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October 12th 2007
Published: October 28th 2007
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The KingThe KingThe King

This chap was sat watching everyone, we decided he must be King of the land. Didn't want to get too close to him!
From Chengdu we went to Emei shan, another one of the sacred mountains in China.
Spent 5-6 hours walking the lower region of the mountain. It was luscious, green and fresh. So relaxing to be away from the busy city streets, not a car in sight or a horn to be heard. In many areas on the beautiful mountain, numerous monkeys live. The main aim of the day was to see them! For most of our day we were alone, treking up and down the steps leading the way.
We stayed at the foot of the mountain, in Teddy Bear Hostel, a little cold as there was a cold front travelling across China, but perfect weather for a good days exercise!

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How many steps?!!How many steps?!!
How many steps?!!

After already walking for several hours, we debated whether to ascend further up the mountain. But we didn't give in! Up we went!
There is a name for this.There is a name for this.
There is a name for this.

I can't remember everything I read! But wow how gorgeous!
Old gate wayOld gate way
Old gate way

I liked the way it was aging gracefully with its environment. It led to a monestry, which we peacefully drifted about absorbing the atmosphere.
A waterfallA waterfall
A waterfall

From afar this sounded huge!
Mother and babyMother and baby
Mother and baby

Hold on tight before the ride
Monkeys were everywhereMonkeys were everywhere
Monkeys were everywhere

Guides lined the pathways with sticks to beat them away from you, or to place them on your shoulders for a photo (we didn't want monkey fleas or flu!).
Beautiful walk backBeautiful walk back
Beautiful walk back

A river crossing!
The bridge to the monkeys!The bridge to the monkeys!
The bridge to the monkeys!

And the way home, we had walked for about 5 or 6 hours! A fantastic day!

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