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Asia » Cambodia » East » Banlung December 13th 2017

My Hassle-Free Bus Ride Into Vietnam Travelling around Asia filled me with a deep appreciation for the rich and wide cultural diversity of each country; from Japan to Indonesia to Thailand. Prior to this I had gone further afield. Yes, the bustling streets of Tokyo, filled with neon lights and street side cafes, were inscribed in my mind. It'll be an injustice for me to forget about The Temple of Heaven in Beijing, or the beautiful landscape of Bali. Each one of these experiences have turned out to shape and re-mold my appreciation for these amazing cultures. However, one of these experiences stands out, and it was during a bus ride into Vietnam from Laos. I must say that this bus ride was quite eventful. In fact, it's the second most pleasant bus ride in my ... read more
Bus ride cambodia

Asia » Cambodia » East » Banlung December 2nd 2015

So after our crazy bus journey to Banlung, we arrived at the bus station, met with more craziness! Around 15 people surrounded us with pictures of guesthouses and offers of free tuk tuk rides to them, it was very overwhelming, in the end we decided to go with a girl as she was friendly and the only girl :) Her name was Reanska, we all hopped into a tuk tuk and headed for a guesthouse on the lake near the centre of town. As we drove along, we came across a motorbike accident, it had veered into a tuk tuk, the two guys were very young, at most they were in their early twenties. Reanska knew them and fainted when she seen all the blood, we learned later that her brother had been in an accident ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » East » Banlung September 21st 2015

I wrote up this blog entry in order to create some photographic inspiration for people to trek in Virachey National Park . First, treks to the Phnom Veal Thom Grasslands (formerly a 7-day adventure) can now be done in 6 days and for cheaper. Furthermore, Habitat ID'songoing camera-trapping survey has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Virachey is still home to abundant wildlife (see the pics below), including clouded leopards, elephants, two species of bears, gaur, rare primates, wild cats, and so, so much more. Virachey has the best preserved core area of any "protected area" in Cambodia, and your trekking fees go directly into the pockets of local porters and to the VNP office so that operations can be maintained. I want to make one thing crystal clear: PRIVATE TOUR OPE... read more
Haling Halang base camp
Mysterious carving
Terra incognita

Asia » Cambodia » East » Banlung April 22nd 2015

Ban Lung- Cambodia After a very bumpy ride from Kratie which included me vommiting bannana milk shake out of the window, we finally arrived in Ban Lung. Ban Lung isn't very big so we decided to walk into town for some dinner on our first evening. When we left it was still light but the walk back was dark and we ended up getting lost down some deserted roads. We quickly noticed lots of dogs sitting outside, guarding each of the houses. We started to walk a bit quicker but one by one they began approaching us and started barking. We tried to keep as calm as we could but the further we carried on the more dogs approached until we were surrounded by about six dogs. The dogs were behaving unpredictably and we were both ... read more
Ka Tieng Waterfall
Kinchaan Water fall

Asia » Cambodia » East » Banlung March 22nd 2014

I have been traveling to Northeast Cambodia for the past 5 winter breaks and so I thought I'd put down some of things that I have noticed that have changed, happened, etc. The main reason why I visit is to trek in Virachey National Park but of course I spend plenty of time outside the park in places like Ban Lung, in the villages north of the Sesan River (at the beginning and end of the treks), and in Kratie. I did one trip to Mondulkiri from Ban Lung riding on the dirt bike trail back in February 2010, and from what I've heard that once-wild road isn't the same, with a bridge of the Srepok River and with the Lomphat Wildlife Sanctuary severly trashed. I've never been to Stung Treng and I'm not sure I'll ... read more
village home near the Sesan River
Tok Mok

Asia » Cambodia » East » Banlung January 11th 2014

Bonjour. Les amis sont partis en trek pendant 2 jours. Moi j'étais partant pour une randonnée d'une journée mais pas de groupe à qui me joindre et tout seul ça me revenait trop cher. Je suis pas trop équipé pour crapahuter dans la jungle pendant plusieurs jours et pas trop motivé par la marche sous un soleil de plomb, au milieu des moustiques, des serpents et des sangsues. Pas trop motivé non plus pour dormir dans le hamac et manger du poisson au petit-déjeuner... Ça doit être une expérience intéressante et je pense que je ferai un trek avant de rentrer en France mais là, c'était pas trop le bon moment. En plus j'ai attrapé mal au dos et je me demande si je ne le doit pas justement aux quelques heures passées à flâner au ... read more
Tree Top Guesthouse
Tree Top Guesthouse

Asia » Cambodia » East » Banlung January 10th 2014

Salut. Comme le temps passe vite, Nous voilà déjà au Cambodge. Nous avons quitté le Laos ce matin avec beaucoup de regrets en nous disant qu'il faudra y revenir et nous avons passé la frontière Sans aucune difficulté. Nous avons entendu et lu beaucoup de choses sur le passage de cette frontière. Douaniers crapuleux à la recherche du moindre dollar. Ils font passer de fausses visites médicales, ils réclament un soit-disant papier bleu qui n'existe pas, ils vous proposent d'accélérer les démarches ou vous donnent de mauvais tarifs pour le visa, tout ça pour gagner quelques dollars. Alors on se prépare psychologiquement, Valérie met un décolleté (on ne sait jamais, à défaut d'amadouer les douaniers, ça pourra toujours faire diversion le temps qu'Alex et moi passions entre les mailles du filet) et à 8h on embarque ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » East » Banlung January 27th 2013

Hué (Vietnam) to Banlung (Cambodia): 17th - 27th Jan 2013 Distance covered so far (since 20 Dec): 2591.60 km (.... what is this the same as... go on... what do you think? have a look at our stats at the bottom of the page!) Following Mel's short-lived attempt at cutting Andy's hair with nail scissors, we headed out of Hué. Aware that our proposed route was marked on the map as the "Road without joy" (see photos), we were keen to knuckle down and do it quickly. What followed was some fairly hard-core cycling (to us, anyway.) We discovered that our map is useless - it has been the compass that we have used for navigation in an effort to remain off this main highway. Many roads marked on our map seem to have been put ... read more
Vietnam Central Highlands
MAP OF ROUTE - Stage 4
The Road without Joy

Asia » Cambodia » East » Banlung May 21st 2012

Does anybody remember that song? The one that the title refers to? A song from the Dead Kennedy's, but this was in the time of the Khmer Rouge, so it was a bit cynical to say the least. Anyway, just constantly have to think about this song as I travel around Cambodia. Now what about this holiday in Cambodia? First I managed to cross at the most corrupt of corrupt border crossings, not that I knew it at the time. I hadn't read up closely enough on border crossings, and only after somebody told me that what I had paid was thirty percent more than I should have paid, did I find out that I had been scammed. For a seasoned traveller I sure seem to make some stupid mistakes. Actually I blame the Lonely Planet, ... read more
Phnom Penh
Phnom Penh
Phnom Penh

Asia » Cambodia » East » Banlung May 10th 2012

Our journey from 4000 Islands started with an early morning boat ride to the mainland followed by a bus trip to the Laos/Cambodian border. We had heard that this border crossing could be a little difficult as it was common for immigration officials to demand ”fees” for stamping your passport and for other administrative tasks that are just part of their day job. At the time it seemed very important to ensure that we didn’t pay a dollar more than the official fee. However, in retrospect the small amounts of cash they were demanding were so insignificant they were barely worth thinking about especially taking into account that most Cambodian government employees only earn between $1-2 a day! Besides, this turned out to be the least of our frustrations that day. After a smooth border crossing ... read more

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