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Asia » Cambodia » Central » Kampong Chhnang January 20th 2018

Day 3 starts with glorious sunshine and a peek over our balcony confirms our suspicions, the health-conscious Cambodians are pumping away on the outdoor gym across the road. No expensive membership subs required! Feeling very lazy, we make our morning coffee and watch them for a while, then get down to the serious business of planning a leisurely final day on PhNom Penh. Of necessity we will stop over again next weekend for one night when we travel from Sihanoukville in the South West, to Battambang in the North West of Cambodia, however unlike some Capital Cities this has not been an endurance test. The people are polite, the streets not too dirty, and the food outlets very good. Added to the fact that our Hotel Cozyna is on the major tourist strip, allows us easy ... read more
French style central Post Office
Paula at the Central Watt

Asia » Cambodia » Central » Kampong Chhnang January 19th 2018

As arranged, we met our driver 'Sock' at 0830 hrs for our day's sightseeing, we were all early! We started with a short trip to the train station to book our seats for Sunday's journey to Kampot. For once, at the price we expected, USD6 each. Then the more sobering stuff, a 20 minute drive to the former Suburban High School nicknamed S21- also known as the Tuel Sleng Genocide Museum that Pol Pot and the Angkor (Organization) turned into a horrific torture chamber. Somewhere between 12,000 and 22,000 innocent Cambodians were tortured and killed, infants and old. The drama of those times are well documented and anyone who does not know about these terrible deeds can easily Google the basic facts on line. We make no excuses for not taking photos this morning, to do ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » Central » Kampong Chhnang January 18th 2018

What an epic journey - After waking at our home in Cyprus 4am and being unable to get back to sleep, it was shower, tea and on the road by 5.10am. After various modes of transport I.e. Truck/shuttle coach/aeroplane and finally taxi, we reached our hotel exactly 31 hours later. Only 13 hours of this was on airline transportation. Arriving at Pnom Penh tired and a little Jet Lagged we were disappointed to find that the "Give a small man a uniform syndrome", is alive and thriving here. Having pre arranged our E-Visas we presented them at immigration only to be shouted at and told off for not filling in additional Landing cards/visas on arrival - our fault, but the abuse was galling. To add insult to injury when we re presented ourselves, Leo was also ... read more
Balcony view by night

Asia » Cambodia » Central » Kampong Chhnang January 18th 2018

After catching a much-needed night's sleep, we were woken by some lovely chanting melodic music, and when going out onto our balcony, the source was easily identifiable as a Yoga/Pilates style of morning exercise class. White, tunic-clad enthusiasts of all ages and gender getting their limbs lumbered on the riverside, in fact, the whole length of our visible vista showed a veritable outside gym, every type of machine in fervent use, and this at 6.30am with the sun barely risen. We almost felt the urge to join in ( only lasted a second though) and we settled to watch a perfect orange sunrise as the heat of the morning began to settle and whilst Leo slept , Paula drank coffee and enjoyed the morning bustle which is Sisowath. Today we plan to explore on foot, as ... read more
Exercise Class

Asia » Cambodia » Central » Kampong Chhnang January 10th 2018

Wednesday 10th January, typing from home, which happens to be Cyprus. Testing this blog in readiness for next week's journey into Central Asia. More soon.... read more

Asia » Cambodia » Central » Kampong Chhnang December 1st 2017

Setting out The prevailing perception is that people who make a living on their laptops are not confined to one place or one continent. That they can live the life of their dreams while at the same time cut down on their expenses; paying third world prices while earning first world income. All of these and more is true about digital nomads. But everything in life has a flip side. There are a couple of challenges that are associated with working with traveling, below are four of them; 1.Inadequate comfort: The comfort of the chair you sit and the height of the table you use plays a very important role in your productivity. If typically you can sit and work for 8hours in your home, sitting in your very comfortable chair and table, you may find ... read more
View from taxi in cambodia 1
Hotel bar cambodia 1

Asia » Cambodia » Central » Kampong Chhnang March 1st 2017

So, after a morning at the Genocide museum in Pnom Penh, we set off for our home stay. It was a 3 hour drive, the last hour on dirt roads that had huge ditches to negotiate. If we had been warned what to expect we would have coped better, but we arrived to find we were basically sleeping on the floor, under mosquito nets that had holes everywhere, one toilet (hole in floor) and one wash area, which was a big cistern of water and a jug. We walked up the track to a local wedding, I think we were being paraded round. Good job no one understood us, when Ken asked if the person in Red (the bride) was a chap in drag! After we were fed at the community centre (rice) we watched local ... read more
The bride and groom

Asia » Cambodia » Central » Kampong Chhnang July 12th 2014

Δρομο πηραμε, δρομο αφησαμε και στο λεωφορειο γνωρισαμε την κυρια Χενγκ. Δεν θα ηταν πανω απο 65, με την ομορφη δαντελενια μπλουζα της και ενα μαυρο φιογκακι καρφιτσωμενο. Αυτο ειναι πενθος μας ειπε, εχοντας φανερη την αναγκη επικοινωνιας. Καλη μου κυρια Χενγκ. Ηταν μια απο αυτες τις ιστοριες που διαβασαμε, και η οποια φαντασια μας ζωντανεψε με τα λογια της. 26 χρονια μετραναστης στην Αμερικη, και αυτο ευλογια μιας και σήμαινε οτι επιβιωσε την φρικη των Χμερ Ρουζ. Ηταν εκείνη, ο αντρας της και ... read more
Στον πύργο
Στην όχθη
Στο παιχνιδι

Asia » Cambodia » Central » Kampong Chhnang January 30th 2014

Hundreds of students formed two lines along the dusty pathway to the school and clapped as we paraded through. We were nervous and felt undeserving of such an ovation; they seemed eager and overjoyed. When our vans drove down that pathway for the last time, five days later, we did not want to leave. There was something special about that brief stay, something that led us to connect with complete strangers in unimaginable ways. Traveling to rural Cambodia with eleven schoolmates and a handful of teachers was no ordinary spring break. In the remove village of Pailin in Battanbang Provice, we share a life-altering journey. We visited Cambodia with a purpose: to teach at our "Sister School" we funded several years earlier, to connect the isolated village to the rest of the world through electricity and ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » Central » Kampong Chhnang January 27th 2013

I dag var dagen kommet for cruise på Mekong River. Vi startet dagen med avreise fra hotellet kl. 11:30, for å komme til båten måtte vi først lide oss gjennom en busstur på 4,5 timer.. Kjedelig! Det var et par stopper underveis, først en kjøpe drikke/tissepause og deretter en liten stopp på en gummiplantasje. På bussen snakket guiden om at det gjester fra Australia, England, Norge og Sverige. Jøss er det svensker her også sa Michael… Da måtte jeg svare som sant var at det nok mest sannsynlig var han det var snakk om..Michael er Svensk og innehar et Svensk pass… Og det stemte Svensken er Michael!! Vi kom oss endelig frem til vårt nye ”hjem”. Kom om bord og hadde fått oppgradert rom til øverste dekk . Til vår store forundring var vår bagasje allerede ... read more

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