The Rivers are Alive, and So are the Graves

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January 3rd 2008
Published: August 19th 2008
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What I expected was to see a society totally different from Cambodian culture, known for their carved totems of deceased family members. What I got was an amazing river trip on a unique boat, views of Vietnam, a $1.50 ramen meal and also a glimpse at a Chinese village over 100 years old! It was hot, the river was cool. I bought a hat that barely fit my head. We were exhausted on the drive back to Ban Lung, as the sweltering heat, tropical sunshine and 120 decibell boat engines deafened us the entire way.

It was an amazing trip and a perfect way to end my time in Ratanakiri. With a few more years of tourist dollars, proper preservation of the forest and some more tourist promotion- Ratanakiri is poised to be the outdoor capital of Cambodia.

Lina, our amazing guide:
cell: 855 12 274 380


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19th August 2008

great shots!!
I am so envious! These shots are great! I can't wait to start traveling overseas next year - our little man will be old enough :) I need recommendations please :)
20th August 2008

Hi Steve! :) I'm so excited that these are finally out for all to see! I love the closeups of all the fascinating statues. I also love the photo of you on the boat with your guide and boat driver...who took that awesome photo?? ;-) Thanks for sharing with us!
20th August 2008

Those pictures look great i have never been to Cambodia but am definatly considering going there now.
30th August 2008

ha ha that was a funny one! wicked.. i have a sponsor child in cambodia who i so want to go and visit now!!
6th September 2008

Hi Steve! Great pics as usual! the more I look at your blogs on Cambodia, the more I think..well, that's it! Next trip got to be there! hahaha :-) Anyway Dec/ Jan is Monsoon everywhere else so that looks like the perfect destination!! and it is been on the list for way too long! Merci........

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