Photos from Xinjiang, China, Asia

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Beautiful panorama
lake Karakul
At Lake Karakol, south of Kashgar, on the way to Pakistan
at the animal market in Kashgar
visiting Kashgar
Tajik minority girl dancing in Xinjiang
in JiaYuguan, an ancient town in Gansu
hiking around Da Xia Di mao
beautiful Gansu, in-between Wuwei and Mati Si
back to Lanzhou, Gansu.
Dans le vieux quartier
Kashgar 2013
Old Kashgar
en visite dans le vieux Kashgar
Le vieux Kashgar
Sur le toit de ma Guesthouse a Kashgar
The domed space
The minaret
almost back...
We're back after almost 7 hours of hiking
Can u see us on top of the mountain?
cooling off and washing off the dust
from the top
cool place to drive
Enjoying the view
It must have rained the night before
selling gems by the road
pretty amazing view
Hello Xinjiang!
Check out this place!
Driving towards Karakul Lake
enjoying the ride
Near Karakul
by the road near Karakul
Near Karakul Lake
on the road back to Kashgar
grasslands at Tashkurgan
Tajik women at Tashkurgan
1500-old Fort at Tashkurgan
at Tashkurgan
visiting an ancient fort at Tashkurgan
keving got sunburned riding a horse
Kyrgyz man at Karakul
morning light over Karakul Lake
our driver outside the tent
A Kyrgyz I met...
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