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Africa » Zambia » Southern Province » Livingstone March 11th 2014

Let's see...there was the night in Croc River camp, an un fenced campsite in lush Zambia, where all day monkeys had terrorized us stealing sandwiches, water bottles, lens caps...anything that wasn't nailed down. Where hippos (and hopefully not crocs) had wallowed in the river not far from where we were camped and lions roared mightily in the not so distant distance That evening we were briefed on proper night time safety protocol: 1. Walking to the toilets at night always hold your headlamp in your hand and sweep the area far in front of you 180% from side to side with the don't want to surprise or be surprised by anything large and aggressive on its way to some important rendezvous. 2. If possible let someone know where you are going or go with a ... read more
Hippo wallows nearby
Zambian village
Break time for Mayhem!

Africa » Zambia » Southern Province » Livingstone November 25th 2012

Hello all, The last leg of our journey took us to Livingstone, Zambia and the great Victoria Falls! Ben, Shami and I took a long, but scenic bus ride for 8 hours across southern Zambia to the Zambezi River. The trip was worth it as we stayed in a place by the river, complete with a swimming pool and happy hour with a wonderful sunset over the river. The tents rounded off our stay and we fell asleep to the sounds of the crickets and monkeys in the trees. It has been a wonderful stay with Shami and a good chance to see our friends on 'this side.' We'll share many more stories when we return early this week. I left Ben in good hands for one more day in Lusaka! Love to all, Ann, Shami, ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Southern Province » Livingstone August 1st 2012

Had an early morning start with a 6:15 breakfast, followed by a 6:30 pickup to the Mosi-Oa-Tunya NP (The Victoria Falls NP) for an elephant back safari. The elephant ride was fun, but there was almost no game to be seen, even though it was still cool because it was early. We saw some bush buck, Impala, Hippo, baby crocs, so we spent most of the time photographing each other on our respective elephants. The actual time riding the elephants was only an hour, so that part was a dissapointment. It was also very expensive, but W.. had a great time!... read more
At Zambezi River
Drinking at Zambezi River
Elephant Parade

Africa » Zambia » Southern Province » Livingstone July 31st 2012

Spent the better part of the day at the Livingstone craft market. They have the typical arts and crafts aimed clearly at the tourist market. Surprisingly, even though this is high season, the number of tourists in the market was quite low. So, the merchants were certainly ready to make a deal.... read more
Bottlecap chair
Bottlecap checkers and walking sticks
Peanuts and other dry goods

Africa » Zambia » Southern Province » Livingstone July 29th 2012

Yes, Victoria Falls is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, and it's well deserving of that accolade. It is amazing! We were planning on seeing it from both the Zambian and Zimbabwean sides, but Zimbabwe has recently increased their visa fees. There's no longer a day visa option. At $75 Canucks pay the highest visa fee and then add another $50 for a visa back into Zambia, just to see the same thing from a different angle. This place is heaven for Adrenaline junkies. There's white water rafting on the Zambezi river, bungee jumping off the bridge connecting Zimbabwe and Zambia, zip lining across the Batoka Gorge, Abseiling down the cliff sides of the Batoka Gorge, Ultralight, fixed wing and helicopter rides along the river and falls ... the list goes on. We're ... read more
Victoria Falls - Mosi Oa Tunya
Victoria Falls - Mosi Oa Tunya

Africa » Zambia » Southern Province » Livingstone July 28th 2012

E.. and W.. arrived on time from Doha via Dubai. W.. was very excited to report all his adventures in North Carolina to his dad. He'd had a blast, and wants to do it again next year. If he feels the same way in a month's time, then that will likely be what'll happen next year too. He white water rafted, rapelled off cliffs, crossed various 15m high rope bridges, went on long hikes with overnight camping, mountain biked, and even went to Tennesee and Georgia. Another first for him - he's now visited 3 of the 6 states that N.. has not yet visited. They are still a little jet lagged being on North Carolina time. Today was a 6+ hour bus ride from Lusaka to Livingstone, on the Zambian side of Victoria Falls. It ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Southern Province » Livingstone July 14th 2010

From Pretoria it took us 25 hours on two buses straight through Zimbabwe, formerly known as Rhodesia, making a connection in Bulawayo (which means 'killing place'), to get to the town of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Once there, we looked at three different accommodations and decided on Shoestring Backpackers. We set up camp and explored the small town. There were not a lot of tourists around, so with the over abundance of street merchants, we would get hassled consistently on the streets. The local currency is in US Dollars. Inflation in their previous currency had gotten so bad, it would take a whole bag of money just to buy a newspaper. Street merchants would all sell the old currency. You could get large notes such as a 25 Billion Dollar note, but of course they were worthless. ... read more
Vic Falls from the Zimbabwe side
Vic falls zimbabwe
Crossing over to Zambia

Africa » Zambia » Southern Province » Livingstone August 14th 2009

The Victoria Falls and our crazy guide who enjoyed jumping into the crocodile enclosure and angering the 15 feet crocodiles. ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Southern Province » Livingstone August 13th 2009

Arrived today. The flight was brutal (even with the nice selection of Summer Catch as an in-flight movie) but the first 8 hours in Zambia made it worth it. We saw cavemen and other assorted awesome stuff at the Livingstone Museum and then took a sundown cruise on the Zambezi River where we saw hippos and elephants and a croc. One of the elephants even came into the water to check out the boats. ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Southern Province » Livingstone July 9th 2009

Hi Eveyone! I hope you are all doing well and Vancity is at its summertime best! I actually do miss home sometimes and the street festivals, sushi and good friends, but I've got one more month left on my trip so it's gonna be big. Soooo.... Zambia wasn't quite on the itinerary. Far from it. My plan was to leave from Rwanda and spend some time in Burundi before taking the arduous and somewhat tedious journey through NW Tanzania which we've heard nothing but horror stories about. I met two American travelers along the way and met up again in Kigali to see whether we would have compatable travel itineraries and they were kind enough to offer me and my new traveling compatriot to crash on the floor in their hotel. We were staying in a ... read more
Lunar Rainbow @ Victoria Falls
Silly stunts
More silly stunts

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