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June 24th 2012
Published: June 25th 2012
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The Baby Monkey and Me.The Baby Monkey and Me.The Baby Monkey and Me.

He would not let go of my hair. These photos were taken professionally and there was a person the to make sure I did not get bitten. They gave him food while on me.
I am on the train now and it is luxury. We are traveling at 195km/hr. we have gone through some long tunnels as this is mountainous or very hilly. There are roomy comfortable seats and TV in Chinese, air conditioning, big windows.the set of two seats swivels completely around. The seats were facing two other passengers with a table between. A nice lady suggested we swivel the seats so I could see the view moving forward.
It is terribly hazy today, as usual. I don't know how they stand never seeing the sun or blue sky or clouds.There are lots of small patches of corn growing everywhere and rice and lotus plants by the railroad. The government owns all the land in China but the people can farm it. There is corn on the cob everywhere for sale. I haven't tried it yet.

Yesterday we got back to same hotel in Chengdu around 6 pm. I went to my favorite bakery, fruit stand , and coffee shop. Got a great cold cocoa with the best, thick cream placed on top. The Hotels: I stayed very nice ones. They seem to love mirrors as they are everywhere and always full length.
Chongquin Chongquin Chongquin

10 years ago there was not a building here and only a million bicycles. The people cannot believe how quickly their city has changed
They are on all sides of the elevators, the entire length of of the shower/bath, in the entranceway in the room and around the beds. There were even full size mirrors on both wallsin the public bathroom stalls next to the dining area.T

The breakfasts are incredible! They eat our supper meals. There are always around 15 large chafing dishes of vegetables, noodles, and meatdishes, duck, lots of fresh fruit, all the meats and eggs we have in the states for breakfast, lots of breads and Danish, cereals,THE BEST COFFEE,tea and juices(they seem to like plum).

They may have this in the states but new to me. When you enter the room you put your key in an electronic slot on the wall and that turns on the electricity, air conditioning and tv. That is how they conserve energy and y can't lose your key. They have gas masks in every room and directions for fire(I was on the 11th floor).

Then there are the bathrooms with mirrors everywhere. The odd thing at first was the location of the light over the sink. In all the hotels there is a small light over your head but not by the mirrors so you look like Dracula on Halloween while trying to put on your makeup. Then I realized that of all the Chinese women I have seen in the past two weeks, only one was wearing makeup. So they don't see the need to see your face that well.

I will try to include some pictures on this one. They each are a large file and take so long to download and often the server fails on me.

God bless you all. Sally

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In Emei MountainsIn Emei Mountains
In Emei Mountains

So beautiful. Hot and humid. Walked 2.5 hours to go in to see the monkeys and come out.
Tao Temple in Old Town Chongquin Tao Temple in Old Town Chongquin
Tao Temple in Old Town Chongquin

This lady was just married here and taking wedding pictures and posed with me.

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