Four Challenges Of Working While Traveling

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December 1st 2017
Published: December 1st 2017
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Setting out

The prevailing perception is that people who make a living on their laptops are not confined to one place or one continent. That they can live the life of their dreams while at the same time cut down on their expenses; paying third world prices while earning first world income. All of these and more is true about digital nomads. But everything in life has a flip side. There are a couple of challenges that are associated with working with traveling, below are four of them;

1.Inadequate comfort:

The comfort of the chair you sit and the height of the table you use plays a very important role in your productivity. If typically you can sit and work for 8hours in your home, sitting in your very comfortable chair and table, you may find it hard to work that long when traveling. This is because most hotels, particularly the cheap ones in third world countries, do not have such furnishing. The best you may find is a nightstand and perhaps just a table, not a proper office desk. You will end up having to work while lying on the bed or to search for a nearby restaurant that has Wi-Fi.

2. Language barrier:

This is one big challenge for digital nomads, particularly for those who are quite adventurous and would venture into countries where English is not the lingua franca. While in your home country, it is quite easy to take for granted the fact that you can walk across a street and talk with anyone about virtually anything.

The language barrier is one of the challenges of working while traveling as digital nomads may find it difficult to communicate effectively as regards what they want. The solution to this is to stick to larger towns where it is much easier to find people who speak English fluently.

3. Changing social scene:

Working on the road can get lonely at times, very lonely. There is no place truly like home, and despite your intense desire for globetrotting, a time would still come when you would miss home so much.

Also, with every stop, you get to meet new people, and despite how much fun you may have while drinking or partying, and the promise you made to keep in touch, you are more likely not to meet or hear from those people again. This can sometimes result in a feeling of emptiness.

4. Lack of connection and inspiration:

Inspiration brings about groundbreaking ideas, and being in the right environment can fuel such inspiration. The reason why similar businesses tend to inhabit specific location is to benefit from the inspiration that area offers. Such areas encourage faster learning and support teamwork.

For a digital nomad, except if your subject of interest is travel, sometimes you may feel cut off and will lack the inspiration needed for productivity

I will update this blog as I travel with the lessons I learn


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