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Africa » Zimbabwe » Bulawayo June 6th 2019

So about half of us got up to head to breakfast before our day's Rhino Trek at Matobo National Park. The service was quite slow (though food still good), so we had to rush back to the hostel to wait for our ride. And who turned out to be our guide? Jordan!!! He was back to fill our heads with more information and give us a good time. So, we piled into the truck, this time I sat in the middle since I had claimed an edge on the last time, but I sat in back (I liked being able to stand, better views and more comfortable and adventurous!). Jordan said it was a half hour ride, but at around half an hour I wondered if that was "African time" - it was not too far ... read more
Matobo National Park
Matobo National Park
Matobo National Park

Africa » Zimbabwe » Bulawayo July 30th 2017

Prior to our trip, it was difficult to find timely information online about traveling in Zimbabwe, as of the summer of 2017. Once on the road, we had hoped to meet people in South Africa, Zambia, or Botswana who had been there recently, but we met no one. So, here's what we found from visiting: Tourism There simply isn't much of it right now, likely because of all the difficulties explained below. We had initially planned to spend more time in Zim to check out Mana Pools and maybe some other destinations farther from major cities, but ended up settling for the two main cities: Bulawayo and Harare. In hindsight, we probably could have found buses or local shared taxis to these smaller destinations; then again, we even had to spend half a day looking for ... read more
World's View in Matopos
@The Bulawayo Club
Flower at Doon Craft Market

Africa » Zimbabwe » Bulawayo May 15th 2015

From Beit Bridge my coach proceeded without further hindrance to Bulawayo, a city I do not know particularly well but a convenient way point en route to the Vic Falls. We arrived at about 1330 hours, 5.5 hrs behind schedule. Remarkably, Mrs Rajah was waiting for me at the Intercape city office where we were deposited. Being the only European on the bus would not have made it difficult to pick me out. She introduced herself as Lily and immediately apologised that she would’t be able to give me a lift to her house where I would be staying because her car was off the road. ‘A little Morris Minor’ she said with a smile, purchased from an elderly doctor. Not a problem I replied, but was there somewhere I could grab a bite? I was ... read more
Lily tending to her tidy little garden
Mass in the church of Christ the King
Statue of Joshua Nkomo, Ndebele Statesman

Africa » Zimbabwe » Bulawayo June 29th 2014

Zimbabwe - Having waited 2 extra nights in Francistown, Botswana due to the inaccurate information about the bus I needed to catch to Bulawayo, I finally caught it after some negotiation. Despite being told the bus would arrive in Francistown no later than 11 am, it duly arrived at 12.30pm and we were on our way shortly after. At first glance, it appeared there were no seats left but I was determined that I was boarding the bus whether or not I had a seat. When you spend time in Malawi and become accustomed to their poor standard of buses and general lack of regard for safety, sitting in an empty aisle sounded like a pleasant change. However, as luck had it, I managed to grab the last seat and ... read more

Africa » Zimbabwe » Bulawayo May 25th 2013

Geo: -20.1678, 28.5813This morning we got up early and found it difficult to pack up. We were comfortable here and not ready to leave the wilderness. Finally we were packed and we slowly drove out of the national park. We left the camp site at about 6am. I rode in Francois' car as that 70km corrugated road was not going to be comfortable in our car, with the lack of functioning front shock absorbers. I was hoping for a few more interesting sightings on our way out. Twenty minutes into our drive, I noticed a large tree that had been knocked down since we last drove past this area. Standing behind the tree to the right hand side was a large adult elephant. It was enjoying the leaves and I hope feeling guilty - 1 less ... read more
02 Closer Look
03 Hyena
04 Flock

Africa » Zimbabwe » Bulawayo September 15th 2012

When I started telling my friends that i was heading to Zimbabwe, the first question I got was : "What!!! what are you going to do there???" and "what is there to do?". I was stunned that half my friends didnt know much about Zim.And then still asked me what is there to do. Haveing studiyng travel and tourism i told them it was for holiday and what all i had planned to do there. They all looked at me like i was crazy. I believe that Zim has the most beautiful people, land and activities one can do in Africa. As a student I realized why my friends didnt understand why I would go there. They all believe its for the older generation,corrupt and very dangerous. Well , i can prove them wrong with 2 ... read more
zim trip 2012 071
zim trip 2012 089
zim trip 2012 126

Africa » Zimbabwe » Bulawayo September 11th 2012

After getting a lift from Ingrid to the bus station in Mutare, I found a bus going to Masvingo easily enough. I was heading for Great Zimbabwe 27 km south of Masvingo. Great Zimbabwe is a set of ruins built by indigenous Bantu people and date back to between the 13th and 14th centuries. They are the largest ruins in Sub-Saharn Africa and the only ruins of this kind south of Ethiopia. These ruins caused some consternation amongst the colonisers who discovered them. One of the justifications that the Europeans had for colonising, was that the African people were inferior and required the assistance of Europeans to develop. Accordingly, there were great archaeological efforts to prove some link between another civilisation and Great Zimbabwe, but they have been proved to be built by Bantu people. Once ... read more
Great Enclosure
Cecil Rhodes' Coach
Bulawayo not Springfield

Africa » Zimbabwe » Bulawayo August 12th 2011

Dear All Greetings from Bulawayo, second city of Zimbabwe and situated in the West of the country. As has been the case on all my trip so far, I’m having a whale of a time and have seen some amazing places – it just keeps getting better! Before I continue though, I just have to say how shocked, and disgusted, I am at the news back in the UK, and I do hope everyone is ok – hoping that at last the British government and society may come to realize that this “gang culture” is just out of control and something drastic really needs to be done about it – military schools and harsher youth sentences to teach some respect and basic decency come quickly to mind. But anyway, this is not a general blog but ... read more
The Conical Tower
The African Road

Africa » Zimbabwe » Bulawayo July 24th 2011

With a recent cholera outbreak and shortage of mortuaries a truck loaded with dead bodies heads for mass burial while you nervously cross the boarder into one of the worlds most politically unstable countries - Zimbabwe. In a country where interest rates were in excess of 231 Million Percent and local currency denominations range from $1 to $100 Trillion dollars you will not be surprised to find a country under British sanctions struggling economically while desperately sustaining its people and infrastructure. On nervously crossing the boarder immigration requests brand new United States Dollar notes to pay for a 30 day visa. With local currency now worthless, Zimbabwe has attached its self to the United States Dollar in a attempt to stabilize the country. Unfortunately a stable country needs to start with a stable police force. Paying ... read more
Zimbabwe News Headlines
Harrare Street Market
Combi Taxi

Africa » Zimbabwe » Bulawayo February 24th 2011

Greetings from near Gweru, Zimbabwe.. For the last few days we have been heading south through Zimbabwe. Our first stop was at a game lodge ($590 a night but it also provided camping ground to overland trucks and their motley crews). Here we were taken for game drives into the Hwange national park. Amongst the now common place zebra, elephant, giraffe and antelope of various kinds, we were lucky enough to see a pack of endangered Cape hunting dogs. The lodge also had its own hide and floodlit waterhole, so evenings were spent sipping a drink and watching for impala, giraffe and elephant. We then moved on to Gweru antelope park where we are camped in an idyllic situation on the shores of a lake. Around us are elephants and, as the park is now home ... read more

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