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Our first Saturday in Ngora. Brittany, Britta and I had decided we might go for a run the night before and got up early before breakfast to try to beat the heat. During the run, as we would pass different houses, the Ugandans would just come running out at us and laugh and yell at the Muzungas passing by. They thought it was hilarious that we were running for fun. Even the adults would just sit and stare at us as we would pass their houses. Some of the comments we got were "Good job" "Well done" "I'm impressed" It was funny how impressed they were. On the way back, we passed by a school and had a ton of kids running after us. The group split up today. Kevin, Andrew, Cara and Amy decided to ... read more
Ugandan Futbol
Some of the players
Head coach

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Soroti July 4th 2014

Brittany, Kristi and I returned back to the maternity unit today. Earlier in the morning we got to assist with the prenatal advice again and then towards the afternoon there were two mothers who were close to giving birth so we headed to the birthing suite. When we got there it was empty. It's a new suite, just built, and it was completely empty and covered in dust. So we went to work and scrubbed it down and set the room up with beds and all of the other equipment they needed. We moved the mothers into the suite around the corner. It's interesting to see how unconcerned Ugandans are with the patients. They made the mothers walk through the hospital to the beds in the new suite on a still wet freshly mopped floor. One ... read more
Kristis first baby delivery
Baby Número One
My first baby delivery

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Soroti July 3rd 2014

Today was our first day working in the clinic. Yesterday we all went to the same hospital and were familiarized with things. Today we split into various groups and went to the three different hospitals. Brittany, Kristi and I went to Ngora District Maternity Unit. It is a free maternity clinic located across from the main hospital. In the morning, we started off by helping the nurses with the vaccinations for the babies. We were set up in a large lobby type area and all the mothers come in and sit together with their children. The vaccines they had were BCG (tuberculosis), DPT, PVC1, PVC2, and Measles. After around an hour, we were told we were needed more in the Prenatal area. When we showed up they had gathered around 30 mothers in a hallway area. ... read more
For Premies
The delivery area
Women lined up for Childhood Vaccinations

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Kisoro July 2nd 2014

So just a disclaimer, while this is probably the most interesting blog post I've written, it's also pretty long. So make some tea, grab a sandwich and enjoy! Alright, one Friday afternoon, Leandra and I, and two of the American medicine students, Adriene and Marty, all hopped in a van to head to Kisoro for the weekend to climb a volcano and conquer nature! Seems simple enough, right? Well, keep reading. The two hour drive to Kisoro boasts to be one of the most beautiful in Uganda, as it allows us to travel alongside Lake Bunyonyi and through the hilly and mountainous countryside. The volcano we were planning on hiking, Muhavura, is the tallest in the mountain range, and stands along the border of Uganda, Rwanda and the Congo. On the drive we passed a section ... read more
Soaked but still smiling
Rest stop #1

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Mbarara July 2nd 2014

Rugazi week 4 Day 34- Went on the pediatric unit with Mike and in the afternoon prepped for our health presentation at Saint Michael’s High school. The topic was about latrine and hand hygiene and I presented on hand hygiene. The students and staff were very receptive and asked lots of questions. In the evening Lindsey and I watched football. Day 35- Went to Out Patient Department (OPD) with Brian (clinical officers), were we assessed many different health issues. Afternoon Rugazi Group B went to Nyakatunga village to evaluate our research project. Our project was very successful the community members were very engaged; many had cleaned their latrines, created toilet covers, tissue baskets and brooms, and even started building new pit latrines. Day 36- In the morning I worked on the research report with the group ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala June 30th 2014

Today we headed to the markets for shopping and then Bazils house. I assumed the markets were similar to previous markets I have experienced in Asia and Africa, however, they were very different. They were super classy and clean. Most of our group went crazy shopping but in Uganda that mean you might have spent $40. Everything is so cheap. Pants around around $6, professional painting might be $20 for a 40"X40" and purses, kitchen stuff and Bazil lives in the village of Kimera. It's fairly close to Mukono but about an hour from downtown Entebbe where the shops are. Regardless, we had to take a taxi and a bota-bota (motorcycle taxis) from Entebbe to Bazil and Alice's house. The taxi took around 40 minutes and then dropped us at the end of a dirt road. ... read more
Bazil's House
Bazil's dining room

Africa » Uganda June 28th 2014

28 June: Kisoro Our last full day in Uganda! Julie, Samantha and I decided to trek to see the Golden monkeys while the others decided to take a day off or play soccer with the local kids. Julie, Samantha and I were up early as David, our driver said we would be picked up by 7 and he would be here for breakfast at 6:30 for us. We waited and waited and the staffed called him no luck. So we were thinking we might not have lunch until Mark and Emily woke up who had the other set of keys. We ended up being able to get into the truck to grab some food which we ate along the way. Again the road was very bumpy and it looked like never ending speedbumps. Our driver was ... read more
Sign I saw at our briefing for the golden monkeys
Gorillas hand compared to mine
The Golden Monkeys

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Queen Elizabeth NP June 27th 2014

Rugazi week 3 Day 27- Baby Gena’s birthday (in the kind words of the Ugandan students)!!!! In the morning I went to the general ward with Bernard and Gena. In the afternoon Ben, Gena and I went to Saint Michael’s High school to arrange a presentation to their students towards hand hygiene and latrine cleanliness. The meeting was successful and the school agreed to having a presentation and after that event Rugazi group B went to meet with the local Village Health Team (VHT) about collaborating in the a workshop towards latrine cleanliness that is set for the coming up Tuesday. Throughout the whole afternoon I was assigned to distracting Gena while the others prepped for her surprise party. Around 6 or 7 we all surprised Gena for her birthday and sang a very long and ... read more

Africa » Uganda June 26th 2014

26 June: Kabale to Kisoro, Uganda Today was a long drive up and down the mountains and roads of Uganda to Kisoro. Along the way, we stopped for some lunch foods but the store was so small that all I found was peanut butter, so Kanyo was nice enough to say I could use some of the rice cakes for the next few days until we found more in the grocery stores in Tanzania. We arrived in the early afternoon. Most of the group decided to go to the pigmi village but Samantha and I decided to relax at the dorms. Yes dorms. First time In a while we could sleep in a bed, so eight of us girls are sharing a room, Charlotte, Sophie, Hilary, Nadia ( from Italy), Mirium, Timara ( from Croatia) Samantha ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Queen Elizabeth NP June 25th 2014

24 June: Queen Elizabeth National Park Our day started off early as we decided to do the trekking for the chimpanzees in Kailnzu forest. Once we arrived to find our guides for the trek, we had to split in two groups. Our group was Michael, Lionus, Samantha, Charlotte, Sophie, Dave, Tamara, Nichole, and myself. We started a long hike downwards through the forest. It was slippery along he way but an enjoyable hike. After about an hour and a half we were able to spot the chimpanzees. They were up in the trees right above us, about four or five of them. Samantha got some great photos of them and I had a few. Was amazing to see. We then did a nice hike out of the forest where we emerged from the edge of the ... read more

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