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Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian » Kaifaqu April 15th 2012

I went grocery shopping yesterday. Here is a picture of one of my favorite produce stores in Hong Mei (the Korean part of town). I also added a picture of what I bought for 25RMB or about $3.96. Life in China is going good. It has been almost 2 months since my winter holiday. In less than 2 weeks is our next holiday. I will be flying to Korea for 9 days to escape the chaos that is China during any sort of National Holiday (I learned my lesson in Suzhou in October).... read more

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian » Kaifaqu September 21st 2011

I am finally starting to feel settled in China. I apologize to the people reading this for the lateness of this entry. I moved to an apartment in Kaifaqu. The apartment is on the top floor of a 6 storey building. We have 2 decent sized bedrooms and an office (storage room). Our living room is big and the kitchen is small. It finally felt like home after we had it cleaned top to bottom and put a few things up on the walls. There are 2 decks and the ceilings are sloped, in fact they are so sloped in the kitchen that it makes cooking kind of difficult. Trying to get anything done in China is extremely difficult. Not only is the language barrier huge but I find that the solution is often a ‘quick ... read more

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian » Kaifaqu April 7th 2011

Our Sleepover in KaiFaQu Our last minute flurry of travel before we leave China began with a simple overnighter in KaiFaQu, the development zone of Dalian. An early Qinggui into town got us to The Real Eddie’s for brunch, one of our favourite activities. Their brunch is a bit different from most. Rather than a massive spread with a lot of different choices, brunch consists of the regular menu! For a fixed price, you can choose anything you want. The portions may be a little smaller and may not be quite as elaborate as when served as individual dishes, but the fact that you can choose as many as you want makes it superb. The items are cooked fresh rather than sitting in chafing dishes. Because you don’t heap your plate with a little of a ... read more
Night vision
What a wheel

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian » Kaifaqu June 13th 2010

Here it is, June 13th, and I have only a handful of days teaching my current students, and a week and a half of exam invigilation before it's back to Canada! I'm baffled by time sometimes, as I assume everyone is, but teaching really passes by in the cliched blink of an eye. I guess it's because every day is so different, there are always a thousand things to plan, mark, and monitor; there are always students to encourage, console, and advise. The past two months have been filled with exam planning, department head wrap-up meetings, and school play preparation. The school play (The Wizard of Oz musical) had its grande opening and finale this past Wednesday and Thursday nights, and it was phenomenal! It was really cool to be a part of this production. My ... read more
View of 5 colour city at night
It's been mighty foggy here
Street barbeque

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian » Kaifaqu February 2nd 2010

It has been a long time since I wrote an entry here. Much has changed. For starters, I just saw Blindness (like I just-turned-off-the-DVD-player just saw it), this movie I'm sure most of you have heard of about a city whose inhabitants all suddenly become mysteriously blind, and then devolve into a Lord of the Flies-type scenario. I have found that I am very impressionable when it comes to movies, books, and music, and after watching 90 minutes of this depressingly realistic display of human fortitude and decrepitude, I was feeling a bit of resentment towards our species. Then I got a phone call from one of my Chinese coworkers, whose new policy as a whole is to take me out to eat Ma La Tang every chance they get for the next week. The reason ... read more

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian » Kaifaqu December 29th 2009

Been a long time, shouldn'ta left you without a witty and insightful blog post to step to Part One: Medieval Storks One of my coworkers James, is a 50-something-year-old man who is currently starting his fourth or fifth life here in China. He works at the downtown school, so I don't see him that often, but he's definitely a trip. He's been here in Dalian for about two years, and he has a Chinese wife. A few weeks ago, she gave birth to their first child (not James' first, but his first Chinese baby), and since this was the first time I have ever had a chance to celebrate the occasion of one of my friends having a baby, I decided to go down to the hospital after work on the day she was born. My ... read more

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian » Kaifaqu December 6th 2009

As I'm sure most of you folks back home are aware, Thanksgiving was last week. Here in China, obviously, it's not much of a holiday, but those of us teaching English to Chinese kids did our best to make it one. For us, Thursday is a work day, but thanks to the tireless organizing efforts of our resident Holiday Coordinator (teacher by day; my own term), we had a Thanksgiving feast nonetheless. The foreign staff all were required to make a dish; I was assigned the green beans (exactly 4 pounds of them, according to the email listing our school's feasting needs). We ate lunch here at the Kaifaqu school, with all of our staff, Chinese and American, including the people from downtown, which is like a 45-minute commute away. That and the somewhat dictatorial form ... read more

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian » Kaifaqu November 6th 2009

Yet again, it's been a while since I've written anything. Don't worry, loved ones, I'm not dead yet. I'm sorry to keep you from tales of my exploits, but you should take my delay to mean that I am growing more and more accustomed to everyday life here, so much so that I don't find many things significant enough to write home about. Or that I'm too busy to think about writing. Or that I'm just lazy. Take your pick. I've been getting more and more enveloped in work at the school, for better or worse. The better is that I am getting closer with my coworkers, who are actually all pretty nice people, Chinese or American. The worse is that I have less and less time to spend on exploring the intricacies of Chinese life ... read more
More food
Ma Jiang

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian » Kaifaqu October 21st 2009

I've been busy lately, but as opposed to the first month of utter chaos, I have managed to develop a daily schedule. I wake up and run in the morning, which due to the increasingly chilly weather has caused me to catch a cold. I have tutoring three days a week with a soft-spoken and very studious Chinese college student majoring in English. In my spare time I hang out at the local university basketball courts. I met a kid down there who, from what I can gather, spends more time playing basketball than going to class. I've been hanging out with him more and more, and he told me once (either in confession or, more likely, in the hope that I could offer him some assistance) that his dream is to go to America and ... read more

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian » Kaifaqu September 11th 2009

Part One: West This week was a big one for celebration here in Dalian. In addition to Freddy's birthday this Sunday, my roommate Tim had a birthday on Wednesday, which he happens to share with the G.M. of the Goodyear plant over here. So we went down to an expat bar in the city called Brooklyn, owned by a Chinese-American who can actually speak Chinese (my boss knows enough to get around, probably more than he lets on; like a lot of expats here, not speaking Chinese unless it's absolutely necessary is sort of a point of pride) and who takes pride in serving good Western food, a true rarity here unless you savor McDonald's (see below). The bar was populated by a bunch of 40-something Westerners and their 20-something Chinese wives. Not really; not all ... read more

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