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Asia » China » Guizhou » Xijiang November 7th 2015

A six hours hike through the terraced rice fields, to the mountain pass, to the Miao village on the other valley. Without map, crossing just few chinese-only speaking people. With a picnic underway and a beer in the other village. A nice adventure, for the sights and for the human contacts despite the poor conversations.... read more

Asia » China » Guizhou » Xijiang November 6th 2015

Today, I must find out in what place the taxi dropped me last night. Furtunately I still found a bedroom at 2:00AM, and I had a good rest But what town is this? Also, I must clarify in what town the hotel I booked should be. It's all very confuse... Yes, I am definitely in China now ! !---! Gourd Home Hostal, Xijiang, 130Yuan.... read more

Asia » China » Guizhou » Xijiang August 1st 2014

This is my third and last day here in Xijiang and what I consider to be my final day of my China trip. Tomorrow I leave to Guiyang which is just a stopover on my way back to SFO. Two days here would have been more than adequate, but there wasn't really sufficient time for me to stop anywhere else in Guiyang. Travel times between towns are long and I'm somewhat traveled out. Too bad, since it would have been nice to get off the beaten track a bit...if there is anyplace off the beaten track left. Domestic tourism is growing fast, quickly changing towns that get on the tourist radar, like Xijiang. Still, there are quiet corners and interesting food to discover. Because I'm running out of time, I won't write about all this. Just ... read more
Glutinous Rice around Nuts and Sugar
Herding Pig

Asia » China » Guizhou » Xijiang July 30th 2014

Arriving here in Xijiang is like arriving at Disneyland. There's a 100 rmb ($16) admission fee to enter the town. There are little buses from the main admission gate to the Northern City Gate. There are souvenir shops and small eateries lining the streets. And there are crowds. China has discovered the economic value of tourism and is capitalizing on it in a big way. I understand that just 5 years ago this was a quiet, picturesque village where visitors would sometimes be greeted by Miao women dressed in their native costumes doing welcoming dances in the main square. Now, there are busloads of tourists, there's an outdoor theater with scheduled shows and a nighttime gala complete with a light show and fireworks, and there is one shop after another selling pretty much the same thing. ... read more
Why Can't We Just Get Along?
Hostel Dinner

Asia » China » Guizhou » Xijiang September 16th 2012

It is a good rest to spend several days in a quiet village without many tourists. Meanwhile, it is also a happy experience of enjoying a couple of days in a famous Miao village, which has good facilities and entertainments for tourists in the middle of August according to Chinese lunar calendar. Xijiang is the most famous village in Kaili area. I chose it as my first stop to get used to Miao’s life easier. Once your enter the main gate of the village, beautiful Miao girls will come to offer you a cup of traditional rice wine. It is sweet and nice. You even can’t feel the alcohol. But be careful, don’t drink too much, you will know its power afterwards. Various entertainments seemed to be hold all the time, from sunrise to sundown. Young ... read more
the village

Asia » China » Guizhou » Xijiang August 1st 2012

Hi All, Mmmmm. Didn't quite go to plan this trip. All went well up until I walked out of Xijiang. I got to Kaili without a hitch. I did have some trouble finding a hotel though. I walked around for an hour before I found one that would accept foreigners. The next day I was early for the bus to Xijiang and so I arrived in Xijiang at around 10 o'clock in the morning which was perfect. I had planned this trip for a while. The plan was to walk from Xijiang to Paiyang, about 2 or 3 days, but I could find no maps, only road maps and in Chinese, so I was always going to have to rely on someone pointing me in the right direction. I was armed with the name of Paiyang ... read more
Photo 12
Photo 14
Photo 2

Asia » China » Guizhou » Xijiang May 2nd 2012

After arriving back in Kaili after a disappointing night in Chong An I hopped straight on the bus bound for the Miao tourist town/village of Xijiang. The trip took about an hour passing some nice scenery along the way and then we were dropped off at the entrance gate at the top of the hill. I paid the $16 entry fee and joined about 100 Chinese tourists to have a look from the viewpoint over the town. The view was pretty good and after taking a few photos of the Chinese tourists dressed in traditional clothes I walked down the hill, across the river and eventually found a nice room in the main street above a candy shop for $11 a night. That night whilst I was having dinner at a cheap barbecue place I started ... read more
Xijiang - Chinese tourists

Asia » China » Guizhou » Xijiang April 24th 2012

Today was truly a special treat. As fate would have it, the Kaili Ethnic Minority Museum was closed for refurbishing. Leaving Kaili we headed into the mountains to visit the secluded 1,000 Family Miao Village. Access to the village required some real off roading, but fortunately we befriended a govt official who allowed us to drive through the villagers entrance to this magical place. If you ever visit China and could only see one place, I would choose this village. I could easily spend a week here, chilling out with the warm Miao villagers. The Miao women are known for their spectacular costumes and headdresses. Their houses and bridges were very intricate in design compared to the Baima, Naxi, Yi and Mosuo and Bai ethnic minorities we had encountered. And this village of just over 1,000 ... read more
Miao ladies
Miao bridge
1000 Miao Family Village

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