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Africa » Uganda » Northern Region » Murchison Falls NP December 4th 2018

The day started out early to catch a bus to Masindi. Thanks to Norah’s walkthrough the previous day, it was smooth sailing to get tickets. We hung out for a bit and then a truck with two benches in the flatbed pull up. Shelby’s eyes almost popped out of her head with the look “are we riding in the back of this for 4 hours?” I shrugged with the “I don’t actually know but it is possible.” We got in and us trying to manage not getting our bags caught on the tarp covering the back broke the ice with the other passengers and a good laugh was had at the Muzungos getting stuck. They took us to the bus station and transferred us over to the main bus. Per usual, we did not pull out ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Northern Region » Murchison Falls NP November 12th 2017

Early morning start for another safari. The earlier you start, the greater the chances are of seeing lions coming back from their nightly hunts, and the rest of the animals grazing for food before heading for shelter to avoid the midday sun. The camp was buzzing with activity, and for most people, this was their very first safari. It's always fun to watch people get so excited for their first time doing something incredible: a safari, Machu Picchu, first time to Europe, the list goes on. To get to the park, you have to cross the river via ferry. Everyone was trying to reach the ferry first, so that you could board it first, therefore allowing you access to the park before all the other cars crossed over. It also takes a bit of time for ... read more
Murchison Falls National Park -- Day 2
Murchison Falls National Park -- Day 2
Murchison Falls National Park -- Day 2

Africa » Uganda » Northern Region » Murchison Falls NP November 11th 2017

Another long drive ahead of us. Today's drive would take about seven hours under ideal conditions, but with the rains, dirt roads and other factors, it took about ten. If there's one thing I've learned about traveling in Africa, it is that if you don't have either a 4WD, a mule, or two good feet, you aren't going to get very far. One road had been washed out due to the heavy rains. The water was deep and swift as we drove thru it; you could literally feel the water push the car to the side as we drove thru it. 4WD's are amazing. About 15 minutes later, another stretch of the road was completely gone. We had to sit and wait for over one hour while they remade the road by bringing in dirt to ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Northern Region » Murchison Falls NP July 27th 2015

Das Reisen in Uganda ist sehr angenehm. Zwar bestehen die Straßen zum größten Teil aus holperigen Lehmpisten, aber die Leute sind wirklich total nett: immer freundlich und hilfsbereit, nie aufdringlich, nicht unterwürfig, sondern ganz natürlich - das erlebt man in dem Maße woanders selten. Seit dem letzten Blog haben wir 2 Nationalparks besucht: Kidepo und Murchison Falls. Beide Parks haben viele Tiere und tolle Landschaft. Wir haben so ziemlich alles gesehen, was das Herz begehrt, z.B. Löwen, Elefanten, Giraffen, Büffel, Zebras, Hippos, Antilopen jeglicher Couleur, Warzenschweine, Strauße, Hyänen, Affen und so weiter und so fort. Und außerdem auch ein paar Viecher, die man nicht zwingend gesehen haben muss: Moskitos, Tsetse-Fliegen, beißende Ameisen, einen schönen großen Skorpion... Ansonsten sind die Parks recht unterschiedlich. Kidepo liegt in einem Tal, ist ziemli... read more
Mittagspause in der Savanne
Rückblick auf die Straße nach Kidepo

Africa » Uganda » Northern Region » Murchison Falls NP July 19th 2014

The next stop would be Murchison Falls, in Northern Uganda. It takes forever and a day to get anywhere in this country, thanks to some of the poorest roads I've ever seen (next to Saskatoon's, of course), so we would spend the night at the halfway point in Fort Portal. The following morning we would drive a few more hours to make it to Murchison in time for lunch with another boat cruise, this time on the Nile River, in the afternoon. Now, while Murchison is a beautiful part of the country, it is also home to the tsetse fly which carries the potentially deadly parasite that causes African Sleeping Sickness in humans. They look almost exactly like a typical house fly, but have a nasty bite like a horse fly, which injects the parasite into ... read more
Bats in the bathroom
Sausage Tree

Africa » Uganda » Northern Region » Murchison Falls NP July 19th 2014

Today starts like all of the other days with an early morning so we could do a game drive. Here we saw many more elephants, and witnessed, in my opinion, the cutest animal interaction of the safari. A pack of elephants were crossing the road behind us, along with a few babies (so adorable!) and one of the babies was so little it struggled to climb overtop of a mound of dirt on the side of the road. Mom came up from behind and gently pushed it, with her trunk, helping it get to the other side! Like something straight out of Dumbo! Out of all the baby animals we watched, elephants are by far my favourite! They're so cute and clumsy, swinging their big trunks from side to side and around in circles. Aside from ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Northern Region » Murchison Falls NP February 8th 2013

Bonjourno, OK, this is going to be a short one as it's just taken about 98% of my patence uploading the photos so I will let them do the story telling. Essentially we've made it into Uganda since last time narrowly avoiding some aggrovation with a very stern immigration officer. Since then we have been loving the country and, I'm aware I keep saying this, but the Ugandan people are so friendly it is almost unbelievable. We have seen the start of the dusty plains in the north, climbed up to the foothills Mt Elgon on the Kenyan border, explored the three waterfalls at Sipi and chilled in our hut with outrageous views, been to the source of the Nile and done a day white water rafting. We then, bruised and knackered, headed to the capital ... read more
Stayin alive

Africa » Uganda » Northern Region » Murchison Falls NP July 15th 2012

2012 July 15 We started with breakfast at 7:00 immediately followed by a nature walk where we had a chance to see habituated chimps at the Budongo nature park. We walked for an hour and startled a group of black colobus monkeys in the tree tops, who took off flying up in the canopy. But, no chimps. We only had the nature walk option, as the official "chimp walk" is reserved for a maximum of 24 people per day, and our group could not be fitted in ... well ... we knew that when we left on safari ... but we were still hoping we might get lucky ... I guess the chimp walk will have to be another time. The walk lasted about 2 hours, where our guide identified several bird calls ... not being ... read more
Black Colobus Flying on Canopy Cover
Street Scene

Africa » Uganda » Northern Region » Murchison Falls NP July 14th 2012

Started the day early at 6:45 with breakfast followed by a long game drive through Murchison Falls NP where we got to see lots of animals and birds. No matter how many safaris I've been on, it's still quite wanderous to see all these various animals in the wild. We saw giraffe, water buck, Uganda's national symbols Ugandan Kob and crested cranes, along with elephants, buffalo, harte beest, baboons, vervet monkeys, hippos, wart hogs, and many many more including numerous birds, such as beeeaters, red bishops, and Abyssinian crested horn bills. After lunch, we took a launch to the Murchison Falls on the Victoria Nile. The boat trip was about 3 hours long, and we got to see Nile crocs, more hippos and many birds including African Fish Eagles. When the boat got to the falls, ... read more
Nile Croc Therma Regulating
Murchison Falls seen from Nile Launch
Murchison Falls as seen on Hike up the side

Africa » Uganda » Northern Region » Murchison Falls NP July 13th 2012

Set out on a 3 day Safari centred around Murchison Falls in North Western Uganda. Our group of seven consisted of 3 English Uni students, 2 Austrians, an interesting Dane and myself. The Dane used to teach at Copenhagen U ... Turns out he's got a PhD in Pharmacology, a Masters in African Studies and a Bachelors in Health Services (?) And, he's a camera buff. The British Uni students were at Oxford and Birmingham studying math and chemistry (general science) and the third was just starting uni in September. Our first stop on the way to Murchison Falls NP was the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is. They have 70 square km of protected space where they started with 4 adult white Rhinos from Kenya. Later they got two more adults from Disney in the U.S. The ... read more
Nandi the Mother
Warning Sign
Boma style cabins

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