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Art teacher. Marathoner, 64, very active, 8 grandchildren.

Asia » China July 1st 2012

This may be My last entry. I have to give back my wifi device when I get to the airport. Since we last met together I have cruised the Yangtze River, seeing the most famous gorges in the world and one of the biggest dams too. I met some wonderful people as we were on the boat for 3 days. One of the few times I was sad on this trip ws when we were going to be seated for meals onboard. When I came in all the English speaking people were sitting at other tables. I asked if anyone at my table would be English speaking. The table seats ten and the five there were all Chinese. I had just been alone enough and felt bad that I wouldn't get to know anyone. Why do ... read more
Side trip on the Yangtze River
Entertainment on the cruise

Asia » China » Chongqing June 24th 2012

I am on the train now and it is luxury. We are traveling at 195km/hr. we have gone through some long tunnels as this is mountainous or very hilly. There are roomy comfortable seats and TV in Chinese, air conditioning, big windows.the set of two seats swivels completely around. The seats were facing two other passengers with a table between. A nice lady suggested we swivel the seats so I could see the view moving forward. It is terribly hazy today, as usual. I don't know how they stand never seeing the sun or blue sky or clouds.There are lots of small patches of corn growing everywhere and rice and lotus plants by the railroad. The government owns all the land in China but the people can farm it. There is corn on the cob everywhere ... read more
Chongquin From My Boat
In Emei Mountains

Asia » China June 23rd 2012

We drove about 2 hours yesterday outside of Chengdu to the city of Leshan and the Temple of the Giant Budha. On the way I saw many fields of rice, lotus flowers, corn on the cob corn( those were small areas like we would have in our backyard), grape vineyards and they we're covered with netting. When we got to Leshan, we went to the Giant Budha which is carved in the side of a mountain that is made of sandstone. There are 3 large rivers that converge in front of it. We first walked up the mountain to see it from above and then took a boat to see it from below. This is the story. Haitong, a monk in 700ad saw that many fisherman were being killed by flooding in the area so he ... read more
Giant Budha from the river
Great restaurant in Leshan
Muslim Style Temple

Asia » China June 21st 2012

I have to admit that the first time I was sad was being dropped off in this huge metropolis with not much to do at 2pm. I took a nap and then screwed up my courage to venture out on the streets of Chengdu. It almost never sees the sun as it is in a basin and the smog of pollution creates a permenant haze of gray. When we drove an hour away through the countryside it did not change. Anyway, I found a bakery coffee shop and a fruit stand to buy apricots and bananas. That was all I needed to lift my spirits. And I had no idea all that God had planned for me the next day. The next day: I almost missed feeding the baby panda. I truly can't believe it but ... read more
The band Extreme
Dufu Thatched Cottage

Asia » China » Tibet » Lhasa June 19th 2012

June 19: I am having an amazing time. I did not want to follow the plan for the day so the guide and driver took me on a quest for a yak. I was tired of the city and temples. We drove up into the mountains to see how the farmers and nomads lived. And God was so good. They said that the Yaks would be high in the mountains by now. But God... We found a herd and herdsman and walked right up and took pictures. Then on the way back a woman had a cow and I asked if I could take her picture and she invited me into her home and let me take pictures and gave my guide and I butter tea. It is black tea with milk and butter in it. ... read more
Home of Farmer in Mts. Of Tibet
Some Local Children on the Mountain

Asia » China » Tibet » Lhasa June 18th 2012

I mean that literally. By the time I got to my hotel from the airport I was dizzy and short of breath. I lay down at 5:15pm and didn't out of bed until 7:00am. This altitude sickness is really bad. About 10pm I called and asked for oxygen. They have a tank in each room. I had it in all night and still had the worst headache. And it wasn't just one part of the brain but all over at the same time . Many people get sick to their stomach too. Thankfully I didn't have that. At 5am I took Tylenol and made it through the day. Now for the day. It was amazing. First went to the Dali Llama's Summer Palace and then the big Palace. The Dali has been in exile since 1959. ... read more
Most Sacred Temple
Palace at Night
Jokhang Temple

Asia » China June 17th 2012

I am waiting in the Xian Airport and it is huge. My guide had never been in this area before. Much is new. There is constant construction going on everywhere, huge, high rise apartments. They look to be made of mostly cement on the outside and gray or tan. They are not adorned. And they are going upeverywhere. There are huge cranes on top of them. In the city there will be fancy hotels and behind or next to it very humble streets and shops. It is fascinating to look. This morning the power went out over the whole city and was still out when I left. It was getting hot in the hotel. They did have a generator so the elevators worked. But in the streets all the shops were dark except for an occasional ... read more
Wild Goose Pagoda

Asia » China June 15th 2012

Ithis is 8am and I am in the fanciest hotel I have ever seen. It is breakfast and they have some Amican food but it is mostly Asian dinn type food. I just can't eat teriyaki fish or chicken and noodles etc for breakfast. I did the first few days but went for French toast today. Thankfully this place has real syrup. In Beijing there was only honey for sweetener. Yesterday I did the Warriors, the 8th wonder of the world, discovered in 1974. Simply amazing! You can't wrap your mind around the immensity of it. The Chinese government has done a wonderful job of preserving and uncovering it and created the most beautiful buildings and setting for it. I then went to a tea place. Pictures included. I was able to sample a number of ... read more
Terra Cotta Warriors
Beautiful Tea Room

Asia » China » Beijing June 14th 2012

Pedestrians do not have right of way. Neither do cars. It is every man for himself. Mantra for drivers: "Good honk. Good brake. Good luck" Lane divisions are optional and mostly ignored. Driving thru the middle of one is preferred. Bricks and mortar are everywhere. There are small piles along sidewalks, in front of homes, in parks. Everything is made of bricks (sidewalks, homes, walls)and there seems to be a constant need for repair. Speaking of sidewalks, they are wide and have a section going down the middle that is an entirely a different pattern and color. It is for the blind. I was impressed. Diapers are not in use for toddlers. Their pants are slit open from front to back and their little bottoms exposed. Cute but whoa? And we thought that Canadian geese made ... read more
Buddhist Temple for the Dragon Lady
Longest Walkway in the world

Asia » China » Beijing » Beihai Park June 11th 2012

Here we go. I had an awesome breakfast at the Sun World Hotel. It is a buffet with many meat,rice , noodle and vegetable dishes. There are even strange little white round stuffed breads. Then there is the regular American fare which is excellent. I chose an amazing variety of mushrooms and truffles and a fried thing that looked like a miniature stalk of Chinese cabbage. Then they had a great custard. I really wish you all could taste this. Of course, there was the great tea also. I am off to theBeihai Park. It is within walking distance and I am on my own today as my tour Starts tomorrow. It used to be the Imperial gardens of a bunch of dynasties. Plus there is a museum. Then hit the shops andstreets. I am taking ... read more
Forbidden City
Tiannamen Square
Houhai Lake

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