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Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuxi February 26th 2015

A slow heart beat distant away in Eshan area they celebrate Kaixinjie during Lunar new year. I made it to Tadian this year for the festival. In tradition...local traders and merchants wouldn't start their business before the dragons and parade roaming through the street in town trailing with blasting fire cracker. this commercial economic, some shops even service through new year. Nowaday Kaixinjia became a symbol for new economy for tourism(if it really work!), as they had created a God of Drum, and present a ceremony to worship it. because the drum dance is one of the activity they can do best and very proud of, is very reasonable and logical for the Chinese to came up with the idea of a God of Drum as their ancestor, could they be that good ... read more
Yi girl
Yi girl

Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuxi March 13th 2013

"Er-yue-er - Long tai tou"...that was the tradition saying...on the 2nd Lunar Febuary, the dragon twist! In the Chinese solar term for the climate, from this day on...rain fall will begin. It was very important in the old day for farmer as some plantation works should be ready. many places in Han China people did thing related to the word "dragon". in Kunming...barber shop would be very busy and price would be double as many people(kids) will shave a mohican style as it look like dragon! Here in Yimen they had a event to celebrate this day. Said it was came down more than 200 year of history. A drought had attacked the area, when thing got too serious and a dragon in the Dragon well(inside Longquan Park) twist, the head came up outside the water ... read more
offering in dragon well
opera at temple stage

Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuxi January 30th 2012

Eshan is one of the less known county in Yuxi region where live mostly Yi people, and they have a tradition to celebrate the first market after Chinese Newyear. Kaixinjie is popular in Dalongtan, Fuliangpeng and Tadian. People would not start business until the date of Kaixinjie in the old day, also there would be many activities like,dragon dance, lion dance, lantern show etc. I came to Fuliangpeng this year for Kaixinjie, a very busy market, after those standard reception and official lunch, the celebration began with a chanting by an Yi shaman, asking for a best year for business. There are about 10 dragons came participated this year, together with loaded of pretty Yi girls making dance, it was quite a preformance. Then they all marching out to the market, made the already congested street ... read more
the reception
Yi woman

Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuxi April 19th 2011

Today we went cherry picking. And I have feeling we are going to do a few more things before I return home. SO this will be a general picture albulm.... read more

Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuxi April 13th 2011

The foreign Christmas party and Teachers going away.... read more
Photo 33
Photo 34
Photo 35

Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuxi October 9th 2010

Sorry, these didn't make it to the last disco entry, so here they are now. ... read more

Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuxi September 30th 2010

Here's an entry from the cultural side of the ledger: Chinese Disco Chinese Discos (the ones I've been to in Yunnan, at least) are not like discos in the west. Dancefloor? Don't make me laugh. There's room to dance, but with enough room for 3 people at a time, max. Mostly, it's tables full of beer bottles with drinking games going on, and oh yes, lots of cigarette smoking. And every hour or so there's a performance with karaoke style singing with dancers backing the singers. At the Babi club, their singers aren't half bad. And I've got to admit, it's a fun 10 or 15 minutes, sometimes. On Monday the 20th, after Chinese class, my friend called with a half question, half announcement. Do I want to DJ at the Babi Club Friday and Saturday ... read more

Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuxi September 7th 2010

My school manager got married... read more
Sarah's Wedding 043
Sarah's Wedding 001
Sarah's Wedding 002

Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuxi September 7th 2010

I had my welcome dinner and birthday party together. It was quite sweet. But the drinking afterwards didn't help. I felt like crap the next day at Sarah's wedding.... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuxi September 1st 2010

So it's been a while since I posted anything. Work was really busy the last 6 weeks with summer courses and no holidays. So, now that I'm back to a regular schedule I hope to post here a bit more. One of the great things about this city is all the parks and green space. It's very Chinese in that these are highly landscaped/manicured places. This one, as with most is tended by many gardening aunties. The big waterfall is a great example. This is a completely manmade structure, with attentive caretakers. I went for my first visit there on a fantastically sunny day about 5 weeks ago. Here are some pictures.... read more
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