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Asia » China » Xinjiang » Yinning June 11th 2014

Kuitun After finally getting our Chinese documents, we headed east to Kuitun. We drove on new roads across some arid plains and then over a 7000 ft. plateau with a spectacular new bridge and tunnel system. On top, it looked just like Colorado. The Chinese seem to have no way to collect tolls ftm motorcycles, so we just ride around the end of the toll gate. Sometimes a guy comes out to direct us around. After running our third toll gate, the police stopped us at their checkpoint. The took lots of pictures, smiled a lot, gave us drinks, and we were off. So far, Chinese officials have been great (except for the DMV).... read more

Asia » China » Xinjiang » Yinning June 10th 2014

A day at the DMV is pretty much the same everywhere. It took half a day to get our Chinese driver's licenses, and until 8 PM to get our "license plates".... read more

Asia » China » Xinjiang » Yinning June 9th 2014

China Today we left Kazakhstan and I made my last border crossing. Getting out of Kazakhstan was not really bad, and getting to China was a different world. Instead of many people writing stuff by hand, the Chinese border was a lot like an airport. You are not supposed to take pictures at the border, but almost all of the workers rushed out to greet us and take pictures of our motorcycles. They bad no problem with photos, and were most helpful. Since our emtry had been approved on advance, they knew we were coming. We had to carry some stuff across the border, and we didn't take our passports because we didn't realize we would have yo go outside the compound. Four of us entered China the second time without any documents. The Chinese have ... read more

Asia » China » Xinjiang » Yinning December 12th 2010

I have been able to recover one of my lost TravelBlogs, an entry I had prepared for publication many months ago. So as not to confuse this journey to the West of China two summers ago (2009) with last summers travels (2010), this 2009 journey was an official visit by the administration of Taizhou Teachers College to our Sister College in Yining, Xinjiang, in the far North-West corners of China. Gratefully, I had been invited as part of the visiting delegation, as it was a more structured and organized visit to the city of Yining, on the border of Kazakhstan. I hope you enjoy the 124 photos of this exciting journey to a part of China, few foreign visitors have to privilege to experience. For my vegetarian friends, and those, who are a more sensitive to ... read more
My Fellow Travelers in Xinjiang
Lunch inside the traditional Kazakh Yurt
I did like the scewers of mutton-meat, but the image of a sheep did not leave my head.

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