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Asia » China » Sichuan » Emei Shan September 14th 2007

After my monkey troubles, I continued my hike upwards. Emei is one tough hike. The entire way up Emei is by stairs. I think on this one trip alone, I had walked up more flights of stairs than my entire life combined. A rough estimate is to say that there are six to seven steps per meter, multiply that by roughly three thousand meters, and you have roughly eighteen to twenty one thousand steps. Which, actually understates it because there are parts where you go back down and then up again. Whatever the case, there's no need to take the elevator anymore, walking up the stairs at work will seem to be a piece of cake from now on. Several temples dot the trail up to the top. In the heavy fog, stumbling upon a temple ... read more
Woot! I made it!
Dragon Fish
Burning incense and candles

Asia » China » Sichuan » Emei Shan September 12th 2007

After many hours of drinking and sleeping to get myself sorted out after my horrible train ride I decided it was time to walk up Emei. It was raining but climbing Emei was big on my to do list. I waited for a break in the rain, left my belongings at the hostel, packed one change of clothes and some bare necessities and headed out. It was around one o'clock in the afternoon, so I was only able to hike about five hours before the sun began to set. Getting a bit lost in the beginning didn't help. Emei Shan is truly marvelous. The mountain has a subtropical climate and is lush with vegetation. A handful a major streams run down the mountain, at some points they form spectacular rapids and roaring waterfalls. For each stream ... read more
Qingying Pavilion

Asia » China » Sichuan » Emei Shan June 30th 2007

/Steven/ We chose to make a trip to mount Emei, a holy Buddhist mountain near Chengdu and 3099m in elevation. Lelde has been plagued for a while with a sore ankle which can deteriorate, so we decided to tackle the mountain as a descent for the most part. We started by getting a bus to Emei( pronounced omay) town, then to the tourist fabrication of a village at the foot of the mountain. We got a bus to a site close to the top( unsurprising that the Chinese would capitalise on a sceneic beauty such as this by building roads and cable cars to service the domestic tourist industry), then ascended steeply around 200m. The top of the mountain was adourned by a fantastic golden statue of a many faced deity, and a view of ... read more
People power.
Sveces pie klostera ieejas
Monkey business.

Asia » China » Sichuan » Emei Shan March 23rd 2007

One of the 4 sacred mountains of China. Typically they are a chain of summits, very high, with gloruis view and temples are spread over and piligrims come to pray. Eami shan (shan = mountain) is almost 3100m high. It is cloudy both in off/on seasons and it is probably impossibple to see a good sunrise anytime - but the pictures in the brosures are mashu mashu. In our case the off season disadvantage is the low temprature at night - we're talking minus. Again, from chengdu we took a 2 hours bus to the village below the mountain. The mountain "mitromem" form 500m hight to 3500m - so this should be a very hard klimbing. To avoid that, we took a bus that takes you directely to the summit - well 2 hours from ... read more
The temple at the summit
A little foggy, but still...
The never ending way down

Asia » China » Sichuan » Emei Shan March 17th 2007

The Never Ending Stairs of Emei Shan Asia » China » Sichuan » Emei Shan By Joe and RocioMarch 17th 2007Joe & Rocio St. Clair-Ford(2-day step-climbing and 1-day descending!) Escaleras infinitas de Emei Shan. (2 dias subiendo escalones y 1 dia bajando!)... read more
One of the eight Temples
Another Buddhist Temple
Monkey Valley

Asia » China » Sichuan » Emei Shan November 23rd 2006

howdie, na jiuzhaigou en songpan zijn we via chendu afgezakt naar leshan en emei shan. Vee gebus dus, maar wie zijn wij om te klagen. enfin, leshan = enorme boeddha, en emei shan = enorme berg met tempels op. Vooral emei shan was zeer mooi, ook weer in de sneeuw, en de gouden top was prachtig in de zon. Op deze berg zitten ook veel apen (in de sneeuw dus) die nogal gierig naar uw zak kunnen graaien, maar we hebben gelukkig niets meten afstaan aan de monkey douane (de chinezen daarentegen met hun eten werden quasi aangevallen, slimme dieren dus). We hebben op de berg ook geslapen in een boeddhistiche tempel, weeral pokkekoud, en deftig afgezet geweest door de monikken voor het eten, maar wel een leuke plek. Voor onze reisroute tot nu (als het ... read more
emei shan olifanty
emei gold
emei summit

Asia » China » Sichuan » Emei Shan November 20th 2006

we hadden onze zakken zo licht mogelijk gepakt, met het oog op goed weer, maar daar kregen we een beetje spijt van toen we met onze bus in een monsterfile stilstonden en de chauffeur met koorden probeerde de sneeuwkettingen aan een band van de bus probeerde vast te maken. Enfin, met enkele uren vertraging zijn we dan toch van Jiujaigou in songpan geraakt. Jiuzaigou was ook al koud, maar daarom niet minder mooi: Er is een groot nationaal park met bossen en meren (en ook veel chinese bustoeristen). Songpan was ook geweldig, omdat het daar overal vol sneeuw lag. We waren daar eigenlijk per ongeluk terecht gekomen omdat de bus die we naar een verdere plek wouden pakken vol zat, maar we hebben er geen spijt van gehad. We hadden het geluk dat de zon scheen,en ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Emei Shan May 25th 2006

After a relaxing day at Chengdu, we took a bus to Emei Shan, about 2 hours from Chengdu. The place we stayed at was called the Teddy Bear Hotel. Not sure where the name came from. The manager of the hotel, Andy, was quite helpful in outlining routes to climb the mountain. He was also very talkative about his hotel unfortunately he was not very intelligble so we did a lot of nodding and "that's nice" not having any idea what he said. Day 1: Stairway to heaven? There are two main routes to the top of the moutain. Typically, people take 2 or 3 days for the ascent and descent. We decided on taking a bus quite a ways up the first day. Going into the "hike", we knew that it was going to be ... read more
That's why they call it the Golden Summit
A much prettier path around Emei Shan
Up close & personal

Asia » China » Sichuan » Emei Shan April 28th 2006

I have spent the past four days in a town called Emei, which lies at the base of Emei Shan (Mt. Emei), about 150 km. south of Chengdu. My goal was to climb to the summit of Emei Shan, which is at about 3100 meters above sea level, while starting at about 500 meters above sea level. I decided to challenge myself a bit, while I’m passing the time in China, but I may have over-done it a bit. The Lonely Planet says to allow oneself three days to ascend and descend Emei Shan and since I know I am in lousy shape, I gave myself those three days. However, I managed to climb it in two and a half days, but it was pure torture. In typical Chinese fashion, the mountain had a path, with ... read more
Where I'd been
Emei Shan Map
Back towards the summit

Asia » China » Sichuan » Emei Shan April 21st 2006

Text to be added later...... read more
More Tourists
Aerial View of a Monestary
Yet more steps

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