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Asia » Georgia » Southern Georgia » Gori September 14th 2022

What a day, I’ve learned so much about Georgia in the past plus current politics. I had to take notes! Today was our first trip outside of Tbilisi and Glyn had booked it online before we’d arrived. The meeting point was outside a metro station and we were the first to arrive. I heard Glyn talking to a lady with a recognisable accent, as she was from Manchester and on the same tour as us. The rain began to pour and we sheltered until we were directed to a nearby office where a few tours were to meet. Our guide was a very bubbly Georgian lady, 28 years old from Tbilisi, Catherine, who gathered us by shouting ‘Stalin is calling us’. We were a small group on a minibus, two blokes from Malaysia, a couple from ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Southern Georgia » Gori August 2nd 2021

When a town boasts healing waters, a mountain atmosphere and a long history of being the playground for royalty, you add it to the itinerary. After all, if it is good enough for Russian Tsars, it‘s probably good enough for us. We left the hipster, big city feel of Tbilisi and traveled a little more than two hours through fertile agricultural valleys and into the mountain village of Borjomi. A small town of only 16,000 people, Borjomi has a big reputation as the water bottling capital of Georgia and is home to baths built in the 1st century AD. Home to over 150 springs, Borjomi is where families go to relax and soak, literally. As we continue to grapple with how to properly describe Georgia based on his geography and history, Borjomi is one of those ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Southern Georgia » Gori June 20th 2018

The minibus dropped us outside the Stalin Museum in Gori. After a surprisingly good coffee in a street stall opposite the museum, we joined on the back of a and English tour group to be shown around the museum. Our guide was quite factual, rather than promoting one side. The upper floor has many images of Stalin through his life, including his death mask. There are also cabinets full of gifts from around the world. Downstairs is a smaller display giving a glimpse of the harsher side of his role in history. For a small extra fee there is his bullet proof train to look around. Our guide was quite balanced telling us throughout that there’s the official and many other versions of the stories around Stalin. Many Georgian families were affected by family members being ... read more
View of Gori from the fortress

Asia » Georgia » Southern Georgia » Gori July 2nd 2015

Thursday July 2 – Today I was brave and took my first minibus (marshrutka) to Gori, Stalin’s hometown. First stop was the Stalin museum, where the driver politely dropped me off. The exhibits were written in Georgian and Russian, with little English, so I cannot say I learned much, but it was cool to see. They even had a creepy copy of his death mask. Outside, they also have the small one room house where he grew up. It remains where it has always been, but all the other houses around were demolished to make a pretty museum area. Next I took a taxi to Uplistsikhe, an ancient cave city outside of Gori. Taxi was the best way to get there. A driver approached me to ask if I wanted to go there. This might be ... read more
Stalin museum
Stalin's death mask
Me and my new bud, Stalin

Asia » Georgia » Southern Georgia » Gori May 20th 2014

Dieser Tag war nicht gerade erfreulich. 6-30 Frühstück, 7.30 Abfahrt. Regen. Ich bin mit der Gruppe bis zur Grenze nach Aserbeidjan mitgefahren, habe mich dann von allen verabschiedet. Und dann war ich allein. Regen hatte aufgehört- da ich heute fast den ganzen Tag auf Landstraßen war, fielen mir neue Sachen auf: ungeheure Anzahl an Mercedes - durchschnittlich drei von 10 PKW sind Mercedes. Dabei sind die Häuser durchwegs grauslich. Viele Häuser stehen leer, verfallen. Die anderen sind in so schlechtem Zustand, dass ich mich nur wundern kann, dass da jemand wohnt. Viele Wohnhäuser aus der Sowjet-Zeit sind Vandalismus zum Opfer gefallen, die Ruinen stehen allenthalben. Es gibt auch viele Kleinlaster, mit deutschen Aufschriften: Blumen Logistik, Wir liefern auch Sonntags (was???), ein Kölner Dachdecker kann sein Auto hier sehen usw. Auf der Autobahn ist das bisher nicht ... read more
LKWs aus Europa
auch aus Europa
Blick zum Kaukasus

Asia » Georgia » Southern Georgia » Gori May 13th 2014

9 May. Gori, the town where Stalin was born. And we were here on Georgia's Victory day, a public holiday. The truck was parked across from Stalin's museum which we made our first stop, waiting for an English guide to take us through. She spoke fast with a heavy accent and in a voice that brooked no questions. It was very one-sided which was surprising to me but shouldn't have been: the town was very much still pro-Stalin. When the tour finished we walked through again at a slower pace but I don't feel like I learnt much that I didn't already know. Another church, then the fortress. I was hot and flustered and having to shop for dinner and getting ripped off didn't help matters. Back on the truck I slept and after a few ... read more
Adding some sparkle to Stalin's house
Stalin's train carriage
His death mask

Asia » Georgia » Southern Georgia » Gori August 12th 2009

2 Pages of pictures again! In 1878 Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili (იოსებ ბესარიონის ძე ჯუღაშვილი) was born in the Georgian town of Gori (გორი). He went from being a theological student to being Stalin, quite a turn around! Knowing there was a museum dedicated to his life, we decided Gori had to be on our itinerary for this trip and prayed that Russia decided not to do anything stupid around the anniversary of last year's war. Our prayers were answered so we dragged our rucksacks up to Didude marshrutka station again and looked for buses to Gori. This time we were going somewhere we could pronounce so there was no need to have it written down in Georgian script. At the station we were offered a ride in a shared taxi for less than £2 each ... read more
Trish and Stalin!!
Stalin's birthplace
Stalin Museum

Asia » Georgia » Southern Georgia » Gori April 6th 2007

Driving through some mountain pass for hours we made it to lonely desolate Bakuriani, apparently a very popular skiing area in Georgia but since winter season is just over hardly anybody is here and there is a feeling of desolation. We have a homestay for 2 nights and we have to entertain ourselves, some people went skiing including Nigel for the first time it was dirt cheap, cost them i think 5 dollars all in all for all day's worth, and some did some walk in town like me, the landscape is a mix of beautiful scenery and rural setting. Jean cooked a good Easter meal for us and it was delicious and she made it despite the fact that there was no water for awhile as one of the main pipes in town burst, ... read more

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