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Africa » Uganda » Central Region May 29th 2019

We have been in mbarara for a couple of days now. The rest of the group has been here one day longer then me and Haley(a third year nursing student). Haley and I spent the last three days traveling to the impenetrable forest and doing some gorilla tracking. It was amazing. A fantastic experience that consisted of trekking through the very dense and monotonous forest with a group of four other tourists. We were accompanied by a guide and two armed guards. The guards were there to ward off mountain elephants and gorillas that had not been habituated. We hiked for two hours before we reached the family of gorillas we had been assigned that day. In total we saw 8 of the 17 members of that family including the dominant and subordinate silverbacks. The family ... read more
One of the gorillas we got closest to.

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Mbarara May 28th 2019

We made it to Mbarara! This past week we finished up touring in Entebbe and set out for Mbarara. We drove from Entebbe to Mbarara (about five hours) through the countryside, stopping at the equator on the way. We took our picture at the circle denoting the equatorial line and there was supposedly a display demonstrating The Coriolis Effect on water, but since it was raining we decided to stop for it on our way back to Kampala. It rained the whole drive but the countryside was still picturesque. After leaving the cities (Entebbe and Kampala), the landscape became rolling, lush, green hills and constant communities. Unlike Saskatchewan, we were never driving on a stretch of uninhabited highway for more than a few minutes. The communities were so frequently occurring that the drive was never dull ... read more
Eating grasshopper
Our first family meal in Mbarara

Africa » Uganda May 27th 2019

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to go Gorilla Trekking in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda to visit one of the five families of gorillas that are habituated to tourists visiting them in their natural habit. Trackers are in the jungle daily keeping tabs from a distance where each family travels throughout the day, they leave the National Park by roughly 3pm in hopes to relocate the gorillas tomorrow. The next day, the trackers will begin searching for the gorillas where they last saw them the previous day. Gorillas can move many kilometers daily in search of food or different lodging, or they may also move if they sense another family nearby. The family we visited consisted of 17 gorillas. Three of them are Silverbacks. A male gorilla becomes a silverback at the mature ... read more
Silverback Gorilla
Silverback Gorilla
Silverback gorilla

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Entebbe May 23rd 2019

It has been one week since we left Canada, and we are living the tourist life. We started with a couple of days of hanging out in Entebbe and seeing sights like the Botanical Gardens, which houses a variety of fruit trees from all over the world. I was hoping to see a baobab tree from Madagascar, but it turns out that it is much too humid here for these trees to grow. However, the gardens are home to another kind of resident; monkeys escaped from the Entebbe Zoo! Now, they wander the gardens looking for food, and mzugus (foreigners) like us admire them from afar. For our first meal in Africa, we convinced our guide to take us to an authentic Ugandan restaurant rather than a café that would serve us overpriced pizza. Pictured below ... read more
The 120 year old tortoise
Can you spot the little man?
Our group

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Mbarara May 23rd 2019

Hello blog world, its been a week since my last blog and I am wanting to update at least once a week, since my last post… I have been and gone to Ssese islands, we ended up going to the biggest of all the islands Bugala Island. We stayed in Kalangala at the Brovad Sands resort. It was so beautiful, we stayed 2 days and 3 nights, unfortunately the ferry to take us across from Entebbe was supposed to leave at 2pm… but we didn’t leave Entebbe until after 6pm, so it was dark by the time we reached the islands, so we just ate and crashed hard from the day of hanging out in the sun. I wouldn’t complain though as we got to lounge in the grass right on the edge of lake victoria, ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Mbarara May 23rd 2019

Hello again, Ki kati! Time seems to pass slowly as we meander through the days in Uganda. And yet, looking back on these past couple of weeks, it amazes me how the days have blurred and flown past faster than a reckless boda boda driver (motorcycle taxis that we are strongly discouraged to take rides from). So here we are now, third post of the trip, and already approaching the end of May! We spent the weekend on the Ssese Islands, where we did typical "island/resort" things like sunbathe, swim, and eat delicious food. Since it is the end of the rainy season we had to wait out quite a bit of rain, but we were still able to soak up some rays (and vitamin D!) during our time there. We even went for a run, ... read more
We've crossed the line...
Time for takeout!
Snack attack: kit kat edition

Africa » Uganda May 21st 2019

The travel to Ssese island was our first encounter with the concept of Ugandan time.. The ferry was scheduled to depart around 2-3pm; however, after a few delays, the ferry departed at roughly 6pm. This is common in Uganda, they work on their own time. We spent almost five hours sitting at the port waiting for the fuel truck to arrive as we were early to purchase our tickets for the ferry. Once aboard, the ride was great. And on the plus side, we got to watch the sunset during our travels on the ferry. We also learned a local card game called Donkey which was a lot of fun! We spent the following two days on Ssese islands, which was very beautiful! Unfortunately, it is rainy season so we ended up with very rainy mornings, ... read more
Resort at Ssese islands
Poolside at Ssese islands
Colouring on the ferry

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Entebbe May 21st 2019

We have arrived and the adventures have begun, full force. The first week of travel on a continent so polarizing (physically and metaphorically) to Canada has been eye opening at every turn. In cancer treatment, chemotherapy begins with the induction phase, which ideally puts the cancer in remission. High dose exposure. This first week has felt like the induction phase of our trip. Submerging and acclimatizing my mind and body to the Ugandan way of life and developing an idea of what to expect for the next three months. Our first day in Uganda was spent connecting ourselves with back home and with each other while in country. We purchased internet from africell and Ugandan phones (drawing on my early-2000's, T9 skills) to bridge communication gaps. We then took in the botanical gardens and marvelled at ... read more
Chameleons at Reptile Village
Traditional eats
Our resort at Bugala island

Africa » Uganda May 19th 2019

We arrived on Kalangalaat island, the biggest of the Ssese Islands last night. We had arrived via a ferry from Entebbe. We arrived at the port by 1pm yesterday after hearing that the boat leaves for the island at 2pm. We wanted to be early to buy tickets and ensure our place on the boat. As it turns out, delays kept us from boarding the boat until 5pm. It was an uncertain afternoon waiting for a fuel truck to arrive to refuel the boat. We mostly sat by the water enjoying the sun hoping we would get on the boat eventually and make it to the island. When we eventually made it on the boat we took some time to adjust to the crowds and uncertainty many of us felt about public transport while carrying most ... read more

Africa » Uganda May 18th 2019

Made our way from Entebbe to Ssese Islands today. We arrived at the pier to take the 1:00 ferry, but ended up getting delayed until 5:30pm because the truck carrying the fuel for the ferry got stuck! We spent our afternoon hanging out by the ferry and relaxing. A few members of the group got some funny sunburns, but I managed to make it through the day without burning anything. When we finally got on the ferry it was very crowded. We ended up moving around the ferry a lot and talking to a lot of locals. We finally made it to our island resort around 10:00pm, had a quick supper, and we are now relaxing in our rooms. ... read more

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