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Asia » China » Xinjiang » Kashgar » Taklamakan Desert June 25th 2013

My little team and I have had 4 very intensive days them guiding me through the daily lives of some of the 47 different nationalities that live in the Kashgar Region, a wonderful cultural experience. It was time for a gentler Tommy Tourist pace, including little tests of Bo’s vast collection of accumulated knowledge, unfortunately have been getting quite a lot of the eye rolling thing, I think I am a little slow for this lot. A couple of Uyghur men who’s company motto is to ”exceed ones expectations” and they have certainly done that. Both Muslim men, Abdul Guide, for 9 years, is a very devout 26 year old five times a day prayers if he can. A young man with more than his share of .tragedy who’s work is what keeps him going. Abdul ... read more
Off to market
Tommy Tourist
Shiptons Arch

Asia » China » Xinjiang » Kashgar » Taklamakan Desert June 11th 2012

"There once was an old farmer with one son and one horse. The horse ran away and the man was unlucky. When the horse returned it had found a mate, now the man had two horses and was very lucky. His son tried to ride the horse and fell off, breaking his leg. Now the man felt unlucky again but soon the nation went to war and all of the young men were called to fight. Luckily, because of his recently broken leg, the farmer's son was excused and he was again lucky" A swiss man told us this story at Chinese customs the other day as we were receiving a bit of unexpected news. The Irkeshtam pass bridges the border from Kyrgyzstan into China's wild west in a gap where the Tien Shan technically meets ... read more
Tokbel Pass, Kyrgyzstan
Invite for breakfast

Asia » China » Xinjiang » Kashgar » Taklamakan Desert October 5th 2010

After a last shower for four days, we set off towards our first stop through the Taklamaken desert. Bush camping for me, is what the overlanding experience is all about, it's a very communal, basic and sociable way to travel. Once we find a good spot to set up camp, everyone attends to their previously assigned tasks to unpack everything you need to cook, wash up and camp comfortably. You're also assigned a partner for cookgroup duty, which rotates daily, when you need to buy food, and cook lunch, dinner and breakfast for everybody. After things are vaguely set up, most people drag a tent off to a spot they like and set up for the night, we'd sit in t-shirts until food is ready, then eat and pile on sweaters after another beautiful sunset, playing ... read more
Camp Set Up
Sunset Branch
At A Truck Stop

Asia » China » Xinjiang » Kashgar » Taklamakan Desert August 24th 2008

We arrived in Kashgar late Saturday afternoon. We were dusty and simply focussed on getting clean again! The following day we went out to the Kashgar Sunday Markets. Kashgar has been a main trading city since the early days of the Silk Route. We are not far from the Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan boarders (Russia to the North) so it has always been a focus for trade. The Sunday Market has been operating since those days. Like any animal market - it is a real social event for the farmers that come into town. Donkey, Cows, Goats and Sheep (as well as Watermelons) were all being traded. We wandered around for a couple of hours, just fascinated by the people watching. Later a couple of decided to jump on to of the truck to get the overall ... read more
Kashgar Sunday Market
Kashgar Sunday Market 2

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