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Asia » Burma » Western Burma » Thandwe April 13th 2013

This place was very basic but very charming . It is a place used by the Burmese as a resort and the small chalets were just about right for a couple , I was off course alone but it was the ideal size . The Burmese however used them to the fully capacity and it is amazing how many people you can fit into them thinkgs , I think 11 was the most I counted piling out of one chalet one morning ! I had a nice 2 days just exploring and enjoying the Bay of Bengal. I wanted to go diving but it was not possible due to some law and the only way to dive here was to go to Thailand and dive up to the Burmese border, sounded like to much like hard ... read more
Ferry terminal
The port

Asia » Burma » Western Burma » Thandwe April 11th 2013

This country is amazing , it really is the place that time forgot . Everywhere downtown are people sitting at tables with telephones with cables 10´s of meters long connecting them to the nearest telephone socket , people come along make a phone call and chuck a few coins in a tin then carry on , no cell phones here ( well there is one network for the extreme rich) and no telephone booths either . The vehicles are mostly all 30 years plus old and the pavements nearly non existent.No tall skyscrapers and no flashing neon lights.The men wear a sarong , which is like a wrap around skirt with Buddhist monks everywhere to be seen. Auntie S. took me for breakfast to her local favourite foodhall and we ate at 9 am a nice ... read more
Big famous lake
The M25

Asia » Burma » Western Burma » Thandwe October 23rd 2012

We flew into Thandwe airport, on October 8th. Peering out the window of the plane, we saw only water until just the moment before landing. We considered this good sign, and we were right. Ngapali beach is honey moon we’ve been waiting for. Psyched to be out of the big cities, but remaining in a strong Burmese culture has been fantastic. After settling into our beach chairs, at our $35/night non-resort, we promptly bought a coconut from the ladies on the beach (think ice cream man on the Jersey shore, but with fruit baskets on heads rather than carts). The women waited patiently as we drank our coconut water, and then chopped open our coconut for us so that we could enjoy the fruit inside. Having eaten fresh seafood every night, we decided to check out ... read more
Phil's new skirt
Water buffalo on the beach

Asia » Burma » Western Burma » Thandwe September 26th 2010

What the hell am I doing back here? This was my first thought as I walked through the front door of the Dhama Joti Vippasana Meditation center. There are hundreds of Vippasana centers all over the world and it all started from right here, in Burma(Myanmar). I attended my first hardcore Vippasana course back a year ago when I was in Nepal, and I barely made it out alive. Now, for some insane reason, I find myself walking into another Vippasana course. The only difference this time is that I’m walking into battle with my pops. Allow me to paint the picture of what this rigorous course looks like. Keep in mind that in no way am I exaggerating or complaining for if there is one thing that Vippasanna has taught me, it’s to observe reality ... read more
Meditation Hall
day 1!

Asia » Burma » Western Burma » Thandwe April 3rd 2007

servas zusammen! vielen dank fuer eure eintraege. sabine ist wie immer gut drauf und freut sich von den eiweisserlebnissen zu hoeren (dazu spaeter!) und vielen dank an hannes. die ueberzeugung mit einer mio. (ohne arbeit) zurechtzukommen, ist hier sicherlich moeglich bzw. auch bei uns. man(n) muss sich halt zusammenreissen und es geht sicherlich. birgit meint, sie koennte es. wir diskutieren noch. vielen dank fuers auto. so: marcus mochte bzw. muss festhalten, vor allem fuer die alten italiener anhaenger, voooooor allem die schw... juve anhaenger, heute ist bayern tag. der tag der piefkes. heute werden wir den italienern den a... versohlen. (fips, ich hoffe, diesmal hast auf bayern gewettet, sonst ist die kohle fort!!!) ist fips endlich vater? karinsche wohl auf? gehts euch gut? endlich ein kleiner scheisser im hause thummer? was ists denn? egal, hauptsach gsund ... read more

Asia » Burma » Western Burma » Thandwe March 31st 2007

servas mitanand, servas die wadln! am freitag dem 30. maerz hatten wir unseren letzten tag bzw. unseren letzten sonnenuntergang bzw. unseren ersten sonnenaufgang in bagan. um 05.30 uhr sind wir richtung pagode aufgebrochen. dort angekommen sind wir gleich die dunklen und wirklich kleinen treppen in der pagode hinaufgestiegen. dank neuer technik, sprich stirnlampen, ist uns nichts passiert. so, jetzt zum eigentlichen: von oben hatten wir einen sensationellen ausblick. die sonne kam erst ein wenig spaet, aber sie kam. erst mit sozusagen vorwehen nur ein wenig rot, dann leicht terracotta farben im himmel mit leichten woelkchen zu sehen und dann als kroenung stiegen noch die heissluftballons auf und dann war sie da. sozusagen ein geschmeidisches ding am morgen. dauert laenger wie abends und ist auch schoener. man(n) merkt richtig, wie sie sich mit kraft vollsaugt und dann ... read more

Asia » Burma » Western Burma » Thandwe February 7th 2007

Ngapali Beach was the last stop in my Myanmar tour. Rumored to be named by an Italian explorer after his home town, this beach is a popular Myanmar attraction and it's easy to see why. After about 2 weeks of travel here in Myanmar I didn't realize how ready I was for some rest and relaxation, and a little luxury, so it was a real treat. Luxury in this case meant an incredible beach with little need to go anywhere. The food was plentiful and good and the accomodation private and comfy. My days were spent going for runs in the morning, swimming in the warm waters, playing frisbee, or visiting the fishing village down the beach. I was still traveling with the two Germans and one Swiss I met in Mrauk-U. Other than me, ... read more
Crab Tracks
Ngapali Beach
Nature's Abstraction

Asia » Burma » Western Burma » Thandwe December 7th 2006

Ngwe Saung We had read about the unspoilt deserted beaches which lined the east coast of Myanmar. For once we were not disappointed with hardly any other tourists there we had this lovely pristine beach to ourselves and the loan gun boat anchored out in the ocean. There’s very little to do here and we spent four very relaxing days soaking up the rays. This has to be one of my favourite beaches. It is definitely an ideal place to sit and do nothing - something which I'm becoming very good at! The town itself is charming in a small off the beaten track sort of way, full of curious friendly locals. There are a handful of family run restaurants which for the first time in Myanmar served up some great local seafood. We still managed ... read more

Asia » Burma » Western Burma » Thandwe January 7th 2006

It is said that one can only know one extreme once she has known its opposite; such as sorrow carving out a space in your heart so that you may also know love more deeply. And so it goes with life on the road as well, for the plucking of a travel pearl increases in value with every tight-lipped sea creature you have to battle in pursuit of it. Since the buses only run at night, getting from Bagan to Ngapali Beach overland is a two and a half day journey via Pyay. In theory, each journey takes about 10 hours, although Burmese transportation systems seem to be designed to test the Burmese virtue of ah har de (not losing one's temper or causing a commotion over your discontent) by understating the journey's length by a ... read more
Sunset on Ngapali Beach
Giant Buddha
Best method of carrying firewood

Asia » Burma » Western Burma » Thandwe November 12th 2005

The arctic zephyr plays sweetly across my hot and clammy skin, momentarily transporting me from hot and dusty Mandalay to a cooling mountain meadow. I stand in bliss as the air conditioner artificially aids my body’s sweaty-messy attempts at natural temperature regulation. We’d arrived in the late afternoon after a day’s travelling down from the cooling hills into the steamy plains. Then after only a short AC fix we reentered the furnace, the body once again preparing for battle as beads of sweat appeared almost instantaneously and quickly formed a defensive layer of moisture. After commandeering a cycle rickshaw we were on our way around the Royal Palace’s 4sq. km moat, to catch the sunset atop Mandalay Hill. At the foot of the hill we shed our shoes and began frantically dashing up the 700 plus ... read more
Fishing on Ngapali Beach
Bagan at dawn
U Bien Bridge (the cliche shot)

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