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April 20th 2007
Published: August 10th 2007
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Summer is almost in full swing and we are struggling to catch our breaths in the acrid, smoke-filled air that is Taizhou during the annual burn off of wheat chaff from the summer harvest. Last week was particularly bad and several of my students had to go to the local hospital with eye problems. Everyone complains but no one seems to suggest to the farmers that there could be a better and more environmentally friendly method of disposal. This was the trigger to finally get me back to my blogging!

It’s been over a month now since my last series of blogs describing my “winter” trip back to Oz for the first time in a year. This term has been action packed and I have managed to be more active in making better use of my weekends. After a serious case of “blog lag” it’s full steam ahead! So buckle up and come on the journey with me to the ancient city of Xi’an to experience more than just the Terracotta warriors; revisit Hangzhou in the springtime with a particular focus on the famous West Lake and the highlight of the journey, Xiahe in SW Gansu , home to the famous Labrang Monastery, second only in size to the Potala Palace in Lhasa.

Additional photos below
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Magnificent MagnoliasMagnificent Magnolias
Magnificent Magnolias

No, not us- the trees in the background!
My Favourite Spring Blossom!My Favourite Spring Blossom!
My Favourite Spring Blossom!

Stef with her pride and joy- her new electric scooter. Of course she was not content with it being plain black! She is definately more visible now, that's for sure!
Laundry DayLaundry Day
Laundry Day

With washing facilities being very limited (read, done by hand in a plastic basin)airing bedding, shoes and clothes is a practical solution for the "inbetween" times.
Spring CleaningSpring Cleaning
Spring Cleaning

Students organize themselves to do the general cleaning duties so as to keep their "living quarters" as pleasant as possible. With space being limited and others to consider,there is no room to be untidy or dirty.Many of them use little "homey" touches such as flowers, plants and posters to improve the "ambience". Periodic "competitions" are held to reward students who keep their dorms spic and span and add "creative" touches. Even the boys join in with gusto!
Window CleaningWindow Cleaning
Window Cleaning

With all the construction and renovations going on both on the campus and in it's immediate surrounds, a thorough wash down is warranted.
Out With The OldOut With The Old
Out With The Old

The statue ouside our auditorium in the process of receiving a new cladding of shiny black marble.
Hidden GemHidden Gem
Hidden Gem

Wandering around the grounds uncovered this little gem - an old shrine of some sort, I think. Hans had mentioned it's existance, so I went exploring. Sadly it has been very neglected with the brush around it very overgrown. A wander around this vicinity revealed an old wall and some charming buildings. A plan begins to form.....
The  New FaceThe  New Face
The New Face

The all "new" Gui Yuan Hotel.

4th June 2007

Training the farmers
G'day Treadie, By the sounds of the burn off the local farmers could try leaving the wheat chaff on the ground much like the "trash blanket" the cane farmers use here. I suppose a few thousand years of habit will be hard to change though. Seeya, Bushbasher
4th June 2007

Great to see you're out and about!
Interesting as ever Suzie! Thks for staying in touch in this way. x
4th June 2007

New Hotel Entrance!
Treddie, think I prefer the old hotel entrance to the new!!!! On On Flasher
4th June 2007

Treddie,Sorry we missed you when you were in Oz, we appreciate their isn't enough time to do everything on your hols. We both enjoy reading your blogs and like you find everything about China fascinating Speed-Dog
5th June 2007

Beautiful & interseting pictures
From your pictures,i find our college is beautiful.i had looked a lot of your traveling photoes, you are very happy in China . After graduation ,I expect to travel like you,if I have enough money!
6th June 2007

Aaaaaah beautiful spring
Treadie the drought has broken , it,s pouring rain here at the moment. thanks for the update and great photos.
12th March 2008

Aha, see Sue and Stef again! See my school again! I am very glad. My college get more and more beautiful. Miss you, my friends and classmates!

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