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Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing June 29th 2007

We left Chengdu and travelled to Chongqing where the Yangtse cruise was to begin- stopping off first to Visit the Panda Sanctuary. This place is one of several in the world where this endangered specires can breed in captivity with a good success rate. Pandas are the most lasy animals I have ever seen except the cubs which like nothing more then casing the attendants trying to feed them around. We even come across the Mascot for the Bejong Olympics whom was breed at this very park. Later another 5 hour trip took us to Chonqing where we boarded our luxuary cruise down the river Yangtse.... read more

Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing November 28th 2006

Well we said a not too lengthy goodbye to a rather nippy Xi'an....and we did it in style! As suggested in the last blog we were to be heading out of there on seats.....or so we thought....we were fairly optimistic all things considered and arrived at our carriage with our faces registering pure shock, mingled with horror as well as complete (total and utter!) disbelief!!! It was like a sheep lorry! You know how they pack them on with knees in backs.....well that was the carriage we were facing.....only I think they are more humane to animals back home!! There were upto 5 people on 2 person seats, and people standing shoulder to shoulder in the aisles! When (and if) I get the photos up you can see for yourselves - this was NO joke! I ... read more
That had to get in there!
The view that greeted us........
Our adopted family and the 'hotpot'!

Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing November 28th 2006

I think Mike and I are improving as Chinese travellers because we haven't done anything stupid recently. Also more importantly we've mastered the art of chopsticks, meaning dinner is no longer torture - even the smallest slipperiest peanut isn't safe from our skilled pinchers. However Mike's over confidence has lead to a meal in his lap and plenty of rice in his beer. I don't think either of us will miss chopsticks, but MSG is another story! It's in everything which is why even though you eat Chinese everyday it's all you crave for dinner - well almost every night. After an eventful 24 hours on the loo the only thing I could stomach was fruit. My loo stop was well timed to say the least! During the day I should have been hiking down a ... read more
The "biggest" asian waterfall
Big Buda
3 gorges

Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing October 23rd 2006

Our flight arrived in Chongqing about 20 minutes early which was great as we hadn't anticipated being in bed until about 2am. The taxis are very efficiently organised at the airport and we just needed to tell an official where we were going, she wrote it down and passed it to the metered taxi driver. Seemed easy except our driver was a complete git. First of all, he drove to the petrol station and there was a big queue so we had to wait 10 minutes. We tried to have a go at him, telling him to switch off the meter, but he ignored us. We eventually left the petrol station and drove a little further when he pulled over on a deserted road. We wondered what was happening now, then he pulled out a laminated ... read more
Cruising down the Yangtze
Our shipmates!!!
Cruising Little Three Gorges

Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing October 8th 2006

Apres 5 jours d'acclimatation, nous sommes partis pour une croisiere de 3 jours sur le fleuve mythique de la Chine: le Yangse. Le but ultime est de traverser les gorges et de passer par l'imposant barrage. Plus de 40,000 personnes ont ete deplacees afin de realiser l'une des plus importante retenue d'eau d'Asie. Au mois d'octobre, le niveau de l'eau devrait monter de 35 metres. Les paysages etaient tres impressionnants et majestueux. Malheureusement, le temps etait souvent gris. La temperature avoisinait les 40 degres avec un vent a decorner les boeufs. Le rythme relaxe contrastait avec la frenesie de Hong Kong. Ca nous a permis de nous reposer avant la suite du voyage. Lors de ces 3 journees passees a bord nous avons fait quelques expeditions... L'une au marche, l'une a bord d'un bateau traditionnel qui ... read more
marche 2
marche 3

Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing August 22nd 2006

22/8 Vlucht Xi'an- Chongqing. Start Yangtze River Cruise 23/8 Fendu Ghost City 24/8 White King Town, First Gorge, lesser 3 gorges mini cruise 25/8 3 Gorges Dam 26/8 Bus Yichang naar Wuhan naar Guillin naar Yangshou... betere tijden! 27/8 Buddha Cave (modderbad), Olympic show, Calligrafie 28/8 Bamboo rafting en fietsen door rijstvelden 29/8 Boottocht Li River 30/8 Longsheng rice terraces... super 31/8 trein Guillin - Kunming (22 uur aan 35 graden) 1/9 Aankomst Kunming. Shilin stone forest 2/9 Bus Kunming - Dali Old City 3/9 Fietstocht rond helft van Erhai Lake, return in tuk-tuk. Super yakgoulash en Jackburger 4/9 Bergtocht met paarden. opnieuw goulash. 5/9 Bus naar Lijiang. Black Dragon Pool, zat met Italianen en Chinezen 6/9 Recover! 7/9 Bus naar Quiotau (?) start trek Tiger Leaping Gorg... read more
Three Gorges
Three Gorges

Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing April 7th 2006

Hi, I have just returned from a great cruise on the Yangtze river from Chongqing to Yichang for about 4 days. As I was proceeding east, the clear sky of the mountains of Sichuan and Yunan are replaced with hazy and polluted sky as east China is very industrial. As part of this massive industrialization, the Chinese are in the process of building a huge dam on the river that upon completion, in 2009, will be the biggest in the world. 5,000 thousands people are currently working in this project around the clock. The dam will cuase the river to be wider and higher so the 3 gorges will not be as high as before. This is why it was an opportuntity for me to see the 3 gorges before they are gone. The river has ... read more
A grey & gloomy city on the way
3 little gorges
3 little gorges

Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing March 29th 2006

Although we have no real plans and just figure out how long we are staying somewhere and where we are going to go based on the mood of the day, transport options etc, the Yangtze river "cruise" was something Andrew had been looking forward to since leaving home - hailed as a must see sight in the world. Well, dissappointed does not even come close. In fact a nice old scots man inspired our blog title when he was giving his video diary. After discussing the merits of scots rugby and the amazing festivities had in Murrayfield a coule of weeks ago (sorry could not resisit!) he stated quite accurately that our "cruise ship" name Zhang He translates to mean a pile of shit in English. For starters the cabin left somewhat to be desired. It ... read more
This house is soon to be under water
aaah pretty
little boats for little gorges

Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing October 15th 2005

So as you know we sailed down the yanzee river( 3rd biggest in the world), we wanted to go down to see the three gorges and the massive dam they're buliding. which, when finished, will raise the water level 175meters, engulfing the gorges, covering towns and cities and displacing over half a million people. (see, you learn stuff too). Me and seamy wanted to go in style, we decide to book 1st class for a few pound extra and let the common muck like niall and hood and raff languish in second class. we couldn't wait for a few days of relaxation, crusing down the river, lazing about the pool, sipping cocktails and sunbathing. Our bus took us to chongquing and we spend the day walking about very little as we were still very very sore ... read more
Really Gorgeous
Really really really Gorgeous
God damn big Damn

Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing September 13th 2005

Monday, September 12, 2005 Weather: Hazy in the morning but clearing later. Temps: Hot. The Century Sky sailed promptly at 7:00 a.m. on the busy Yangtze River. There is a lot of commercial traffic on this river and many other cruise ships. The Century Sky is by any measure the newest and nicest ship on the river. During the morning hours we cruised the river above the Gorges and had a running commentary on the Sun Deck from the Cruise Director, Mark. He is most knowledgeable about the river and provided some interesting observations about life in China along the waterways. As we sailed down the river we observed a cruise ship high on the rocks! It was reportedly the Galaxy 2 that had been carrying a group of German tourists and had foundered when the ... read more
Yangtze River
Galaxy 2
Galaxy 2

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