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August 27th 2017
Published: September 10th 2017
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After an amazing experience lead by the Travel Camel, it was time for another adventure…..this time just in the exclusive company of Dancing Dave and Denise. We’d decided long ago that after spending a couple of weeks in the wonderfully beautiful but rustic environs of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan that a jaunt to a nearby nation was in order to try and shake off the dust and take a good look arou... Read Full Entry

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Frescos in churchFrescos in church
Frescos in church

Christian Country
Noravank MonasteryNoravank Monastery
Noravank Monastery

Small steps to the top

And were they good!!
Typical Armenia saladTypical Armenia salad
Typical Armenia salad

A variety of salads served at each meal. Generally three or four.
Lamb dishLamb dish
Lamb dish

Tender and flavorful. Great use of spice
Lake SevanLake Sevan
Lake Sevan

Beautiful lakes in Armenia
Fountain at Republic SquareFountain at Republic Square
Fountain at Republic Square

During the day....sedate
Pot full of DolmasPot full of Dolmas
Pot full of Dolmas

These were actually cabbage rolls
Sinful Cabbage RollsSinful Cabbage Rolls
Sinful Cabbage Rolls

Taste buds are dancing!
Sinful desertsSinful deserts
Sinful deserts

Layers of happiness
Large variety of saladsLarge variety of salads
Large variety of salads

Three or four salads served at each meal
Amazing fresh breadsAmazing fresh breads
Amazing fresh breads

Lovely flat breads and more
Awesome foodAwesome food
Awesome food

And lots of it!

The Singing Fountain
Great show at nightGreat show at night
Great show at night

Beautiful music and dancing water
Matenadaran Manuscript MuseumMatenadaran Manuscript Museum
Matenadaran Manuscript Museum

Ancient Herbal Medicine

10th September 2017

Armenia visit
I led a Habitat for Humanity trip here a few years ago and went to a few of the same places. If you are still there and have the time, it is worthwhile to take a minibus to Georgia- make sure to visit the Joseph Stalin Museum
11th September 2017

Armenia visit
It was a good trip. We are in Italy now and decided to save Georgia for a future trip. Thank you for reading and commenting.
11th September 2017

Armenia - a hisotry not that rosy
Hi David and MJ, Thank you for presenting another great blog. I was not aware about the genocide part of Armenia, _ my ignorance. Facing such a hostility around them, it's no wonder they are so determined a race and proud of their history. I used to have a colleague from Armenia. I could easily observe such a resolve in him. Nagorno-Karabakh is an interesting subject for political researchers. I still remember the 1991 referendum for independence of Nagorno -Karabakh after the fall of Soviet Union and the ethnic conflict that followed that. sure it has not been a cake-walk for the Nation for many years.
11th September 2017

Armenia-a history not that rosy
It is an interesting country to visit. So much to learn about these people. A hard past but resilient. Glad your friend demonstrated these qualities. Always interesting how history helps form us.
11th September 2017

Man oh man the food was good. Trim & terrific from staple foods in Tajikistan just had to do some catching up in Armenia...starting each meal with goodies wrapped in lavash...boy do I miss that. Then there are the memories...of Armenia's extraordinary history...of amazing adventures...amazing company...Denise & I miss you guys. Until next time!
12th September 2017

Each morsel was good and always made better wrapping it in Lavash. It was an adventure and glad we shared it with both of you. Thanks for reading and commenting. Chat soon.
12th September 2017
Zvartnots, Armenia

I was in Armenia in the mid 90-ies
Back in the mid 90-ies I visited Armenia for two weeks. It was in mid winter so you might say that my experience was unusual. When I read your blog entry many memories return and I now feel that it would be pretty cool to go back there again now 20 years later and first see the country in summer and second to see how it has changed and third to see all the places I missed mostly because I had no guide book and there was no Google to ask for "Things to see in Armenia". Thanks for bringing back memories. /Ake
12th September 2017
Zvartnots, Armenia

Back in the 90's
I think it would be cool if you wrote the first part of your blog from memory... giving your impressions of what you remember. Put it on paper before you go and then reflect on the changes you see and if your impressions changes. That could be a very interesting adventure. I'm not sure how much has changed. Yerevan is more than likely where the big changes have occurred. MJ
12th September 2017
Zvartnots, Armenia

Maybe I could make one retro and one new blog...
I have photos and a journal from my travels in the 90-ies. I guess I could create a decent blog based on them. after that I could go to Armenia take new photos and make a blog using them. It sounds interesting. Finding the time to do it is another story though. The only time I have done anything similar to that was when I went to Bosnia a couple of years ago. I have a few Before and After-pictures there. See blog number 513363. I have two more of those Befoe and After-photos in blog number 513371 (about Mostar). /Ake
12th September 2017
Zvartnots, Armenia

One retro and one new
Great idea! I would love to read both of those blogs so I hope you end up doing this. Love to hear your impressions from the 90's. I really doubt much has changed. I hope you can make the time. I will go back and read your Bosnia blogs. Sounds interesting.
16th September 2017

So much to take in. Would love to see the fountains-a mix of water, lights & music is a big winner. Structure & scenery captivating. Those grape leaves made me drool! And your tradition of candle lightning for Mom, well, tears for that- touched my heart!
16th September 2017

We get educated on all our travels but Armenia provided more than we were expecting. There is so much to know and understand about the world and relationships between people. Dave lights candles for your mother in some amazing settings. The dancing waters were fun.
16th September 2017

"Don't mention the Armenians"
I visited Ani while in East Turkey...a ghost town ruin of an old Armenian city. Now cashed in by Turkey as an historical site. But...I could not find reference to "Armenia " at all on the printed explanation boards. Hm...denial extraordinaire no? Informative blog...thanks :)
16th September 2017

Don't mention the Armenians
Denial extraordinare is a simple way to explain it. Sad the complicated histories these countries have with each other. Thanks for reading and commenting.
17th September 2017

Great blog as always - Armenia is certainly a country I would like to visit at some point, it sounds indeed like an undiscovered gem. I'm amazed at how many places you were able to visit whilst there, and what fascinating and beautiful sights there are. Your food descriptions are also very enticing :)
17th September 2017

Armenia really is an undiscovered travel destination. A country struggling financially. If they could harness tourism they could improve things. Many of the sites are long distances a part. I don't think they will make drastic changes over night but you'll want to go in the next few years before more people start going. The museums and Unesco sites are amazing. MJ
23rd September 2017

This has been quite the trip Binkleys! I just finished reading your "Stan" blogs and found you had jetted off to Italy and now Armenia. Very interesting place. It's never been on my radar, until now.
24th September 2017

This has been an interesting collection of countries to visit. Armenia has so much to offer. Really far more interesting than we ever expected. A history of struggles and yet they continue on with pride. You'll have to give it some consideration. Thanks for following along.
25th September 2017
Sinful Cabbage Rolls

Sinful Cabbage Rolls
There's no such thing! All the food here looks amazing. Love the sound of Armenia and those small caucasus nations. I love the former Soviet Union nations and their turbulent past... Keep these blogs coming.
26th September 2017
Sinful Cabbage Rolls

Sinful Cabbage Rolls
Armenia is moving up on the food scene. These...well ... just amazing. Yes these nations come from a turbulent past. The Armenians were nearly wiped out. Sad times. Thanks again for commenting.
4th October 2017

I've always been curious about visiting Armenia. After reading your blog I really hope to visit someday. Thank you for such an informative blog. I feel like I've been educated from your travel experiences :)
5th October 2017

Armenia is worth a visit. I hope you'll add it to your list. It has a sad history. Yerevan is a nice city.
29th October 2017

Hello Again
Hey there, writing you again from Mexico, keep up the great coverage of your travels, I love it! When I read the part about the beekeepers, it reminded me of when I lived in New Zealand and worked on an organic farm with a beekeeper who made pure manuka honey. People literally travel from other parts of the world to buy these $80 jars of honey. And it is pretty amazing, although I'm not much of a honey enthusiast haha. I remember a guy from Japan who dropped about $500 on manuka honey because you can only find it in NZ. Manuka trees are native to NZ and only grow there. I plan to upload some entries soon, if you get a chance, check them out :)
6th January 2018

About the only benefit of the crappy weather you guys have dished up for our US visit is that it has given me lots of time indoors to read travel blogs. I thoroughly enjoyed trading yours and your ‘dancing’ namesake’s narratives and pics on Armenia, as I have a trip planned to the Caucasus this June. I will take it as a challenge if I can pen as interesting a description when that time comes.
6th January 2018

Glad you enjoyed the blogs ... certainly the U.S. thought you needed some additional reading time and served you up some interesting weather. Looking forward to reading your Caucasus blogs.

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