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Africa » Uganda February 27th 2020

We had to get up early to go and head to the Bwindi National park head office to meet our guides for visiting the Gorillas. Unfortunately Dan could not be persuaded that the cost was worth it so he very valiantly stayed as our driver whilst we went off to hunt for them. There were probably about 25 other people wanting to do the same but the numbers are very limited and we ended up in a group of 5 with 2 Spanish ladies. We also seemed to end up in the group that was destined to walk the furthest to find Gorillas but I guess that means we got better value for money. The trackers and rangers are constantly monitoring where the Gorilla groups are and the ones tracking our Group took about 2 hours ... read more
the Impenetrable forest
Mummy and Baby
We got pretty close

Africa » Uganda February 26th 2020

We got up in a more relaxed fashion in the knowledge it was only 3-4 hours to get to the Impenetrable forest in the hope of seeing Gorillas tomorrow. Along the way we had been informed there was a corrupt policeman on a section of the highway who would claim we were speeding and sure enough there he was. He pulled us over and claimed we were doing 57kph in a 50kph. I showed him our GPS tracking on the Dashcam that showed under 40kph. I didn’t get round to showing him the GPS satellite tracker and the Google maps which also showed our recent speed. He very quickly said it wasn’t a problem as he realised we were filming him with the dashcam directly. He said they allow some “allowances” and we could drive on. ... read more
Pretty lake for lunch
Crazy roads in Impenetrable forest

Africa » Uganda February 25th 2020

We had to get up early for a big drive to make our way in the direction of the impenetrable forest on the other side of Uganda to see the Gorillas. We started by driving around Kampala and onto Entebbe (the former colonial capital) where we had to pick up our passes to go and see the Gorillas. Ludicrously expensive but no choice so we hope it will be worth it. On leaving Entebbe we followed Google maps and sometimes Google tries hard to get you the right place and sometimes it takes you on what might be described as a less travelled route. On this occasion Google directed us toward a ferry, not just any ferry – a proper local ferry taking 8 cars an hour and about 1 million people. We were luckily car ... read more
Our Ferry
lunch kebab

Africa » Uganda February 24th 2020

We got up early and got set to go rafting and were kindly picked up by the NaluBale Rafting team from the campsite. They are the #1 Rafting company on the Nile and have the best safety record, this will become more important later – want to be clear they were excellent and professional, it was the epic water that was the issue! When we learned it was just the four of us and they would be putting two guides in our raft, have 4 safety kayakers and a safety boat with us we should perhaps got a sense of how serious what we were doing was. When we then had a 40 minute safety briefing and then practiced drills for how to handle an overturned raft we should have thought this was serious, but we ... read more

Africa » Uganda February 24th 2020

Africa » Uganda February 23rd 2020

We woke up to a lot of mud and water underfoot in the aftermath of the thunderstorm. The mosquitos had also re-surfaced so we packed up quick and got on the road. However we soon had to stop to get Dan’s passport and yellow fever certificate out the boot as we headed to the border. Unfortunately we stopped on some biting ants nest and whilst amusing they did bite Alain quite a lot to which he got a tiny bit irate. Our drive was relatively uneventful to the border save for witnessing 7 people on a motorbike and Dan also claimed to have seen two men and three goats on one too. We made our way to the border not sure what to expect but we were pleasantly surprised to be through in under an hour. ... read more
Our new campsite

Africa » Uganda » Northern Region November 15th 2019

FLIGHT The only good thing about 6am flights is that traffic on the M56 towards Manchester airport at around 3am is pretty much nonexistent. What with the lack of traffic and a taxi driver with a heavy foot I was there even before the gates had opened! Once on board my flight I found out that Brussels Airlines are tight buggers these days, only offering passengers with a connecting flight a soft drink, those only going as far as Brussels get sod all! Used to having a drink as soon as I was on board I instead spent my own money on a glass of Hoogarden at Brussels airport. Ah lekker! No complaints on the onward flight mind; the food was good, and the wine was very good. On arrival in Uganda getting a visa was ... read more
Clock tower
Gaagaa Coach, Nebbi

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Mbarara August 1st 2019

Hi All, I have spent the last two weeks in Mbarara volunteering in the emergency department at the government-run Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital. I was fortunate enough to experience such a breadth of cases in such a short time. I saw all kinds of emergencies and realized that, although tropical diseases can be so different from western ones, the types of cases that present in the emergency department are very similar. There was a lot of trauma (mostly from boda boda accidents or mob justice), overdose, burns, stroke, hypertensive crisis, and the like. I felt comfortable and useful in surgical emergency because it was highly procedure-based. While speaking very minimal Runyankole, I am able to perform procedures but taking a history or constructing a differential diagnosis with physicians proved difficult due to the language barrier. I ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Mbarara July 31st 2019

Hello Bloggers, Friends, and Family, I am no longer going to apologize for my tardiness when it comes to uploading blogs, as I have come to terms with who I am as a person. This past few weeks have been absolutely amazing, I have been working on the maternity unit at the Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital, mainly in the labour suite and antenatal ward. These two areas of the ward are for women prior to active labour and then active labour. So I have been doing so much baby cuddling, since beginning on the labour ward I have helped deliver roughly 25 babies. I have been able to be part of 2 successful infant resuscitations. The first was a preterm infant at 32 weeks, he was so tiny but his little heart was beating so hard, ... read more
Sister Peruth and I
The sisters and I

Africa » Uganda July 31st 2019

I finished up my last week in Rugazi and have completed our two-week rotation at the Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital. I worked in the Toto and Natasha wards (malnutrition) as well as Pediatric Admissions and Outpatient Department. The latter two were definitely my favourite as I enjoyed listening to the differentials and learning more about the Ugandan healthcare system. One case that stood out to me was a jaundice baby that was born with a defective liver. The doctor in the room informed me that organ transplants are not done in Uganda so the mother would have to take the baby to another country, which she likely could not afford, and thus the baby was going to die. The following week one of the nutrition students and myself gave an impromptu nutrition talk on hypertension in ... read more

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