopped to change my money to Georgian money and then drove to a place near Butami, a resort on the Black sea. Something funny happened at the hotel. At the restaurant, the staff ... read more
The view of the Black sea (again)
Border crossing between Turkey and Georgia

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