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July 1st 2012
Published: July 8th 2012
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This may be My last entry. I have to give back my wifi device when I get to the airport.

Since we last met together I have cruised the Yangtze River, seeing the most famous gorges in the world and one of the biggest dams too. I met some wonderful people as we were on the boat for 3 days.

One of the few times I was sad on this trip ws when we were going to be seated for meals onboard. When I came in all the English speaking people were sitting at other tables. I asked if anyone at my table would be English speaking. The table seats ten and the five there were all Chinese. I had just been alone enough and felt bad that I wouldn't get to know anyone. Why do I not trust God.In came four people, 2 from the states. He is retired and a missionary to Africa, India and China.They were traveling with a young Chinese couple that were also Christian missionaries. God put me with just the people that I needed to be with. We ate all meals together and did some of the tours together. I did also get
Side trip on the Yangtze RiverSide trip on the Yangtze RiverSide trip on the Yangtze River

We were pulled along by ropes and men on the shore for awhile and then they got back in the boat and rowed. Same as done for hundreds of years.
to know some of the other westerners. One lady is in her 50's, a widow, a marathoner and a world traveler with a backpack. How about that for a good connection. Who knows if we don't hook up for some travel. Another young gal is a chef on the Islands off Africa. She was very nice.

Then it was on to Shanghai. That city is incredible. All neon lights and new buildings. Half of the city has been built from a field. Ten years ago and it looks like downtown New York City. I had so much fun walking at night on this bigs strip of pedestrian only street that was full of people and the most expensive shops in the world. It lead down to the river front which is called The Bund. It was an area inhabited by the French so the architecture is so different. On the water were multidecked boats all lit with colored neon and across the river was the newest part of the city built in 10 years. It includes a building with 90 stories and one with 101 and one in construction that will be 120 stories. All the buildings were lit.
Entertainment on the cruiseEntertainment on the cruiseEntertainment on the cruise

The staff entertained us and they were the nicest people.
There must have been 10,000 people there and it was 9:30pm. All were taking pictures. On the way back I see of all people 3 couples who had been on the cruise. They were retired and recognized me. I joined them for supper at a Pizza Hut. The menu was quite different but they did have some pizza and it tasted good even if a bit different.

The next day I asked the guide to not do the things that were planned as I was tired of museums and temples. So I pthe he and the guide extra and drove way out in the country to a town that has canals going through it. It is a very ancient city and we took a boat ride. I really enjoyed that. When we got back to Shanghai we went to a lovely restaurant in the French district.

The next day I flew out for Guilin. It is in the subtropics, very hot and a small city. It is all about tourism and 5 Presidents of the United States have stayed here, including Clinton and both Bushs. Their hotel was right next to mine. It is very beautiful. The are

Just before we got on the cruise ship. This girl had just gotten married at the Temple that I visited and was having photos taken.
three lakes in the middle of town with a walkway, trees that are lit with all the colors of the rainbow at night, and litup walking bridges. It is gorgeous. Ther are two huge Pagodas in the middle of one lake that are lit at night and fountains in the middle of the lake that go off with music and lights.

I visited some huge caves of stalagmite and stalactites all lit in beautiful colors. This was alsobound by a farmer in 1959. President Clinton was inside and one. Area was so large they had a big orchestra perform for him.

The big thing was the next day we went down the Li River on a cruise and had lunch on the boat. There were incredible mountains that rose out of the water all around us.

The last day was down time until my plane was to take off and I am not into down time. So I paid the guide and driver to take me to the mountains of the terraced rice fields? I was told they are one of the seven wonders of the world. It took 2.5hours to get there driving up into beautiful mountains inhabited by monkeys, wild boar, and even Bengal tigers.

My flight to Hong Kong I was on my own. The tour ended in Guilin. My flight was delayed 3hours so I didn't get into Hong Kong until 11:30pm and had to get to the city and my hotel by myself. With God's help I did. I had the next day and night to hang out and see the city and say goodbye to China. I saw the first day of the international competition of the Dragon Boat Races. The teams row to the pounding of drums in e front of the boat. I also just missed all the protests as the day I arrived was the anniversary -15years- of the handing over of Hong Kong to China from Britain. They were not happy about it. One of my guides from Chengdu ewrote mailed me to ask if I was ok when he saw it on the news.

Thank you all for following me on this great adventure. Your thoughts of me were a comfort. I thought about you reading this and I felt close to home. I can say that I felt God's protection and pleasure in showing me this beautiful and unique land.

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Dying for a BurgerDying for a Burger
Dying for a Burger

Made the guide find some American food for me.
The Bund District of ShanghaiThe Bund District of Shanghai
The Bund District of Shanghai

This was the French District and loaded with tourists at 10pm at night
Guilin City of TourismGuilin City of Tourism
Guilin City of Tourism

Five Presidents have visited this city
Terraced Rice FieldsTerraced Rice Fields
Terraced Rice Fields

I was told it is one of the 7wonders of the world. It was to me anyway.
A Dizzying HeightA Dizzying Height
A Dizzying Height

It is hard to express how narrow the trail and steep the drop off
Dragon Boat Festival Hong KongDragon Boat Festival Hong Kong
Dragon Boat Festival Hong Kong

I happened to be there for the first day of this. Groups from all over the world paddle to the sound of a drum up in front of the boat.
Hong Kong at NightHong Kong at Night
Hong Kong at Night

They put on a light show to music every night. It includes most of the buildings and strobes on top of the buildings.
Clock Tower on the WaterClock Tower on the Water
Clock Tower on the Water

Hong Kong in front of my hotel.
Famous Caves of GuilinFamous Caves of Guilin
Famous Caves of Guilin

These were discover by a farmer. Used by the local people to escape invading armies. They were kept a secret by the locals. One cave area was so large that an orchestra performed for President Clinton there.

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