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Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu March 14th 2015

12 / 13 / 14 mars Je suis de retour à Chengdu. Il ne me reste que deux jours en Chine avant de quitter pour la Malaisie (Kuala Lumpur)... et ensuite aller passer un 28 jours au Sri Lanka, sous le soleil qui sera certainement plus chaud et plus visible. C'est qu'ici, le ciel est comme un couvercle qui nous enferme tous dans un Tupperware de smog. Chengdu est une ville floue. Voilà. Je profite de ces deux jours pour planifier la suite de mon voyage, comme booker mes vols qui me feront bondir de Pays en Pays. Et je m'organise aussi, et c'était presqu'inévitable, une visite au "Giant Panda Breeding Research Base" de Chengdu. C'est que c'est le bon endroit pour observer les iconiques pandas ça. Observer les pandas... et les centaines de touristes chinois ... read more
Red Panda
Au marais

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu March 12th 2015

9 mars Je m'embarque dans un périple imprévu aujourd'hui. Voilà. C'est que Sally et le staff de l'auberge où je loge à Chengdu (le Flip Flop) ont loué une mini-van pour une excursion rarement (voire jamais) prisé par les touristes étrangers. Ça fait des mois qu'ils ont prévu le coup. Sally l'enjouée m'a demandé de me joindre à leur groupe: le plan c'est qu'au retour, ils passeront par Leshan, ville où je voulais me rendre aujourd'hui, de toutes façons. Tout ça fait du sens. J'accepte donc l'invitation... et me retrouve, sans contrôle mais en confiance, dans une mini-van avec 5 chinois. La destination demeure nébuleuse, mais Sally m'a parlé d'un train. Voilà tout. C'est après un deux heures et demie de route que nous voilà à débarquer en pleine campagne, entourés de ces champs de fleurs ... read more
Le poulet dans le panier
Steam Train

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu March 8th 2015

Today I spent my Sunday celebrating the Women's Day with my Chinese colleagues. Every year in Italy I spend this day (actually...This night) eating pizza with friends and then going to a club where there are sexy male strippers..ahahah. This year it is different: I am in China and Chinese culture and habits are quite different from ours.. so, the aim of this post is to show how usual chinese girls spend this kind of celebration. We left the hotel in which we work at 9 am and got to the Chengdu countryside at about 10 o'clock. We sat outside the restaurant playing cards and drinking green tea. Then we moved inside and ate the typical chinese restaurant lunch (which is actually very different from the food we eat in Chinese restaurants abroad). I ate duck ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu March 7th 2015

6 mars J'entre dans la gare de Kunming. Il est 15h00. J'ai une heure d'avance sur le départ de mon train. Les salles d'attente sont pleines. Saturées à fendre. Il manque de bancs ici. Les voyageurs se regroupent donc dans les passages, assis sur leurs valises à roulettes et leurs sacs de jute gonflés. La marée de chinois encore une fois m'observe en mâchouillant bruyamment des nouilles ramollit dans des bols jettables en styromousse. Je m'achète aussi les nouilles "Ramen", pour passer le temps davantage que par appétit. Je reste debout, lourdement équipé comme une mule. Les gates ouvrent et la masse se précipite dans les entrées. Mon linge propre et moi-même attendons la dernière vague, sans inquiétude: j'ai une couchette "hard sleeper" qui m'est réservée. Mon wagon est full. Comme une ruche. 11 alcôves X ... read more
Annonce à Chengdu
Quelque chose me dit que ça doit être épicé...

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu November 21st 2014

Hey followers So Neil started to write this blog....was basically a rant about the 3rd class train from Chengdu to Guilin. 25 hours, only £35 though. Wasn't too bad, I finished Gone Girl, amazing scenery out of the window too. So Neil had this blogged finished and then the internet crashed so he lost it all-my version is definitely not as detailed as you can see. I am going to re-write what I wrote some how!!! Im pissed off!!! We had a lie in in Chengdu morning as the weather was awful!! We were going to go to the Chengdu university where Vick stayed while working on her dissertation in uni, but for the weather!! We headed for breakfast Vick had some fruit but i had this amazing spicy beef hot roll, it was so good!!! ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu November 18th 2014

Hello Followers, We mainly came to Chengdu to visit the Giant Panda breeding research centre. It is about 10km north of Chengdu however, it's quite hard to get there via public bus if you can't speak the language. Louisa and I did it a few years ago but we had our Chinese friend Amanda to escort us on the bus. This time though, Neil and I paid about £13 each for a tour from our hostel. A private car picked the two of us up at 7.30am and drove us to the research centre, the ticket entrance was also included and then the driver took us around the feeding areas for the pandas, which happens first thing in the morning before they all go back to their favourite pastime: sleeping. Going this early meant we missed ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu November 17th 2014

Hi everyone! We arrived into Chengdu train station at 5am this morning after very little sleep on the 3rd class hard sleeper from Xi'an. We took a tuk tuk from the station for 20 CYN (£2) to our hostel, luckily there were beds ready to climb straight into 😴 but not before having a well needed shower to get rid of the grime and extra Chinese pubes gained from unchanged sheets in the hard sleepers (yuck!!!!). We woke about 8.30am and went out to get breakfast, we found local street breakfast that Neil loved (even tried to get dinner there this evening) he had a cold spicy beef sandwich but better than that. I had a brown sugar sandwich- I didn't finish most of it- too sweet even for me! We came back to the hostel ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu October 3rd 2014

Weds We disembarked in Chong Qing - China's largest City (pop. 33m) - and so it was unsurprising to spot more than a few high-rise flats!! We spent the early part of the morning sauntering around the fascinating Old Town, before adjourning to a coffee house with an outside 1st floor balcony that overlooked the frenzied activity below. We were intrigued by the men bashing and cooking sticky rice cakes - a must cooking adventure when we get back!! After lunch we inched our way into the crawling traffic jam,caused by this being the start of the seven day National Holiday, and headed off towards Chengdu. Chinese drivers are a fearless lot - often using the hard shoulder for high-speed overtaking as well as breakdowns. Evidence of the inevitable meeting of a breakdown and an overtaking ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu September 9th 2014

We flew to Chengdu this morning, and arrived just before 9. Once we'd checked into our hotel we headed out to a nearby area with lots of food stalls and restaurants for lunch. We stuck with wanton soup and rice cakes rather than the pigs' snouts on offer... This afternoon we went to the people's square, which has a big statue of Mao, and the people's park. In the park were lots of people dancing, singing, catwalking, playing badminton, mahjong, cards or drinking tea. There were even men painting calligraphy on the ground with water. Dinner was a Sichuan hot pot, a simmering pot of chilli, peppercorns and oil that you cook your own food in. Not as spicy as we feared from the hype, but quite greasy! Tomorrow we're heading to the giant panda breeding ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu August 31st 2014

We were up early the next day as we were off to see the pandas as the research and breeding centre. We ate our pre ordered breakfasts and took two mini vans to the centre. We were joined by two English guys, son and farther. The son had been stud typing karate at the Shaolin temple for 18 months and was heading back to the UK via the tans Siberian pass on the train. The journey took about 30 minutes and we parked in the small car park and made our way passed empty souvenir stalls. There was only a very small queue and we were very quickly off to see the pandas. The location of the centre was on a busy main road, I thought it would be in the middle of no where as ... read more

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