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Asia » China » Hebei » Qinhuangdao » Nandaihe July 30th 2012

So, we have been in China two weeks now! It has gone so fast! We know our way around a bit more now, and can even direct taxi drivers to and from school. We have learnt a bit of Chinese so we can say thank you, right, left, straight on, and no meat..! Today was our day off so last night after work we went out for tea with everyone to a BBQ place. We had sweet and sour tortillas, potato & vegetables and beer to wash it down! A few of the others were also off today so we decided that we would go out to play pool and have a few more drinks. We all went home to drop our bags off and get changed and met at the corner shop. We got into ... read more
The road where we live
The main road near the house
Normal shops!!!

Asia » China » Hebei » Qinhuangdao » Nandaihe July 22nd 2012

16/7/2012 After about 36 hours we are finally in the town we will be working, Qinhuangdao. The journey was long, boring and very tiring. The first plane was fun, the aeroplane was quite new and the "ICE" entertainment system kept us amused! Even the plane food was ok! Then we arrived in Dubai and had to wait 4 hours which was very boring, but we both fell asleep for about half an hour in the waiting room. The second flight left Dubai at 11AM Dubai time, and took 7 and a half hours. We both slept most of the way and I didn't eat anything as the food was horrible. We stayed for one night in a hotel in Beijing. I've included a picture of the toilet we were greeted with, but thankfully they had normal ... read more
Plane food!
On the plane steps in Dubai

Asia » China » Hebei » Qinhuangdao December 2nd 2010

Well this is definitely a trip that deserves a mention for a few reasons, the main one being the disastrous time we had trying to actually get to the right place. It’s going to be a long blog but Mum thought the whole thing was very amusing so thought I’d share it will you all. The story is a little outdated but as I was uploading the photos I thought I may aswell tell the whole story that accompaies the photos!! So we had a few days off and we decided to head to Qinhuangdao, another city that is close by to Tangshan. The main things that were drawing us here was that it was a coastal city and it also had the starting point of the great wall. So I had looked up a few ... read more
A man-made waterfall in the middle of the town!
It really was a pretty cool waterfall
So many people kept posing with this fan took me ages to get a picture without any chinese heads in it!

Asia » China » Hebei » Qinhuangdao August 26th 2010

The work retreat that really took me out of my comfort zone "In order to promote better communication and understanding among our workers, we are sending you on a roadtrip to the scenic area of Beidaihe for this year's 'Worker's Travel Retreat.'" Roughly translating, this was the notification we all received in the hotel computer system two weeks ago, after a couple weeks' anticipation and speculation as to where we would be headed. I admired the purpose of the retreat, and I thought I would save what little face I had by going, so long as I didn't do anything fool-hardy along the way. But truth be told, I didn't want to go. Not at all. Because, while I might make a few new friends and get to know my coworkers better, this was truly an ... read more
The Bus
Pier at Mazu Temple
Bubble fight!

Asia » China » Hebei » Qinhuangdao September 2nd 2009

We really haven't done any sightseeing the past 2 days and instead have been staying close with Lisa's family which means her mother, her grandmother and her son. This has meant that I am eating way too much and getting spoiled because seafood is so abundant in Qinhuangdao. I have also gotten some sleep the past few nights because we are staying at Lisa's grandmother's house who has a regular mattress and while it is extremely hard, it feels like a feather bed compared to the board that is known as a bed at her second uncle's house where we were staying. I simply couldn't sleep on that board and slept on the sofa the first night to be awoken by the construction that started at 6:00 in the morning. The following mother, her grandmother stayed ... read more
mother and me
grandmother's house
grandmothers house

Asia » China » Hebei » Qinhuangdao August 31st 2009

Some relative slack today so I am going to focus on what I have seen for living in China so far. I gather that most everything is condominium and that renters can rent from the owners and many will purchase condos and rent them as investments. I think this is historical because during many years of communist rules, there were few investment opportunities but as far as I can tell, communism doesn't exist in China any more. The highways are littered with billboards advertising so many different things (of all of the things that they had to copy from America, why did they have to copy this one?). Banks compete with each other and each bank seems to either represent a province or region or an employee group. I think the airlines now compete with each ... read more
looking down the street
construction on the other side
here's why I can't sleep

Asia » China » Hebei » Qinhuangdao August 30th 2009

I realize that 5 hours of sleep is not enough but this is far more than I have gotten in a week and I am feeling energized by this good fortune. We head out on the street to get breakfast and get some pork dumplings in a relatively clear, tasteless broth...well tasteless except for the cilantro which does make it interesting anyway. I didn't expect bagels and cream cheese anyway I guess. So we head over to the hotel for the engagement ceremony which was to start at 11:30 and I really don't have too much to say about it. It was a bit cheesy but I guess this is the way they celebrate an engagement and I get to meet much of her for her sister who didn't come from Beijing because her daughter ... read more
sign at the hotel
at the sign
I am told this is good luck

Asia » China » Hebei » Qinhuangdao August 29th 2009

Took about 3 hours to drive from Beijing to Qinhuangdao. Very lush green the whole way and just about the entire way is fully landscaped with trees and flowers and it is very impressive. I never knew China was so lush with greenery everywhere and perhaps most people don't notice but when you live in Phoenix, any lush green landscapes stand out. The city streets, whether Chengdu, Shangliu or Beijing have a wide variety of cars and there is a fair number of very little Chinese cars that obviously sell for much less than the type of cars sold in Europe and America and have to meet the western safety standards for collisions. On the highway from Beijing to Qinhuangdao it was entirely different. It became obvious to me that I was seeing a very large ... read more
4 generations

Asia » China » Hebei » Qinhuangdao September 25th 2008

This week I went back to my first city in China, QinHuangDao. A, by Chinese standards, small city east of Beijing on the Bohai Sea, which recently got known to foreigners for being one of the venues for the Beijing Olympics. Qinhuangdao, itself has not too much to offer, but it’s known for Beidaihe, the summer resort for important people and Shanhaiguan, the eastern end of the Great Wall. My good, old friend Danny got married with his lovely wife Emily, which was the reason for my visit. A visit back to good old memories, adventures, times and people, so that’s the reason I now start a little travel blog about Qinhuangdao... Where to start... I spent a little over a year in Qinhuangdao, and I must say I had a great year there, that went ... read more
Sky Ocean Builiding
The Great Wall
At the beach

Asia » China » Hebei » Qinhuangdao September 24th 2008

As usually, our little trip to Qinhuangdao didn't go very smoothly... Firstly, Kerstin had to wake me up in the middle of the night telling me she left her passport at school. Great! So after having exhausted our concierge's cell phone and the school's phone without getting a response, she decided to head over there herself. Fortunately, he did wake up and she managed to get her passport after all. Next morning, our flight to Beijing was leaving at 07:00. When we were standing at the check-in desk of Hainan airlines at 06:25 we were told to go over to the Air China desk. With sleep still rubbing out of our eyes, we did as we were told.. Ofcourse she told us in turn that we were flying on Hainan, so send us back... Here she ... read more
Upon leaving Hohhot Baita airport
Seaside houses
Almost there...

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