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Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Entebbe May 9th 2015

Alright, well I’m back in Africa and I was asked to keep another blog of my travels, so here it is! Most of the blog will just be copy and pasted from the Vets without Borders one I’ll be keeping, but the odd entry (like this one) will just be my own uncensored thoughts and misadventures. Quick background: I was accepted to be a student intern to work on the Vets without Borders (VWB) Goat Pass-On Project in Uganda for three months. This is the same project I volunteered with last summer for about a month. Brittany (a classmate of mine) and Lena (a student from the Montreal vet college) are also working on this project with me and will be joining me in Uganda in a few days. If there is anything I’ve learned while ... read more

From Kenya we crossed the border into Uganda and headed into Kampala, the capital city. We stayed in accommodation just outside the city but did get an experience of the manic traffic, and also the beautiful sunsets. Our night here was fairly chilled out as we had a very early morning to try and beat the traffic out in the morning. We were successful and made very good time to get out and stop on the equator for photos and some breakfast. Today was a bit of luxury as we had bacon and eggs! We also got plenty of photos with the equator sign as well as a ‘magic show’ showing us the water circling in opposite directions either side of the equator. Following this we headed out to our next destination - Queen Elizabeth National ... read more
Equator in Uganda #2
Equator in Uganda #3
Equator in Uganda #4

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala April 8th 2015

It was a trip that my cruel bosses didn't make me aware of untill the last three days,as such i didn't make enough home work about the country-Uganda where i had been scheduled to go on a short assignment.To be honest i couldn't even locate the country on the map.All i knew was that the country was in Africa. The moment i landed at entebbe airport,evidence that indeed i had landed in Africa was thrown into my eyes-the buildings were old and most dilapidated.It was no where close to the Heathrow i was used to.After some hustle going through the slow checks i was inside the hotel van and on my way to Kampala-the capital city of Uganda. Good Lord? Kampala is a thing that should have never been refferred to as a city in the ... read more

Africa » Uganda January 24th 2015

3. TRAVEL BLOG 2015 Our flight from Amsterdam to Entebbe, Uganda was without incident (just the way we like them). We landed in 71 degree temps, high humidity, and to the sights, sounds and smells of Entebbe. We breezed through customs, got our bags and met up with Mr. Peter Kiggundu, President of Hope Clinics, Kampala. Peter is an associate of ETI Partner, Mr. Charles Lugemwa, who founded Hope Clinics. Peter and his friend grabbed our bags and got us whisked away to our hotel. Peter graduated from the University of St. Thomas, MN with a graduate degree in business, and currently manages the business aspects of Hope Clinics - serving the poor in Kampala. At the hotel, we were allowed to pay the $30 per room in USD - so that was handy. Peter commented ... read more
Sporting New ETI Shirts

Africa » Uganda August 11th 2014

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Jinja July 26th 2014

Today was Safari day. It started out great. We got up early and had breakfast. Chapatti with eggs (similar to a breakfast burrito. Chapatti reminds me of thick Swedish pancake. It's basically a wheat and water mixture that is fried with some spices. We headed out for the park straight after breakfast around 6:30... Best time to see the Animals. At the entrance we met our guide. His name is Savior. Who knows if that is his real name or just his English version. In my past experiences of traveling many of the people I have met change their birth name to something that is easier for Westerners to pronounce and remember especially when they are involved with a job frequently used by foreigners. Savior was hilarious and he reminded me of Nelson Mandela. He spoke ... read more
Entrance to the Safari Park
Sunrise in the park
Britta, Brittany, Kristi and I on the Safari

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Mbarara July 24th 2014

Now that the safari was over, it was time to get back to work, where I would spend the rest of my time in Uganda with the Vets Without Boarders (VWB) goat project. I left off in Entebbe and the following morning Ursula and I would be leaving the rest of the girls to go to Mbarara to work. We planned on taking the bus, but as always, what you plan for here is rarely what you get. I woke up the next day feeling like absolute hell. I'm talking throwing up, chills and sweats, incredible body aches, dizzy and weak. Something had gone seriously wrong in my body, and fast. Ursula and I quickly realized that, given I could barely move, I was in no shape to take the bus. Thank god, Silas was able ... read more
Only a few days old!
How to not keep your goats
One of our super paravets, Janet, and her perfect pen

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Entebbe July 24th 2014

Ok, this will be nice and short because I need to finish packing as I'm off to London, England in a few hours! Alright, so the goat project is finished for everyone, except Jamie and MC who still have three more weeks here. The rest of us would be taking off to Europe for a few days before heading home. Elyse, Megan, Jen and Fey are all heading to Amsterdam, while I'm off to London for the first time. Feel free to message me any tips or things to see while I'm there! The five of us pack our bags, say more sad goodbyes to Jamie and MC, and are off to Entebbe, where we'll spend a couple days before we fly out. After a fairly uneventful drive, other than watching our driver pay off the ... read more
Touching rhinos!

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Soroti July 24th 2014

Seeing as tomorrow is the last day with most of the group we decided to all do something fun together as a group. Being here for a month together has made most of us bond or make us act like brother and sister and quarrel often.... like Kristi and Andrew for instance. It's funny how much they tease one another. It's pretty constant but all in good fun.... I think ;) Anyways, we hired a personal driver and headed out towards Mbale to Sipi Falls. It's a short hike to three waterfalls and then there is a giant cave at the end. It was pretty cool. At the second waterfall all of us ended up hiking down and standing underneath the water. It was hilarious. We would stand close and be just getting sprayed a little ... read more
Kevin under the falls
Sipi Falls
From the top

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Soroti July 23rd 2014

Julius took the group to his village today. He has wanted to introduce us the entire time we have been here but seeing as everyone was so sick we haven't been able to all make it out. His village is fairly close to the hospital so we left from there and walked a couple of miles. We passed this old airstrip. Julius said that in the 70s and 80s there were a group of American doctors who came over and helped start the hospital Freda Carr. They use to land there and bring supplies. They would also work on and off in Uganda during the year. In the 80s however, there was some kind of civil unrest or civil war or something and so they stopped coming and the medical supplies stopped coming as well. Now ... read more
Andrew and I
Dr Julius' Family Compound
Julius and Kevin

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