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Africa » Western Sahara » North » Laayoune December 21st 2019

Davvero particolare questa zona di mondo: lascio il Marocco per arrivare.....di nuovo in Marocco! Anzi, a dire il vero non ne sto effettivamente uscendo perché non mi viene stampata l'uscita sul passaporto eppure sto mettendo piede in una terra che dal resto del mondo non viene ufficialmente riconosciuta parte integrante di questo paese; il Marocco pero' la sta occupando militarmente, ne gestisce le (poche) risorse e vi sta trasferendo parte dei suoi abitanti. Sembra complicato ed in effetti lo è: benvenuti nel Sahara Occidentale, ex colonia spagnola dall'esotico nome di "Rio de Oro" abbandonata alla sua sorte nel 1975 assieme ai suoi sfortunati abitanti, i sahrawi, che oggi sono confinati in una fascia ristretta che corre lungo il confine con l'Algeria, separati dal resto del loro territorio d'origine da campi minati e da un fossato lungo ... read more
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Il baratro

Africa » Western Sahara » North » Laayoune November 30th 2012

Well it all sounds like a great adventure but honestly how many nights of desert camping do you think you can do? Hint... My threshold is one... Yes exactly one!!! Don't get me wrong, the stark beauty of the Western Sahara is something to behold... Heards of velvet camels, golden sand dunes interspersed with scrub bush and cactus roll unimpeded toward the horizon, an impossibly blue sea crashes against a wild and barren coast, beautiful yes, BUT....camping no! The incessant wind whirls sand as fine as powder into your hair, nose, eyes, ears and worse!...Grit everywhere! I flee the campsite and the fellow unwashed despite the starry nights and opt for a tiny hotel with running water in the bonafide border town of Laayoune. A brainwave! Little did I know the treasures that awaited me there ... read more
velvet camels

Africa » Western Sahara » North » Laayoune March 18th 2011

Jestesmy na Saharze:) Normalnie...Prawdziwa pustynia! Najprawdziwsza pustynia na swiecie!! Nie moge sie nadziwic jak taki potezny ogromny huczacy mokry ocean wali w brzeg tak poteznej ogromnej suchej spokojnej pustyni. I tak sobie Sa obok siebie, po prostu;) Przemierzylismy kawalek piasku, krajobraz pt. wiatr,piach i nic wiecej. I mijalismy znaki :uwaga na wielblady, a wielblady skulone miedzy krzakami sobie lezaly stadami. Autostop to najpewniejszy srodek lokomocji. Gdy wszystko zawiedzie,do busa Cie nie wpuszcza, grand taxi nie bierze, pociag nie istnieje wtedy zawsze jeszcze mozna lapac stopa.Nigdy nie wiesz dokad Cie zabierze i kiedy.W najgorszym wypadku sam sie zlapie;) Drugi raz zatrzymal nam sie (nie proszony o to ) mercedes, znowu okazalo sie ze kierowca jest policjant i tez z Casablanki. Stanowczo i energicznie zaprosil nas do wspolnej podrozy zapewniajac ze darmowo... read more
Al Ujun

Africa » Western Sahara » North » Laayoune September 9th 2008

It's been a long bit since my last entry, and a couple of thousand kilometers travelling too!!! and boy, it seems like a long time ago. I ended up spending 9 days in Essaouira, a lovely group of people, and a great bunch that went through it too. Troy, the greek god of street art, Michelle the reading maniac who got through any book you placed in front of her, Taz, the Hostel carer with an always ready smile and measured comment to anything, San, up for a laugh anytime and a savvy English take on things anytile, Linda, quiet but listening, and ready to place the killer comment. The two Catalans who shared a night of animated chatting on life coaching and more, the smoked out Brazilian and Iranian-English wife, relaxing one hundred per cent, ... read more

Africa » Western Sahara » North » Laayoune December 2nd 2007

We stopped briefly in Layoune to do some food shopping, this is Western Saharas capital, from there we camped out near a beach and had guy with a gun came by to tell us we are camping in land mine area so everyone was a bit careful going to the toilet that night, it was also Di and Tonys 5th Anniversary so we celebrated a bit. Next day we stopped at Boujdour to do some more food shopping, Dave and me finished up our last dirhams by buying bananas and oranges; moving on we found an excellent camp site near the city of Dakhla in the sand dunes, this is our last night in the disputed territory of Western Sahara; there really is nothing fancy about this place just mostly desert and the occasional smell of ... read more

Africa » Western Sahara » North » Laayoune October 1st 2007

The train ride (see ) had left me dreary and adrenaline-less. In Nouadhibou I took lodge at a camp for overlanders and after a much needed resting day I begun my quest for a ride north, through Western Sahara and up to Marrakech, where a flight destination London awaited me. I had bought the ticket over a month earlier, still in Mali, but I had obviously underestimated both width and slowness of Africa. Now all I had got were a mere six days to find someone willing to give me a lift up to Dakhla (600 kms of desert), and from there to proceed on to Marrakech, some 1500 kms further north. A word of wisdom for those of you who are thinking about crossing the Sahara with no private vehicle: do it from north to ... read more
Dakhla at Night
Everybody on Satellite
Thousands of Kms of Emptiness

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