Sally J's Guestbook

25th June 2012

Emei - WOW
Hi Sally, What an adventure. Emei looks stunning. God puts some of the most amazing things in far to reach places so they don't get ruined. Love you, Nancy
28th June 2012

Shanghai Now
Been on the river cruise and the Three Gorges and the big dam. Now in shanghai and it is the best! See you soon.
24th June 2012

Interesting Day
I really enjoyed the updates on your trip. You seem to have a very busy schedule. Has Ben been your guide for the full trip. Your pictures are fabulous as well as your information. Continue to enjoy each day to the fullest!
24th June 2012

New City-New Guide
Hi Marie and Bob, It took me awhile to figure out from your email address that it was you. Busy, yes, wonderful, yes. I am now sitting having a caramel macchiato in the largest city in the world, Chongquin- 33 million and it is as big as Denmark and Switzerland combined. Great to hear from you. Sally
22nd June 2012

Having Fun!
Boy, do I wish I was with you. What outstanding sights, buildings and animals that you have encountered on your trip. You must be feeling a little better. I am sure it take a while to adjust to the temperature and the elevation. So enjoy your blog!
23rd June 2012

Hi Marie
So glad you are getting the blog. Sme people are not and I don't know why. I am just learning about it and did not see anyone's comments until a day ago. Had an amazing day with the pandas. Love ya!
22nd June 2012

Hi there.
Sally, I finally have gotten your blogs. What an amazing trip/experience the Lord has blessed you with. As I look at your pictures and read your entries I feel like crying I'm so happy for you. This is truly a new beginning. I can't wait to hear all about your spiritual experiences. I'm sure God is showing you so much...........if nothing else His tremendous love for you. Blessings.
23rd June 2012

God is so good
Chris-am just figuring out this area of the blog site. Each day God is showing more of His love and grade for me.
21st June 2012

Sally, You are clearly on the most amazing journey! I can't believe you went looking for Yaks. However, you found so much more on the way and met some amazing people. Thank you for sharing your story with me. I can't wait to see more! Life is good! I am praying for you on your journeys! Amy

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