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Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu June 6th 2005

Alrighty, I finally made it here after flights which left my left butt in nonworking condition. Somewhere over Russia I started doing lunges down the ailes for fear that I was going to lose use of my legs. Everyone kept telling me not to worry, everyone will speak english and be really friendly to you. Maybe that would be the case if i was six feet tall and blonde, but I'm a Japanese guy in China who speaks hood engrish. Seriously though, my first day here i didn't hear a lick of english, and let me tell you it's a different, very different world. Chengdu is freakin hot, like ATL hot and sticky. I thought I would wander around and see the city but that was complicated by two details... 1. Chengdu has 11 million people, ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu May 7th 2005

Ahh.. the struggle of getting to Chengdu! After having such a wonderful experience on the Beijing to Xi'an train trip, Dave and Sarah were gung ho about taking another 17 hour train to Chengdu. I was not so sure.... In the lobby of our Xi'an hotel, we met with a travel agent to discuss day trips etc.. They always try to get you to go everywhere. "Stefanie" kept describing various things we could do saying how "very, very nice" each place was. Since she was also booking our train tickets, I asked her about the Chengdu train. "Is it nice, will we be comfortable like the Beijing train?" She frowned. "Beijing train veddy new. Chengdu train old. Not so nice. Plane, maybe better." This was enough for me. If a local is telling you it's "not ... read more
Sarah With Red Panda

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu April 25th 2004

We left the hotel at 930am for the three minute walk to the train station, finding the correct waiting room crowds of commuters are smaller than in the larger Chinese cities. We boarded the train just before 10am after walking straight to the front of the queue and passing through the entrance gate first, it was then a matter of finding our carriage on what is quite a long train, there were at least 16 double story carriages. We have purchased hard seat tickets costing Y73($16) for this seven hour section of our journey and the upright seats are in fact very hard and uncomfortable and the carriage is cramped and full of sick people. The boy opposite me is snorting & snuffling and not putting his hand over his mouth when he coughs he is ... read more
Terracotta warriors and horses
Incredibly life size
Amazingly life like

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu May 6th 2001

Our first close encounter with so many giant pandas was in Chengdu - Sichuan Province. The province is a.k.a. Home of the Giant Pandas. We have travelled the Silk Route and back to Chengdu, our starting point. ... read more
Panda on Tree
Panda's Side by Side
Photo Taking Session

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