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Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou » Taizhou University September 30th 2007

One of my great joys as a "Foreign Friend" at Taizhou Teachers College is when I am invited to rural schools in neighboring towns for a day-long visit, and I have the opportunity to interact with excited youngsters of all ages, who make their home on the campus. Such visits are usually made possible on weekends, and they provide me with unique opportunities to understand more clearly the system of education in China, and the expectations of students and teachers. The visits also become a unique resource and reference for my class-room instructions at TTC, since almost all of my college students are the future teachers of China. The visits also expose these young, rural, Chinese students, especially in the smaller towns and cities, to a Western faces, their culture, and their mannerisms. Unfortunately, few native ... read more
Our host and guides for the day.
A quiet lunch is served to honor us before our meeting with the students at the school.
We became a table of friends.

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou » Taizhou University September 21st 2007

The Campus of Taizhou Teachers College is once again busy with the hustle and bustle of academia and college life. Our upper-classmen have returned, each one year closer to their goal as future English-teachers in China, hoping to make the most of their remaining years, and salvage a satisfying career. (In China, teaching is not considered the most prestigious job by students or even society, and the enthusiam to become a teacher has serious limitations.) A thousand new Freshmen from all over the Eastern-Province of Jiangsu have also been registered at our small college. This new crop of anxious and timid first year college-students, whose first goal was not likely that of becoming an English teacher, have for the most part never had or seen a native English-teacher. Most probably they have never seen a Western ... read more
Mr. Xu, Taizhou Teachers College President is at hand to greet anxious fathers.
Campus "Sportorium"
Waiting for the arrival of our students.

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou » Taizhou University September 19th 2007

For those of you who actually look at the date on my blogs, you can rest assured that you haven't missed a heap of blogs! I'm back from my summer adventures and into my third week of my fourth teaching semester here at Taizhou Teachers College. It really is hard to believe I've been here for such a length of time and despite having a wonderful summer, it's really good to be back. I am especially relishing my own bathroom and not living out of a backpack! It's also great to catch up with friends, colleagues and students who all seem to have enjoyed their summer break immensely. Everyone seems relaxed, confident and full of energy, in marked contrast to earlier this year when facing the prospect of the Government Evaluation. At that time, everyone was ... read more
What a welcome
Chatting with a star
Student Hosts

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou » Taizhou University August 19th 2007

"Thank You" everyone for your kind response to the TravelBlog's technical difficulties. I am especially grateful to Jonathan Daniels, my former student at Coral Gables Sr. High School, who is completing his advanced studies at the University of Miami. He stayed up one night until 4 a.m. to recover all but two of the journal entries. Only entries #69 and #70 have not been found. Their photos are recovered, and I will add their text from my hard-copy. I can't thank Jonothan enough and I am envious of his computer skills. Jonothan, Thank You! for your assistance, and a Thank You for the positive suggestions from so many others. Reflecting on my stay in China for this past year has become easier, especially now that I am feeling better, recovering from a kidney infection. The many ... read more
Beijing hopes for blue skies.
The excitement in China is every-where and in every-one.
China and its Rivers

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou » Taizhou University June 21st 2007

Well, the end of yet another term! I have now been in China for three teaching semesters. In that time, I have had the pleasure to work with over 700 young people, all aspiring to achieve their potential in this incredibly competitive society. For most of them this was their last term of Oral English as next year they will be preparing to enter the workforce. I will be particularly sad to say “Goodbye” to my 05BE Business English class as they have been with me for the whole time I have been in China. They are a very hard-working class and have benefited from regular weekly English chats that they organized themselves in their very limited “free” time. I am very proud of their achievements over the last one and a half years and ... read more
05BE cake celebration
05BE cheers!
Paula wears the cake

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou » Taizhou University May 28th 2007

China's feeds one-fifth of the world's population, daily. Much of the economy of China, in the cities and in the villages, conspicuously depends on the food industry, struggling to supply the variety of tastes for the exotic or the more mondane. China has suffered much during its well-documented famines. They are still in the memories of my students' parents. But the variety, quantity, and the quality of foods that are consumed by the people around me at the college, and what I see when I travel throughout China leaves little doubt, that those struggling times are fading into China's history. Sadly, many of the young of China show a lack of awareness and appreciation for the hard times and sacrifices their parents only recently endured. I see them in the restaurants surrounded by mountains of ... read more
This dish will give me night-mares.
"Alle meine Enten...."
The head of the chicken is tied above the soup with wire.

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou » Taizhou University April 20th 2007

Summer is almost in full swing and we are struggling to catch our breaths in the acrid, smoke-filled air that is Taizhou during the annual burn off of wheat chaff from the summer harvest. Last week was particularly bad and several of my students had to go to the local hospital with eye problems. Everyone complains but no one seems to suggest to the farmers that there could be a better and more environmentally friendly method of disposal. This was the trigger to finally get me back to my blogging! It’s been over a month now since my last series of blogs describing my “winter” trip back to Oz for the first time in a year. This term has been action packed and I have managed to be more active in making better use of my ... read more
New Plum Trees in Blossom
Magnificent Magnolias
Azalias and Bonsai

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou » Taizhou University April 17th 2007

Most of China's massive (1.4 billion) population live in rural areas, in the country-side, and in small villages, where most are still dreaming about the prosperity, that might reach them one day, perhaps sooner?; while China's mega-cities continue to flourish and expand in amazing speed. Nine months have passed since arriving in China, and on my return visits to various large and small cities, there appear constant transformations, most noticable in their sky-lines. (Remember that 5 million inhabitants qualifies a town in the P.R.China to be recognized as a "medium" city.) Their city-centers begin to display a bouquet of glass, steel, and concrete structures in all shapes and colors. Unfortunately, these are also being erected exactly on the locals, where China's old and traditional neighborhoods simply vanish, almost overnight. I believe, many people will one day ... read more
Shanghai, Pudong District
The sunset reflects from Shanghai's glass-towers.
The ever-changing sky-line of Shanghai-Pudong.

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou » Taizhou University April 4th 2007

It's April at Taizhou Teachers College in Jiangsu Province of China, and spring is in the air. The sky is bluer, and the warmer days are more frequent and very pleasant. Campus life at our college is at fever pitch, especially since this is also the month, when our small teachers college is to receive its five year evaluation by the Education Dept. of Jiangsu. This most important report will present the success and short-comings of the college's academic performance to the city, to the province, and to China. Administrators, Department Chairs, Teachers, Support Staff, as well as the Students are totally committed to a successful outcome, and are working 12 hours a day and 7 days a week, attending to all of the details, making sure the college maintains its good standing as Taizhou's "premier" ... read more
Technology Building is in the back-ground.
Auditorium is almost hidden by the spring blossoms.
Pathway to the English teaching-building

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou » Taizhou University January 9th 2007

Please, permit me to dedicate this journal entry to my genteel, thoughtful, kindhearted, and courteous Chinese students of English, who have, each in their own way, contributed to making my stay here at Taizhou Teachers College a most rewarding experience. ::::::::::::: Few vocations in life are more edifying as that of a teacher, no matter the country. Though monetary and material benefits may be limited in the teaching profession, the joy and love which each day brings cannot be bought, even with gold and diamonds. This was true as a teacher in Revere/Boston, Mass. and Miami/Coral Gables, Fl. USA, and it has been no less a fact here in China, at Taizhou Teachers College in Jiangsu Province. My last six months, teaching at our small college-campus of 7,000 students, has rewarded me with a daily overdose ... read more
The dorm monitors wait to greet me.
The boys dorm monitors
Room for  five students

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