Photos from Gansu, China, Asia

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From sandstone to a thousand buddhas
Sandy shoes
Oh and That is the Crescent lake !
high above
outside Dunhuang
remains of the Great Wall
The Great Wall
Riding to the Mogao Caves
my road
getting closer to the Mogao Caves
the Mogao Caves
always going farther
alone and happy
the desert near the Caves
I was alone
quietness at Dunhuang
just behind the Caves
walking in the desert
Outside the Caves
Giant Buddha
June 2013
Mogao Caves in 1900
Mogao Caves
at the Mogao Caves
at the Mogao Caves
Mogao Caves in 1900
How the statues were made
inside the Mogao Caves
Riding in the desert to Dunhuang
this is what I see everyday, all the time...
outside Dunhuang
outside Dunhuang
sand + wind
on the way to Dunhuang
Follow me!
my road of the day
on the way to Dunhuang
on my way to Dunhuang
dinner at Guazhou
on the road to Guazhou
riding on the expressway
Cyclists from Liaoning Province
a truck carrying the sail of a windmill
windy area
sunny day on the road!
exploring and enjoying
there are kilometers of sandstone
As the bus didn't come fast enough I decided to walk.
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