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Asia » Burma » Eastern Burma » Tachileik January 3rd 2018

Crossing the border from Thailand into Myanmar (Burma) was always going to feel like something of an adventure. The reality was an easy and generally swift process, with no real problems at all. We got to the Mai Sai bridge in the morning which we highly recommend as in the afternoon the queues can be quite lengthy. Leaving Thailand was just a case of getting our passports stamped. Then we dwelled a little reading the customs notices. Why can't you take more than TWO decks of cards into the country? Anyway, we then worried if our e-visas would be accepted at this entry point to Myanmar as the whole system is still quite new. Getting the e-visas was easy. Just follow the instructions on the government website, pay your money and wait for your application to ... read more

Asia » Burma » Eastern Burma » Tachileik May 8th 2015

So, we arrived at the border with no idea what to expect or what to do. Everyone else seemed to know entirely what was going on, except the small queue of farangs at the Customs hut. We didn't have the departure card from our landing card so we had to pay the man 100 baht for him to photocopy a new one (I'm sure he could have charged us more, but I'm also sure he didn't need to charge us at all). Once that was sorted we were allowed to cross the bridge. Interesting thing, so in Thailand you drive on the left but in Myanmar you drive on the right. Also, when leaving Thailand you walk on the left hand side, but the Myanmar 'IN' is on the right. This means that everyone has to ... read more

Asia » Burma » Eastern Burma » Tachileik November 13th 2013

Caught a public bus from Chiang Rai bus station- so small no room to squeeze my legs in so had to sit sideways on the seat. Fare was a mere 39 baht for the hour and a half journey to Mai Sai. On arrival at the bus station there we all had to get a songthaew to the border costing another 15baht. 19 people plus 3 sacks of produce were crammed into that van- good job it was nonly a few kms and I hung onto the back outside, Filled in a departure card at immigration and then stood in an almost non-moving queue as both the people in front of me had overstayed their Thai visa so had to fill in paperwork and pay fines. When it was my turn I was stamped out with ... read more
chinese temple

Asia » Burma » Eastern Burma » Tachileik March 18th 2012

Patience and a healthy body r needed to move from one place to the next. I'm still having trouble with both. The fuse i didn't have anymore has grown back nowadays to a very very short one...m really working on getting it extended and thus being by myself again without a social life feels tremendously good. As for my body, the pressure during my two flights to Chiang Mai made my bruised ribs feel like they were being punched like a boxingbag ... a thai one no less with kicks and all... as i have a tendecy to not wanna mingle nor wanna be in touristy areas i had booked at the Pingthara, a little riverhotel a few km outside the center of Chiang Mai ... i was picked up from the airport by the sister ... read more
waking up in Chiang Mai
buddha's tube cushion
even buddha needs 2 b protected...

Asia » Burma » Eastern Burma » Tachileik August 21st 2011

Frig. I keep writing blog entries and they keep not saving, so when I come back to finish them they aren't there. Last Thursday the volunteers ( minus Natasha) hopped on a bus for 6 hours to travel to Chiang Mai, the biggest city in the northern part of Thailand. Then we waited an hour to jump on another 3 and a half hour bus to travel up to Chaing Rai. Heres the thing, all of us have tourist visas, but they are only good for 2 months, and then you have to renew them. In order to renew your visa and get another two months worth you have to leave the country, and then re-enter. This is where things get fun. Chiang Rai is not our final destination, but a stop over for the rest ... read more
there ish
still there

Asia » Burma » Eastern Burma » Tachileik July 16th 2011

We left Chiang Mai by a nice tourist bus and headed to Chiang Rai (note: Chiang Mai is pronounced Chee ang May and Chiang Rai is pronounced Chee ang Rye). The bus station in Chiang Rai is near the guesthouses, but do you think we could find any of them? We walked around for almost two hours, with our heavy packs, but NOTHING. I was even reading the map (as it turns out, upside down). Eventually we found the backpackers area, and wouldn't you know it, we were on that same street further down, and beside it, and next to it ... just not on the right part of it! All was well - we found a nice guest house with a cute orange tabby named Leo, (named after Leo Beer - which made Peter like ... read more
Replica of the Emerald Buddha
Downtown Chiang Rai
On the River Mae Sai

Asia » Burma » Eastern Burma » Tachileik December 6th 2009

From Sukhothai, I take the bus to Chiang Mai, Thailand's second city. I end up doing a whole bunch of nothing there, despite or maybe precisely because of the broad variety of hedonist activities on offer. You can do river cruises, trekking to minority villages, rock climbing, white-water rafting, abseiling, mountain biking, meditation and massage courses, cooking classes and visit elephant sanctuaries. I feel intimidated by the choices and the multitudes of travellers, backpackers, flashpackers, tourists and luxury seekers taking advantage of them. I spend a few days in the city mainly exchanging money, going to the night market and planning my onward trip, before evacuating myself to Chiang Rai. My host FĂ©lix, a Quebecois, warns me not to take the tourist bus. "When they see your farang face at the bus station, they'll want to ... read more
Thai food
Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

Asia » Burma » Eastern Burma » Tachileik July 30th 2008

Our first night in Thailand was unremarkable, except we noticed a lot more smiles and a much nicer attitude towards foreigners in the north than we did in Bangkok. The following morning, a few buses later, we found ourselves in Mae Sai facing the border with Myanmar and decided it was worth popping over to Tachileik for a look around. Interesting Day Trip 'Pop' over is all you are actually allowed to do. The military government, ever so graciously permits tourists a one day pass from this border, as long as you hand over a crisp $10 bill each of course. (If you don't have dollars they charge you 500 Bhat which is more like $15 so try to take dollars). The government is so worried you might overstay your welcome, or stray past the limits ... read more
Custard Noodles
The Red Threat
Shwedagon Paya

Asia » Burma » Eastern Burma » Tachileik April 25th 2008

Hello Everyone from Burma/Myanmar! Haha yes thats right we are not in Thailand well not for the next hour or 2 anyway, were in Tachileik in far north eastern Myanmar! We are on our way from Northern Thailand to the Laos border at Chang Kong so we thought it would be amusing to go to Mae Sai and cross the border to Burma for an afternoon! Yes we are sad but it has been quite amusing and a visa for Myanmar only costs 10 dollars. We thought that it would be pretty much the same, as we are about 100 yds from our hotel in Thailand on the other side of the river! But to be honest its really different, its like a weird 50/50 mix of India and Thailand waaaaay more beggars and touts than ... read more
Burma Sidestreet
Main roundabout where traffic switches!

Asia » Burma » Eastern Burma » Tachileik April 22nd 2008

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