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Asia » China » Sichuan » Huanglong National Park September 23rd 2013

A 5:00 am wakeup call and an early start to the day. We get a packed breakfast from the hotel consisting of fruit, pastries, yoghurt and say farewell to Lilly at the airport. A 1 hour flight sees us land in Jiuzhaigou-Huanglong airport. The airport is at 3,500m altitude, around 1.5 hours from Huang Long, and 1.5 hours from Jiuzhaigou, in different directions. It is cold and wearing shorts and t-shirts from hot Xian, we immediately fossick in our cases for warmer clothing. Idira meets us with the driver, and we immediately begin the drive to Huang Long to see the multi-coloured pools. Idira’s English is not good, and we find a lot of words hard to understand due to mispronunciation. The drive involves going over a saddle in the mountains at 4,007m. Idira talked to ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Huanglong National Park November 2nd 2010

Tue 02 / 11 Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou Cup Day was to be an interesting day as were travelled into the high altitude of Jiuzhaigou (Joo-si-go) With a wake up call at 06:00 it was breakfast pack and go by 8:00 to catch a 10:15 flight Chengdu is a very busy place with interesetions the size of the MCG. Arriving at the terminal at 09:15 it was obvious this would be an interesting day as the two earlier flights to Jiuzhaigou were delayed and still awaiting departure During our patient wait decks of cards were available to pass the time and at 12:00 noon a hot lunch was provided Eventually boarding the plane at 14:00 we landed at the highest airport in China, 3564m above sea level, at around 2:35 with light snow falling The airport here ... read more
DSC00501 Lunch is served due to a delayed flight
DSC00503 Jiuzhaigou airport area
DSC00510 Rebecca at entrance to Huanglong National Park

Asia » China » Sichuan » Huanglong National Park September 22nd 2009

Up early this morning to catch our flight to Huanglong airport to go to two popular national parks HuangLong and Jiuzhaigou. After a flight delay (our destination is at 3500m altitude) we headed off for a hour flight. Oh i had my first proper conversation in mandarin with a nice girl at the airport. Descending into HuangLong airport was pretty interesting, as there are huge mountains beside and above you and still no sign of anywhere flat to land. we met our taxi driver, Tao who got us on our way. We stopped for some Yak for lunch at a little town on the way and kept going along the winding road (oh yeah bilbo's birthday today !) HuangLong National Park is at about 4000m altitude at the foot of a 5800m snoow covered mountain. There ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Huanglong National Park August 11th 2008

(Day 129 on the road)After visiting Jiuzhaigou, we tried to organise transport to the national park of Huang Long (the Yellow Dragon), a few hours north. Due to the lack of visitors resulting from the earthquake, the bus up there had been cancelled, and we were unable to locate any reasonable-priced private car. We had given up and were ready to leave the area the next day, when back at the hotel we met a crazy Chinese tourists who had negotiated an amazing deal with a private driver, much much cheaper than we had been able to (I guess as a foreigner in China you are never ever getting a good price for anything). So we split the cost three ways, and the next day we left before dawn to drive up there. Personally, I enjoyed ... read more
At the oxygen bar

Asia » China » Sichuan » Huanglong National Park October 16th 2007

M and I headed to Huanglong the next morning via Chuanzhusi on bus. I was exhausted and slept the entire way. We got to the little town of Chuanzhusi, 40 km from Huanglong park. We picked a hotel (Gold Dragon Hotel, Y300) and negotiated a ride to the park. M's Chinese is 10 times better than mine and he got to do all the talking and negotiating. :) We got a round trip ride there for Y150. Huanglong is at 4000+ meters elevation and I was concerned about the altitude. I got a headache while I was there, but overall was OK. The drive is really steep and winding... and it was snowy. We arrived the park at nearly 12:00 pm, and took the cable car ride up. I preferred the cable car because there was ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Huanglong National Park July 10th 2007

Introduction So after we visited JiuZhaiGou, we were getting more excited about our next and last stop: HuangLong. JiuZhai was beyond our expection by all means. We heard from various sources before and during the trip that HuangLong is a totally unique place to visit, beyond anyone's imagination. Where is it? So basically the JiuHuang airport stands between JiuZhai and Huanglong. It is 88 miles to JiuZhai from the airport, and 40 something miles to Huanglong. But the road to Huanglong is such a complete zigzag in the mountain, that it will actually take a lot longer to get there (about 2 hours). Another important point about Huanglong is, the elevation is much higher compaired with JiuZhai. So you go up to like 4000 meter above sea level, and than drop down to 2000 meter. Some ... read more
Huang Long
Wild Flower

Asia » China » Sichuan » Huanglong National Park June 16th 2006

In my usual last minute style, I found myself on a bus heading towards Songpan. I met the only other backpacker on the bus and decided to head down together to Huanglong National Park--another of China's jewels that I am so glad to have seen with my own eyes. Unbelievable colored limestone ponds of blue but in strange and large honey comb pool like formations. Ohh did i feel like jumping in. It was fantasy world again, just so prestine, so incredibly beautiful. It must have been amazing to live here as a tibetan many moons ago. On the way to this nature reserve, King, my new travel buddy & I decided to hire a ride from one of the locals. It was the only way to get there since we missed the local bus. Our ... read more
Crystal Clear
Can I Jump In Pls
Beauty in Horse Dung

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