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Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Masaka July 26th 2011

Today was our last day at the farm. Just like every other morning we enjoyed our breakfast and then walked over to the meeting center to paint. At first we had problems to tell the guys we needed three rollers this time, cause Michelle was painting with us, but after Nellie went over to them another time to ask them she got the third roller. So we painted the walls as far as possible and afterwards Michelle took us to the water source that Peter had shown her the day before. It was more of a little puddle with some really dirty water in it. And that thing was the cleanest one around. Some people were just getting some water and I gave each one a passion fruit which I was carrying around the whole day. ... read more
cow chillin on the road
A Ugandan cow
fattest pig ever!

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Masaka July 25th 2011

It is a little crazy...although no one here wears a watch everyone is always on time. Again the pigs started screaming at 8 o'clock. I don't know if they were screams of fear or lust and I actually don't want to. We had breakfast and Nellie and I headed over to the meeting center to continue painting. When we arrived there we met Peter who was on his way back to his house to pick us up. Since we were already there he decided to go back and pick up Michelle to hang up some bee hives. We wanted to help them when we finish painting. I'm not sure what kind of magic was involved here, but for some reason he needed 2 hours by car to come back with Michelle (we needed like 10 min ... read more
Some women use the center to learn how to sew and tailor
The painters

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Masaka July 24th 2011

As always the mice woke me up this morning. However I decided to continue sleeping just to wake up a couple of hours later (8:00) to the noises of panicking pigs. The men at the farm had decided to clean their compound or something and since the animals are only used to bad treatment from humans, they started screaming like crazy. I got up and ate breakfast and was even wearing my painting clothes, but somehow I knew I wouldn't be doing it today. Benja came and told us we were invited to an auction that took place in a village close to us. We decided to rest today and went for a walk. The kids were greeting us again and waving when we walked by. There was just one kid that started crying like crazy ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Masaka July 23rd 2011

As usually my day started early. This time I was woken up by the mice running around in the room and making noises with different wrappings. Unfortunately Nellie and I weren't able to paint today, cause Frank, a guy from the solar company, was supposed to do a presentation of the products for the farmers at 11 o'clock...African time of course. He arrived at the farm at around 12pm and when he was done building everything up and preparing the space it was 1pm. In the meantime Nellie and I talked to some of the farmers who spoke english and Benja (who was wandering around for a few hours) showed up and brought us some fruits he found in a fen. He told us not to bite on the pit, cause it tasted like aftershave. While ... read more
One woman from the village
Frank and Michelle
Listening to the presentation (awesome hair, right?)

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Masaka July 22nd 2011

So today I woke up early in the morning and as always listened to the noises of my animalistic roommates. Again my matutinal visit to the bathroom was my first thing to do today and I started getting ready quickly. Nellie and I walked to the farm again to paint the other walls. After working for a few hours, Peter and Michelle joined us and we snacked some grilled corn before we went back to the house to eat lunch. We told Peter about the mice in our room and he promised to take care of it. In the afternoon we again went to paint some more and when we were walking back all the kids would run out of their houses and greet us. They would scream: "How are you Mzungu?" and I would answer: ... read more
Nellie, taking a break from painting
Peter being silly
an awesome bike

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Masaka July 21st 2011

Like every morning I had to pee so badly that I woke at 6 AM. There was no way of me waiting any longer and sleep in. I had to go to the bathroom! Since it was still dark and we had no electicity (the generator was turned off) it is an adventure I can recommend to everyone. Just when I started to try to get the mosquito net out of my way, a huge ass animal came into the room and started making loud noises. No way I was leaving my bed and the protective net covering it. After half an hour though there was no way around it: I had to pee! Immediately! So I rummaged out my phone and used the display as a flashlight. I pretty much ran out of that room ... read more
first coat of paint
The kids (the one in the bottom right corner is my favorite)
Posing for the camera

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Masaka July 20th 2011

Today we finally left for the GO farm near Masaka. Peter picked us up in the morning and we first went to the Jaguar busstation to buy our tickets for Rwanda. First they didn't want to sell them to us, cause they said we can only book one day in advance, but after Peter insisted he wouldn't be coming back all the way from Masaka just to pick up tickets, the lady agreed on booking them earlier. A guy who was standing at the station said that we would need a visa and I kinda freaked out since I didn't have any money and when I checked on the internet it said I didn't. So I tried to call the German ambassy in Kigali, but none of my phones worked... I then used Nellie's phone and ... read more
look at all the fruits
BodaBoda drivers waiting for work
checkin out what's in style

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Masaka June 17th 2011

I am fast approaching the end of my time in the village, which feels very sad. It is funny to think how terrified I was when I arrived, and the time has flown by! I have met some lovely people and have been so welcomed into the village. They are throwing a farewell party for me - and also Esther and Samuel, who are leaving in a few weeks - on Monday, which should be fun. They will be providing lunch for the whole school, which is fantastic because many of the children go all day without a meal. Something they want to do in the near future is to provide the children with food - a cup of porridge - at school every day, and my parents have been amazing and are helping Pastor John ... read more
Murchison Falls
New desks

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Masaka May 28th 2011

My first post is coming from a tiny village in Uganda called Kyamukama (pronounced Chamukama), an hour along a dirt road from the nearest city of Masaka. I am living in a school called Living Hope, with no electricity or running water with the family of a Pastor called John. Pastor John devised the project of Living Hope and oversees the running of everything. He and his family are lovely and very welcoming and so are the teachers and everybody in the village. I was pretty scared when I arrived last sunday, however. I had had a lovely weekend in Kampala with David, the nephew of Laura, my previous boss, his girlfriend Florence and their gorgous baby Solomon. They took me out for a lovely meal at a restaurant which had an amazing view over the ... read more
Pastor Johna and Agnes
Mary and other women in Gomes

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Masaka August 1st 2010

UGANDA BANANA CULTURE Anyone who’s travelled the dusty roads of Uganda will tell you that no matter how many times you drive them, the scenery is always breathtaking. Villages and towns with brightly coloured roadside markets, beautiful snow capped mountain ranges and miles of rolling green hills covered by banana plantations awash with soft green leaves. In Uganda, banana’s from their cultivation to the table are a part of everyone’s daily life and deeply embedded in the culture of the Ugandan nation. Six different types of bananas grown in Uganda. They include the popular Matoke, Small Yellow, Big Yellows, Tonto, (used to make beer and gin) Gonja (ideal for roasting and often found at the road side stalls) and the deliciously exotic Red banana. Whilst the Matoke is the staple diet for most, Ugandan’s have derived ... read more

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