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January 4th 2008
Published: November 21st 2008
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A flight from Ban Lung in Ratanakiri Province to Sen Monoram in Mondulkiri Province, then on to Phnom Penh. total time was 1.5 hours! Impressive considering it takes 13 hours by bus. These are the aerial pictures from the flight. There's a lot of them, but I moved the best ones to the first page. Full disclosure, most have been cleaned up in Photoshop, it was very hazy that day. I included so many pictures with the hope that someone, somwhere will find them useful...

* NOTE *
-I've recently discovered the key to getting the best clarity out of posting pictures and panoramas to Travelblog is to keep the image size at the smallest dimensions permitted.

Example: Go to the last page od images and click on the last two pictures of the Wetlands. One is uploaded at 600 pixels max, the other is 1200 pixels max. Both are sharpened the same amount, but only one appears clear.
This is because The published web versions of travelblog images is 600x402 pixels, and if my picture I upload is 1800x1206 pixels (3x larger), Travelblog shrinks the image to maximize loading of the images on the web- but any color correction and sharpness in a large image is reduced when it shrinks. Thats why these images dont seem as sharp as they should, and other photos on travelblog as well.

Uploaded photos will display best when they are uploaded at the ideal dimensions. Something to think about!


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21st November 2008

Yay! I was waiting to see these! But I had also forgotten about them so it was a double treat :). They are awesome! I love seeing my current homeland from above ;) ...that was the coolest airplane gorgeous and fascinating!
26th November 2008

just beautiful
did you go again or is this the same trip?
27th November 2008

Same Same
Same trip, just 9 months delay in posting these pics! :(
25th November 2010
Vietnam: Nui Ba Den(Black Virgin) Mountain

spent 4 tours atop nui 1972
I spent 4 tours atop Sundog alpha as we placed and coordinated airstrikes in III corp and Cambodia and aided battle of An Loc with B-52 and Spec C130 gunship support.
8th April 2011
Vietnam: Nui Ba Den(Black Virgin) Mountain

588th Combat Eng.
I was at the base of the mountain with the 588th combat eng. Every night the 40's would fire on the mountain. I would think surely part of that mountain would be gone when day light came. Day light would come and it appeared nothing happened. Was med vac out June 1967, never got to go back.

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